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Never miss any url to redirect Save time on each migration No source code to write

Making a SEO migration last less than 10 minutes!

Discover Swan, your new easy and fast migration tool :

Website Analyse

Crawl your website’s old version Scrap urls from external tools Import urls manualy

Explore new version

Crawl your future version in testing environnement

Automaticaly match

Automaticaly match old and new urls Specify custom rules Match urls by groups Export Rules to Apache and Nginx

Test & validate

Test your migration configuration Improve your seo ranking

Want to definitely end with bad seo migration process ?

During a website seo migration projet, you may encounter those problems :

No redirection has been made ! Poor quality, mistake in syntax or only redirect to the home without taking account of the context. Some Urls have been forgoten The redirection plan has not been tested Old and new urls do not have similar or close content.

If you never want to have this problem anymore: We Created SWAN ! A SAAS SEO tool which provides in a few clics everything to manage a high quality and almost automatic seo migration.

Want a preview of what swan tools can do for your seo migration?

Swan will automaticaly detect wich URL from the old website should be connected to the new Url. In each suggestion the proximity rate is displayed to help you choose potential alternative.

Migration test done on 2 french websites to validate the accuracy of the tools. (Both website were done by 2 different company and content written by differents people : Please ahve a look at the content proximity despite only the url meaning is close. Everithing have been suggested based on the content proximity.

Wand to save more time while validating only the bests matches automaticaly ?

Connect and match multiples Urls in one click !

Select all urls you want to connect and define the minimal similarity level. Validate the preset and every redirections will be done automaticaly.

No more Urls will be missing form your redirection plan !

Graphic of all url acquisition source . You will know with a great dataviz where the urls cames from !
Grafic describing the average similarity of all urls in your project.

Predic the similarity rate between old and new version.

Fear to be lost ? You’re not alone ! We provide an automatic assistant which will guide you through the different steps of the migration.

Access to the project follow up any time to view the progression of you migration.

Follow the progression in live with accurate grafics !

Enjoy the status of each url redirection during the validation process ! If you want know more about the process of website migration all is explain here.

Are you ready fo your next migration with swan ?

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