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We improve strategic outcomes and operational efficiency by synthesizing principles from the scientific method, lean production, and reproducible science.
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Research Highlights
Using a billionaire wealth tax to pay the tax liability of the poor

What would happen if a wealth tax on billionaires was used to pay the taxes of the poorest Americans? We created an interactive data visualization to find out how many Americans would have their taxes paid by a wealth tax.

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Deconstructing Bloomberg's COVID Resilience Ranking

Despite their apparent objectivity, all scoring methodologies have embedded bias. We examine the bias in Bloomberg's COVID Resilience Ranking to determine whether it makes a difference to the Philippines, which found itself in last place.

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Invited Talks
The Onion Architecture: A computational graph with appeal

We were invited to speak at the American Statistical Association on how computational graphs can facilitate reproducible science.

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Achieving practical reproducibility with transparency and accessibility

We were invited to speak on reproducible science at the Data Science, Statistics, and Visualization conference hosted by the International Association for Statistical Computing.

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Process automation as the backbone of reproducible science

We were invited to speak on reproducible science at the Symposium on Data Science and Statistics, hosted by the American Statistical Association.

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