Nova Wallet — Next-gen iOS/Android app for Polkadot & Kusama network eco

Web Name: Nova Wallet — Next-gen iOS/Android app for Polkadot & Kusama network eco






iOS appAndroid appNext gen wallet Get the latest version of the Nova Wallet app! for eco Kusama Polkadot Amazing UX/UI Secure & Open source Fast & Feature-rich App Store Download on the Google Play Get it on 57+ Polkadot networks
are supported 110+ Tokens In One Place See All Your Beautiful NFTs Harmony with web3 ecosystem User-friendly & On-chain Staking Shape the eco Crowdloans All supported Polkadot DApps Integrated. Ready. Hardware wallet Compatible with all wallets Transfers. Fast. Easy. Cross-chain
channels supported 140+ Staking User-friendly & On-chain Unstaking period ~28 days Active stakers ~18,100 Minimum stake 154 DOT Total staked 636.5M DOT 14—16.5% APY DOT Unstaking period ~7 days Active stakers ~7,200 Minimum stake 0.1 KSM Total staked 6.59M KSM 16—18.5% APY KSM GLMR 17—21% APR 149M GLMR Total staked 50 GLMR Minimum stake ~12,000 Active stakers ~7 days 7 hours Unstaking period MOVR 14—17% APR 1.8M MOVR Total staked 5 MOVR Minimum stake ~5,600 Active stakers ~2 days 6 hours Unstaking period AZERO 13.5—14.3% APY 210M AZERO Total staked 100 AZERO Minimum stake ~8,000 Active stakers ~14 days Unstaking period Unstaking period ~28 days Active stakers ~1,800 Minimum stake 1 PDEX Total staked 2.9M PDEX 24—27% APY PDEX BNC 61.5—68.5% APR 5.8M BNC Total staked 50 BNC Minimum stake ~500 Active stakers ~7 days 20 hours Unstaking period CAPS 12.8 — 16.2% APY 251M CAPS Total staked 2 CAPS Minimum stake ~760 Active stakers ~28 days Unstaking period TUR 145—157% APR 17M TUR Total staked 50 TUR Minimum stake ~400 Active stakers ~2 days 6 hours Unstaking period With Nova you can stake either with Recommended validators or select them by yourself — the choice is yours Stake in one-click Analyze your staking Get access to staking analytics such as Total rewards and Rewards history Manage your staking All onchain features supported for you: Stake more, Unstake, Change rewards destionation, Manage unpaid rewards & Validators, Setup controller account EDG 18—33.5% APY 1.7B EDG Total staked 0.1 EDG Minimum stake ~1,700 Active stakers ~1 days Unstaking period Crowdloans Shape the eco YOUR VOTE You contribution history Track all your contributions and see when you will receive back your tokens Nova allows you to contribute to all Polkadot & Kusama crowdloans on blockchain. No limitations Get access to all crowdloans Contribute & Get Rewards Choose parachains to contribute to. You’ll get back your contributed tokens, and if parachain wins a slot you’ll receive rewards after the auction Polkadot Wiki Polkadot DApps All supported Manage your favorite
& authorized DApps Shape the DApp Catalog as you wish, as well as control to which DApps provide access to your addresses Use EVM DApps like Moonbeam, Solarbeam, Astar and many more! The power of both the Polkadot.js & MetaMask protocols Search for anything with phishing protection Explore the whole Polkadot ecosystem with the Nova DApp browser protection Nova Wallet Roadmap 30 networks & 70 tokens UX/UI improvements NFT Support DApp Browser Q1 2022 Q3 2022 Cross-chain transfers Watch-only wallets Parity Signer integration Ledger integration TUR Yield Boost TUR staking Community-requested features CAPS staking Q2 2022 EVM DApps support MOVR/GLMR staking PDEX staking 50 networks & 110 tokens AZERO staking in progress Q4 2022 Governance support MST features Community-requested features More networks & tokens More staking options Submit Submit Your Feature Requests & Ideas! We're on a mission to build the best Polkadot wallet We Are Hiring! Apply for a job Founder & CEO Anton Khvorov Founder & CTO Ruslan Rezin Valentin Sergeev Founder & Android Lead Stepan Lavrentev QA Engineer UX/UI Designer Andrey Balashov Balázs Kovács UX/UI Designer Lev Patolya QA Engineer Join Our Community! © 2022 Novasama Technologies Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy Nova Wallet Brand Kit Developed by Telegram Announcements Element Twitter YouTube GitHub Medium

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