Video statement on the financial year 2021

“2021 was a year of setting the course for VIG.”

Elisabeth Stadler CEO Vienna Insurance Group

Highlights from the annual report:

Quick entry

Letter from the Chairwoman of the Managing Board

CEO Elisabeth Stadler on successes and challenges

Letter from the Chairwoman of the Managing Board

Corporate governance

Transparency and stakeholder trust are important to us

Corporate governance report

2021 at a glance

2021 at a glance

Managing Board

Get to know the VIG Managing Board

Elisabeth Stadler

Business development

Business development and group financial performance indicators

Group business development

VIG 25

The VIG Group has defined a strategic programme for the next five years. More efficiency, more customer proximity and more value added prepare the ground for more sustainable success.

More success: The VIG 25 strategic programme

Business development bysegment

Business development bysegment

Expected development

Outlook for VIG Insurance Group 2022

Outlook for VIGInsuranceGroup

Balance sheet

Consolidated balancesheet ofVIGInsuranceGroup

Consolidated balance sheet

Consolidated shareholders’ equity

Consolidated shareholders' equity

Statement of comprehensive income

Development during the financial year 2021

Consolidated statement of comprehensive income

Income statement

Development of earnings during the financial year 2021

Consolidated income statement

Sustainability Report

The VIG Group not only wants to protect what matters for more customers and protect what matters with more services. It wants to do this with more sustainability – insuring more with more responsibility.

Read more in our Sustainability Report 2021.

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