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Get To The Good Part - A Ready Player Two Podcast

Chris Cantley & Aaron Margolis

‘Get To The Good Part’ is a podcast driven by a deep love and appreciation for Ernest Cline’s books “Ready Player One” and “Ready Player Two.” We started the show with the premise that there were Gunters like us out there on the hunt for more. What we found was a passionate community who welcomed our humble podcast with open arms. Thanks for tuning in to our podcast. Now, let’s Get to the Good Part!September 09, 202200:57:1452.97 MB

Chapters 0024 & 0025 - Lord of the Ringsworld - Ready Player Two

80 Miles to Morgoth's' Dungeon fortress, a couple of fast horses, and two badass swords. Hit it! Like Z and Aech rushing in without a plan, your gunters review their trip through the Iron Mountains. What could go wrong? Pull out your Tolkien as we Ge...

June 28, 20223x1800:39:1936.39 MB

Chapters 0021, 0022 & 0023 - Afterworld - Ready Player Two

We find ourselves on Afterworld, and your Gunters are not quite as into it as Aech but we pressed on into the depths of sexual suavity wrapped in purple and armed with guitars. Let's Get to the Good Part!

May 02, 20223x1700:41:4538.65 MB

Chapters 0019 & 0020 - Ready Player Two

Things go from bad to worse as the team discovers Anorak and Sorrento have been perpetrating their own schemes. Time to bring back the Low Five to Get to the Good Part!

April 04, 20223x1600:49:4646.06 MB

Chapter 0018 - Ready Player Two

3-2-1 Contact! The Great Space Coaster. Captain Kangaroo.Yep, we are digging deep into our childhood to find the next shard while Z works through the trauma of parental abandonment, panic, and grief. EMOTIONAL DAMAGE! It's time to pull out the psychiatric ...

February 17, 20223x1501:29:5383.19 MB

Chapters 0015, 0016 & 0017 - Planet Shermer - Ready Player Two

If you grew up watching John Hughes movies, perhaps Planet Shermer would be the first world in the OASIS you visit. Or, maybe not? Your favorite Gunters are visiting Planet Shermer to follow Parzival, Art3mis, Aech, and Shoto, as they track down the next shard. D...

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Chapters 0024 & 0025 - Lord of the Ringsworld - Ready Player Two

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