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What is Omise and what does it mean for E-commerce business?

Hello readers who come to read everyone. Articles in the category of the meaning of the word have arrived on the subject of the word Omise (Omise) together before saying that It’s about online shopping, trading through the internet. Which is convenient for e-commerce businesses, e-commerce can be done through the whole system Operating system Android, Android and iOS operating system, iOS. Now let’s get to the article.

Nowadays, online shopping has become easy. As people want more convenience, online shopping is another option for modern people. With startups It is difficult to sell products by connecting our website to that bank’s system. Due to many restrictions, for example, must be a juristic person with a registered capital of at least 2 million baht and a deposit and a guarantee above 200,000 baht, etc. Therefore, the seller chooses to find a channel with less restrictions. It is convenient for buyers and sellers by using Payment Gateway, it is important to choose the right one for the business and target groups such as PaysBuy, ChaiyoPay, Omise, Paypal with different restrictions such as fees as follows.
Omise is 3.65% + Vat 7%.
Paypal 4.4% + $ 0.30 USD per sale or below depending on account type.

If the withdrawal amount is less than 5,000 baht there is a 50 baht withdrawal fee, if more than 5,000 there is no fee.
Or business hours
Omise 1 working day, Paypal 5 working days.
Many limitations make choosing to bring the service very important. As speedy convenience as possible, Omise is an attractive choice.

Payment and money management system
Omise is a payment and money management system with complete control. Since designing the payment page Security Until transferring money out of the system Currently, payment for purchases of goods or services on the Internet. We can pay in a variety of ways, such as money transfer, bill payment, internet banking. Credit card or debit card It can be done on Omise, which is convenient for E-commerce businesses by Omise itself will have an automated system that does not require manual work. Routine work for the system to do instead, choose to connect our API to the business operation system. Monotonous work High accuracy jobs The system can be preset. And manage everything automatically Reducing the chance of making mistakes And is also developer friendly Easy to connect Take a little time
Customize the entire payment experience with an SDK that supports multiple programming languages. On servers, browsers, iOS and Android to help shorten the development time And ensures that sensitive information is always protected.

The key things to fill out in Omise are
1.16 digit card number

Cardholder nameMonth and year expirationCVV code In summary, Omise is Payment Gateways that are open for general service. But there is also a limitation – some businesses are not supported. Because it is in the scope that can not provide service Illegal There is a high chance of fraud. There is a chance of rejection from cardholders such as pawnbrokers, fortune tellers, unregistered charities, etc. We will have great articles for you to learn more about this kind of system such as Social Commerce. (Social E-Commerce) is a social sales network, online commerce, CRM system (CRM), a new marketing direction in the era of e-Commerce, e-commerce and finally, the process of making a website for this particular business
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Know ‘Dolfin’, a newcomer, ‘e-payment’ market, with the concept before or after not important Because the same enemy is ‘cash’

It is considered a newcomer to the Thai ‘e-payment’ market because ‘Dolphin’ (Dolfin) has only been available for 8 months. But now it has over 1 million active users and more than 100 million transactions per month. What is the driving force behind Dolfin’s stance on the market? Including the view of the Thai e-payment market. From now on, Mr. Roong Rueng Sukkerdkitpiboon Chief Executive Officer of Central JD Fintech Holding Group will answer questions.

Big father-mother advantage
Dolfin is born out of two joint ventures: Central Group and Group (, a major Chinese e-commerce company. Which has JD Digits (JD Digits) who do fintech technology to help support the technology. With a registered capital of 8,000 million baht, and of course, the usage of Dolfin is growing quickly, partly from the Central Group Ecosystems. Which makes it have enormous payment points Whether it is Central Department Store, Tops Supermarket, Restaurants in CRG Group And Family Mart There are more than 1,900 CenPay counters nationwide. In addition, it is also affiliated with ‘PromptPay’ with over 4.5 million payment points.
“The main point that makes people use it is A network of payment points and servants’ networks Must grow in a balanced manner It can’t come too fast. Must go along the way, but Covid-19 or atmosphere like this is a rhythm that makes people open up both the shop and the customer. But it doesn’t mean that it will make it easy for people to sign up. We will need marketing promotion “
It came late, it didn’t matter, because cash was the real enemy.
We do not look at anyone as our enemy. Because our opponent is ‘cash’, Thailand now uses less than 3% of e-payments while China is almost 100%, so every market player still has to run to find their dreams. But the advantages of being a platform are Users don’t need to have one, they may have 2 wallets on the same phone. Most of which are like that. But the day that Thailand became a cashless society From now to the competition. Because if customers are familiar with any app Will use that app Few times will cross each other. But the first problem is Have to win cash While we did not go to the bank to compete But they are allies to help connect networks in exchange for technology such as Biomatrices, Facial Recognition, etc.
However, it cannot be estimated how long it will take to get to that point, maybe 3 or 10 years, because there are many factors, not just consumers, for example, if the Bank of Thailand cuts down on the production of banknotes or stops printing the banknotes. Of course, a cashless society emerged immediately. Which at present the government sector is fully pushing Like having a Prompt Pay Or app Which pushes people not to be afraid of digital

“Right now, people are still embarrassed to use QR codes. Which is far away, so coming first doesn’t necessarily mean a winner. Because our biggest enemy is cash, because now it’s not New Normal yet. Now every player’s problem is Must make him use it without being embarrassed Because it still looks something special Now he started to open up. And he saw that he had come for sure “

Payments just the start The real thing will come in 6 months.
Payment is a tool that makes us know our customers. And income comes from merchant fees But not thinking of it as a main income because Dolfin positions itself as a digital financial platform by preparing to open three more services: loan (loan), insurance (insurance) and asset management (asset management) by In the next 6 months, personal loans will begin using ‘Data’. It can be done via mobile phone. No need for documents or traveling to the bank However Customers must consent to the use of the data, however it will take time to extend the loan to the partner shops. But the system is ready
“There are 5 major players in Thailand, excluding the smaller ones. And everyone would have the concept of being a Digital Financial Platform, but not everyone can do it. Because other players may still focus on the payment Some may be closed. Used only in the platform itself. But we acted from the beginning that it would be an open system “
The end of the year grows in 2 times, payback in 5 years
By the end of this year We have increased our stores outside of Central to 15,000 from the current 2,000, and we aim to double or 2 million users, focusing mainly on the younger generation. Because it’s easy to access Currently, the average Dolfin users are aged 18-40, but within 3-5 years from now, Dolfin aims to achieve payback. And confident that active customers will come from all ages
“Price technology products will keep getting cheaper in order to scale. It’s like building a platform So if we will pay back Must be when it can scale As in China, people use e-wallets of all ages like cash that can be used from children to adults. And we ourselves want to fight with cash Therefore, we have to design for every group to use. “
Confidence Challenging Key
In one era, we did not dare to use a credit card. Because people are afraid to use it to swipe if the card is lost, but now people are not afraid Because it wants to be more convenient, just like e-payment, people still worry if it’s safe, so educating is important. Because it will bring confidence. Don’t be afraid, because it can’t escape. It will definitely come, but make the most of it. Because everything is clearly regulated by law And no service provider wants to make errors

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Pay-day loans’ hitting loans from K PLUS

Since the launch of the new K PLUS application from Kasikornbank Public Company Limited since October 2018, a group of customers will receive special privileges on the K + TODAY menu, one of which is “Pay-day personal loans” that usually appear at the end of the month Which will receive only customers who meet the criteria according to the criteria for consideration

Kasikorn Bank Pay-Day Personal Loan It is a short-term loan. The loan period is 30-60 days, the interest rate is 26% per annum. The credit limit will be from 1,000 baht to a maximum of 20,000 baht. The installment period is just 1 period. Deposit To consider loan offering and approval

In the past, Kasikornbank developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system called “KADE” (KADE) that learns and processes user behavior. One of them is lending to more than 10 million K PLUS users with access to micro-financing. Both general customers and small entrepreneurs

The target group of pay-day personal loans is those who have income or cash flow into their KBank account. Average from 7,500 baht per month, considering the monthly income Or cash flow in the account, average monthly for at least 6 months, which the system will automatically calculate and show the credit limit.

Even though the proposed limit appears to be too small But considering the debt repayment ability, K PLUS’s intelligence is an invitation from the bank to apply for a pay-day personal loan. Usually come late And have less than 1,000 baht in the account, so there are people who pay attention to apply Especially people who have a month to month life

Step After pressing “Interested to apply”, the system will display “Your Maximum Credit Limit”, select the desired amount and more importantly, “Personal Credit Information”. Think about how many personal loans, credit cards or cash cards we have. How much is the total limit? Actually Because the system will sync data with the National Credit Bureau Co., Ltd. (Credit Bureau)

From the trial by filling out personal loan information And give consent to disclose information via the Internet, then no more than 1 minute, the system will notify via K PLUS and email if approved. It will show details of the credit agreement such as contract number, loan amount approved. Due date Interest rate And estimated payment amount

If you need a loan, press the button “Agree to accept credit” within 72 hours, the bank will transfer the funds to the customer’s account immediately. Except if the transaction is made after 8:30 p.m., the money will be credited to the account the next morning Which the money received will not be in full amount Because the stamp duty is deducted on the loan agreement Every 2,000 baht loan balance is charged 1 baht (Fraction of the loan amount 2,000 baht is charged 1 baht)

Someone might wonder if How will I pay the loan after receiving the loan? From an inquiry of Kasikorn Bank Received an answer that The payment will be automatically deducted through the KBank savings account that accepts the loan. Which equates to that on the due date There must be enough funds in your account to deduct the estimated payment.

The advantage of pay-day personal loans is Give a loan as fast as 5 minutes, no paperwork required. Just answer real personal loan information questions. But the disadvantage is For customers who meet the conditions It appears in the menu K + TODAY is not open to general application opportunities. If you’ve missed one time Have to wait for the condition to be met again So there will be an invitation message next time

In addition, the approved credit limit is very small. Just in the thousands baht The interest is equivalent to a cash card. It is calculated on a daily basis with reduced interest (Effective Rate), in which, if desired Must apply for personal loan by submitting documents instead And have to wait for the bank to approve Which is a normal procedure

Nevertheless, the determination of only one installment period and calculating the total estimated payment Ended at once Therefore suitable for people who have a month and month life And do not want to withdraw cash from credit card or cash card Like heaven please Because the chances of people getting an invitation to apply for a Pay-Day personal loan are infrequent.

But the best way is to use it only when it is really necessary, because even if you are happy with the money you receive But when the time comes for automatic debit May be dismayed by the amount of payments that have been deducted from the money in the account, which the interest of 26% per year is not at all.

New personal loans Which is not limited to lump sum money or cash card Coming in gradually Because there is still a Siam Commercial Bank offering a “money” service for permanent employees Krungthai card or KTC Come down to do Pico Finance, targeting the grass roots group And peer-to-peer lending at the Bank of Thailand are open for testing at this time.

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10 words you should know about real estate borrowers

Down Payment
Refers to the amount of money that must be paid after booking and signing the contract. The proportion is approximately 10-20% of the full price.

If the project has not started or is currently under construction, you can pay down payment on the project. (But have to understand the requirements of each project clearly before) or in the case of a completed project ready to transfer May be set to pay a down payment, for example 50,000 baht.

Refers to the amount of money that a financial institution such as a bank can lend to use to buy a house. Typically, the bank approves the loan amount in the range of 80-95% where the borrower will pay interest on the loan amount. Make a contract, set a certain period to repay the debt. And installments in installmentsInstallment
Refers to the amount to be paid in monthly installments. Calculated from the loan amount Interest rate And term of loanFixed rate loan.
Refers to the interest rate on a loan given a specific number over the life of the loan agreement or during a specific period. Do not go up or down according to economic conditions, such as a 5% interest payment per year for 4 years, we will lose the interest rate of 5% over a period of 4 years without change.

The advantages of a fixed interest rate are You don’t have to worry that your loan payment will go up. And help borrowers to plan their own finances precisely

Floating Rate
Refers to the interest rate on the loan that will change according to the announcement of the financial institution. Which will go up and down according to economic conditions In a year when the interest rate is lower, we will pay the interest cheap. At the same time, in any year when interest rates are higher, we have to pay more interest. The rate of interest changes will depend on each bank. Each year the adjustments were made differently.

6.MLR (Minimum Lending Rate) or (Minimum Loan Rate)
Refers to the interest rate that banks charge from prime customers. Type of loan with a term such as Have a good financial record Have enough collateral Most of the time, this type of interest rate is applied to long-term loans with a fixed term. Home Loans

MRR (Minimum Retail Rate)
Refers to the loan interest rate that banks charge to premium retail customers.This is linked to the MLR interest rate so that it can reflect the different risk levels between large and retail customers, plus the maximum margin at the bank. The Bank of Thailand issued a circular dated 10 August 2001, canceling the difference of not more than 4 percent per year in order to increase the risk of Equal competition offering credit services To meet the needs of customers in more ways

Check MLR and MRR interest rates.

8.LTV (Loan to Value)
Refers to the home loan ratio compared to home value. For example, a house worth 1 million baht, the bank lends a loan amount of 9 hundred thousand baht, meaning that the LTV is 90%. Buying a house requires a higher amount of savings. The ability to buy a house will decrease.

DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) is the ratio of income to debt settlement. Which the bank will take into account the loan to the borrower Which will compare the proportion with the formula (Monthly income ÷ Installment amount per installment), in which the appropriate proportion is 3.0 or more, or income is 3 times the debt burden. If your DSCR is lower than 3.0, it means that you have too much debt. Or the chances of applying for a loan through will be lessMortgage
A mortgage is a type of loan agreement in which a “mortgage” uses real estate as permitted by law, such as a title deed, a house, etc. registered with the “mortgagee” as collateral for debt repayment. The mortgage contract must be made in the presence of the Department of Lands only. By clearly stating that the mortgage loan amount amount. And what is the property to be mortgaged
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What is a payday personal loan?

In the day when many are in trouble Want to spend money quickly, one thing you can think of is to borrow money from an acquaintance. Or go looking for personal loan source In spite of the need to take property (such as a car) to support in order to get the money out Some groups took it easy. Go looking for an informal loan source Keep it simple and face the brutal, non-legal and illegal interest for both the borrower and the lender. People are searching for another type of personal loan called “payday” which is specifically for salaried people. And today we come to get to know it better

Payday Personal Loan is a loan source that is a store or company. That may be legal or unlawful Originating from abroad For people who are hot, they want to use their money in an emergency, usually borrowing before payroll. And take the time to borrow until you get money within 24 hours or almost immediately after completing the filing The purpose is Before payday, insufficient funds or an emergency need to spend money And abroad These are Emergency Personal Loans from Non-Bank and are mostly used by people who Not have enough salary Use in month, month and month style. And that he named Payday Loan (Payday Loans) because the word Payday means payday and Loan means borrowing. If combined, then the meaning is “Borrowing money before payday” that.

Filing documents for a payday loan is much easier than applying for a regular loan – just submit your ID, bank account, and a few other documents. Will receive money transferred into the account immediately or within 1 day

The payday loan company will deduct processing fees, immediate fees from the loan amount. For example, borrowing 10,000 baht, he will deduct operating fees from the loan amount such as 500 baht, leaving only 9,500 baht, but the borrower still needs to pay 100,000 baht + interest to that non-bank financial institution.

Loan source of this nature Will like to launch in many names And most will lend in a narrow limit not exceeding 20,000 baht (abroad) by using the payroll. Or paycheck As collateral Which will have a high cost of processing And the interest is very high Overseas, it is reported that some Payday Loans collect interest as high as 400% per year.

These payday companies are terrifying and dangerous. And the most dangerous to the borrower’s financial, which, if compared May be the same with Informal recovery In the stains of a Non-Bank company because these companies Will allow borrowers to pay back an amount that most cannot afford And it is very difficult for the borrower. To pay back all, including the borrower, money like this is most likely to owe credit card debt. Or debt from other types of personal loans already can not pay off this type of debt completely.

The company will sign a loan agreement. With the company and Have to cents to accept the high interest rate. And more than that, since he will take his payroll as collateral if the money is not enough, the company has the right To forfeit money in the account when there is a salary, can be entered immediately Where there will be only a small cut of the principal The rest are interest, fines and demands separately.

This kind of danger is why people still use Payday Loan service?

It’s just a loan With a small number (less than a hundred thousand, just the tens of thousands)
Shorter loan periods Faster approval time
The installment period can be as long as a year.
Interest shown is a few%, such as 3% (can’t read carefully), but the interest includes fees and a fine of 400%.
Do not check the overdue history. That is, no credit check.
Reimbursement Will be debited directly from the payroll account
Some payday loans allow people to refinance their loans. With another interest rate
Who is most commonly abroad using payday loans?
People aged between 25 and 44 years (from foreign statistics).
People with low income
House tenants Does not have a home of its own
Uneducated person
Groups of people with disabilities who are unemployed and those who are unemployed or do not work
Singles or people who are divorced
So what do they do with a payday loan?
Of course, if people really want to spend the money they need. It is mostly used in emergency situations such as car repairs, medical expenses. In the event that the provided health insurance or accident insurance is not covered, most people with Payday Loan use the money for other expenses. That may not be necessary, such as paying for home rent, food, electricity and even credit card debt payments. And only a small number To really pay for emergency expenses

Actually, there is another type of loan, the car registration loan. It is very similar to the Payday Loan types and both types of loans. Should be eradicated from this world ever Because it is to take advantage of the low income people And those who do not have knowledge of the loan Which we would like to Recommend these different ways to borrow. Or to make lifestyle adjustments for the better To make the debt less

Cut out unnecessary expenses from your life.
Some types of expenditures It shouldn’t even exist in life. The fact that this type of expenditure exists Even if it makes life more, it doesn’t. Financial life gets brighter like

Annual fitness fee – go to exercise elsewhere That doesn’t waste any money
Cable TV fees – movies, dramas, cut out before you have money and then apply again.
Internet fees that are unnecessary – eg for gaming.
Alcohol, cigarettes – it’s useless for life. Quit.
Expensive travel expenses – you can have money before you go.
Cars – Many people with good financial discipline. They do not have cars at all, even if necessary, endure a bit.
Slow down the bill
Talking about paying bills It has bills for electricity, water bills, credit cards, etc. In fact, these bills don’t have to rush to pay. Wait for the salary to be issued and then cleared as well because the bill payment is slow. Even if fines But those fines Is cheaper To borrow as a payday loan multiple times

Already have debt Using a debt consolidation loan is better.
When in debt and being called by morning and evening Whether it’s credit card debt or whatever debt If your heart is not strong enough Will have to be impatient Find a way to clear the debt Especially debt with financial institutions, but there is always a solution. Which is divided into two ways:

Stop Paying Debt – When it stops paying the minimum amount of debt such as a credit card. If not negotiated with banks or financial institutions, the debt will eventually be sold at auction. To the financial institution that bought the debt and it will have less value For example, Mr. A is owed 100,000 baht with Bank A, including interest (assuming 50,000 baht principal, 50,000 baht interest), Bank A does not receive debt. Therefore, the debt resale to Bank B for 70,000 baht, Bank A will still profit 20,000 baht and Bank B when the debt has been purchased must follow up. I proposed to Mr. A to pay the debt in the amount of 90,000 baht, which the benefit that will receive for Mr. A is that it is cheaper to pay the debt and Bank B will still have a profit of 20,000 baht.
Use a loan to transfer debt – The main issue that many people are trapped in is finance. There are many debts, so banks and financial institutions. It will issue a loan called a debt transfer loan is a collection of debt from anywhere to the bank that provides services, making the debtor do not have to pay the money to pay that person. Just pay in one place. This method works for many people, and many of them are able to escape from this vicious circle.

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