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Jasminer Eth Miner

For those who still blindly pursue mining machines that comes with a high computing power, then search no more.The Jasminer eth miner is the answer. This adorable miner is referred to as the leader of “high hashrate and low power consumption” when it comes to mining machines. Not only does it have a substantial increase in product power, it also has a more obvious price advantage. Many consumers choose this device for more than this reason, but also its seemingly low volume is also an actual very interesting aspect of this miner.

Before now, there have only been a handful of mining machine products in the market that can take into account both the technological level and the computing power level. Just lately, the Jasminer eth miner has come to satisfy the desires of every miner. The Jasminer is the first of it’s kind to work around the limitations of ASIC-resistant Etchash algorithm for maximum profitability and scaling, in preparation for ETH 2.0 / Proof-of-stake. This miner adopts a technology level higher than the market standard, and it is equipped with 8 chips, including a computing power of 520MH/s±10%. The Jasminer eth miner can achieve the ultimate reduction in power consumption while ensuring the stability of the computing power. It may interest you to know that the power consumption level of this miner is only 240W±10%. The electricity bill accounts for only 3%. Based on the current currency price of 26908.8 yuan, the daily income of Jasminer eth miner is 287.02 yuan. When it comes to the daily electricity power consumption of the eth miner, it is approximately about 5.76 kWh and each kilowatt-hour of electricity is about 0.3 yuan. While the electricity bill for a day is about 1.73 yuan. Therefore, the daily mining cost is about 1.73 yuan, and the daily mining net income is 285.29 yuan. In terms of payback, the period is about 238.35 days without considering the price fluctuation factors. At the same time, this miner is suitable for diversified scenarios such as computer rooms and homes with silent fans, because it is low power consumption. The high cost performance of this miner makes it desirable in the mining machine market, while leaving its opponents far behind.It is worth mentioning that the Jasminer eth miners current discount is very beautiful and encouraging. If you want to choose a reliable mining machine, then the Jasminer eth miner is a good choice.

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