TIC Alliance

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Value of Alliance Group

• TIC Leader with Areas of Expertise in its Regional Country
• Major Participation in Standard-Writing and Regulation Proposal
• Geographical Advantage and High Recognition with Premium Status in the Market

Benefit to Stakeholders

✓ Facilitate Access to Global Marketplace without Boundaries
✓ Joint-Initiatives to Map Customer Journey
✓ Single Point of Contact to a Wide Variety of Markets and Industry Segments
✓ Gain Product Recognition in Local and Overseas in an easier, faster and lower cost way
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About Us

Global market access becomes the important strategy for trade development today. It’s crucial for our industries to work with a local leading organization that fully aware the market need with high reputation in the country where product is being exported.
CMA Testing, being the core of the Alliance Group, is going to join-hand with five world-class partners in supporting the local industries, enterprise, R&D in the area of testing and certification through the strategic alliance cooperation. It is aimed to enhance products recognition and easy the global markets export under the spirit of “Tested in Hong Kong, Certified in Hong Kong” as outlined by Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification.


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