Established in 2017, Hatsya Limited is a technology company developing an ecosystem of projects:

Our technology

Circuit optimiser

Hatsya’s flagship project is a suite of software for reducing the cost of Boolean logic circuits, with applications to ASIC design as well as software compilation.

It builds upon our earlier algorithmic research on fast function lookup and efficient circuit search. The modular design allows for other approaches to be interspersed, such as SAT-sweeping, algebraic methods, and an AI-guided approach based on Monte Carlo tree search.

Largest database of cellular automata search results

Hatsya operates Catagolue, a comprehensive database of results from cellular automata search programs.

Automated compilation of informational content

Hatsya’s MimicOctopus toolchain is a multi-target compiler for informational content: generate textbooks, presentations, courses, and transcripts from the same content, multiplying your productivity.

MimicOctopus builds on top of LaTeX and extends it with a caching build system, versatile preprocessor, and support for inline Python and Wolfram Language scripting.

A new language for artificial intelligence

AIR is a simple powerful language for concisely expressing neural network architectures.

AIR functions as an intermediate representation: it can be compiled from a TensorFlow or PyTorch computational graph, optimised with an extended version of our circuit optimiser, and then compiled to architecture-specific target code.

AIR is higher level than LLVM IR, natively supporting arbitrary parallelism within individual operations, and is ideal for targeting GPUs and ASICs.


If you have a problem that could benefit from our team’s extensive experience with algorithms, then feel free to reach out to us by writing a letter to the postal address at the top of this page.