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Outdoor LED Screen

We offers high brightness outdoor LED screen and IP65-rated for outdoor advertising / digital signage. Ideal for arenas, stadiums and information displays

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Indoor LED Screen

We specialize in manufacturing LED indoor display products with the best after-sales service. Certificates: FCC, CE, EMC, LVD. Provide all solutions.

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Outdoor LED Screen

Front Maintenance Outdoor LED Screen Display with hydraulic rod for Smaller Size Outdoor Display.

Limit Hight 2.8m.

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GOB LED Screen

GOB Technologyis an innovative sealing on the module surface with an epoxy Glue. It is a great protection of the LED from Water, dust, and damage.

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Rental LED Screen
Indoor Front Maintenance

LED screen rental and video wall rentals for indoor and outdoor LED rental events by lekled. Rental LED screen | Cost-effective event solution‎.

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For indoor 320*160mm LED Module. Indoor Front maintenance instalation, magnetic front maintenance.

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Ultra-thin Small Pixel

Ultra-thin small pixel 600*337.5 mm LED Cabinet, with thickness 21mm. Ultra thin cabinet for High-End conference room LED Wall Installation

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90 Degree angle LED Screen

90 Degree Right Angle LED Screen Display for indoor and outdor use.

It adopt 45 degree angle Led Module

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Transparent LED Screen
Outdoor Transparent
Flexible LED Screen
Creative LED Screen

A Transparent LED Screen is also ideal for indoor window displays and are commonly used for reinforcing a brand.

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LED grill screens are a type of outdoor waterproof transparent LED display. It has the characteristics of high brightness, waterproof, flame retardant.

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The led soft module has good ductility and can be arbitrarily shaped, which makes many projects requiring customization easy to solve

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The newest LED Shelf Screen is capable of delivering dynamic pricing, promotion, product, and brand-related information at the shelf edge.

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P1.56 Indoor LED Screen for Meeting Room and Conference Room
P10 Outdoor Advertising Billboard LED Screen Display
P3 Indoor Large FormatLED Screen Display
Outdoor P3 Retail Show Window LED Screen Display
3D Led Screen Display Installation. Side screen P1.2, Floor screen P2.976
P8 Outdoor Column Fixed InstallationLED Screen
P3 3840HZ IndoorStageLED Screen Display
P2.5 Flexible Creative LED Screen Display
Outdoor Transparent LED Screen Display
P8 Outdoor Double-side Column LED Screen Display
P2.5 Indoor Conference Room LED Screen Display
P1.875 Creative Glue on board LED Screen Display




Shenzhen Sanco Technology Co., Ltd

We are known as "LEKLED" in the market.

LEKLED enters the market in 2015 with new, independent research & development and pattened LED Modules production equipment,

which revolutionize the LED Modules production market and brings a significant changes in the industry.

The business owner of Shenzhen Sanco Optoelectronic Co., Ltd, is from a family business founded in December 2000, Dongguan China. The family business is engaged in the development, production, sale, and service of machinery and automated equipment from then.

In 2014, the company developed the first generation of LED bulk material placement machines and put it on the market as the inventor. The company owns 5 invention patents and 2 software patents for this equipment, but not surprisingly it won the title of Dongguan high-tech enterprises as well.

With the vision to extend its competitive advantage and to help customers to reach the LED Screen more cost-effectively. LEKLED was born with 20 sets of the newest LED Modules production line, with the goal of striving to subvert the traditional low-efficiency mode of LED modules and displays.

Perhaps we are the most Innovative and most complete manufacturing company LED modules and LED screens.Innovative because it uses a simplified and fast system of the assembly of the LED.Complete because, within the same infrastructure is; The department that produces the LED coils, the department that produces the PCB Board and the assembly department of these accessories.

LEKLED is available to offer you a complete product range of LED Modules and LED Screen and help you to reach the most cost-effective LED Screen Solutions.Outdoor Full Color LED Screen; Indoor LED Screen Video Wall ; Rental LED Screen for Events ; Shelf LED Screen; Small Pixel LED Screen

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Shenzhen Sanco Technology CO., Ltd

Shenzhen Factory: 3 Floor, Buliding 2, Hejin Industry Park, FuYuan Street, FuYong, Shenzhen, China.

Any Inquiry Contact us 24/7. Mail will be responded within 24 Hours

Mail :

English Customer Service:info@lekled.com

Spanish Customer Service: info@lekled.com

Tel: +8613528586951 (Whatsapp, Viber, Wechat)

Spain Branch: (Sample room )

Oficina Madrid: Calle Bañeza 25, Fuenlabrada, Madrid.

Sweden Branch:

Oficina Madrid: Bandygatan 2 ,711 35 Lindesberg,Sweden

Mikael Strand +46 70 3187415
​ ​

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