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Policy Briefings

Agroforestry Policy Briefings? Why?

1. Agroforestry and the new CAP's Green Architecture

2. Agroforestry in the EU Forest Strategy

3. Agroforestry and CAP Direct Payments

4. Agroforestry and Enhanced Conditionality

5. Agroforestry and Ecoschemes

6. Agroforestry and Pillar II of the new CAP

7. Agroforestry CAP Monitoring

8. Agroforestery for Carbon Farming

9. AF Policy in England

10. EURAF reacts to the Commission's advice on CAP SPs

11. EU Agroforestry Policy for a North American Audience

12. EURAF reacts to the EU "Fit for 55 Package"

13. EURAF welcomes the “EU Soil Strategy for 2030”

14. Agroforestry in the CAP post 01/01/2023

15. Monitoring Trees Outside Forests in the EU

16. Agroforestry for the Green Deal transition

17. ENVI amendments fatally weaken the LULUCF Regulation

18. Agroforestry and the EU Nature Restoration Regulation

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Pick Your Factsheet!

Triticale in Iberian dehesas

Why triticale?

Productivity of natural pastures in Iberian dehesas is usually low and very variable (on average 1440 kg dry matter (DM) ha/yr). They also provide low nutritive value forage, containing 4-20% legume fraction, 9-12% crude protein, 44-59% neutral detergent fibre and 28-37% acid detergent fibre.

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Featured Farm

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Featured Farm of the day

Mixed Crop-Dairy Cattle Farm in South-Western France In 2000, they decided that ploughing had to stop and that their agricultural system could be modelled as closely as possible to the forest, with constant inputs of organic matter to enhance bacterial life in the soil.

What's New

News and Events

With trees against drought – How agroforestry protects our fields (arteRE documentary on September 8th - 19:40 CEST)

30 Aug 2022

This summer has been a hot one: heat, forest fires, droughts all over Europe. Climate change is here – how can we mitigate the consequences? More and more farmers see a solution in agroforestry: rows of trees in fields, in whose shade crops and animals thrive better, the soil is protected from drying out and erosion, carbon is sequestered and biodiversity is created.


News and Events

Innovative Agroforestry: workshops in the region of Tuscany, Italy

02 Aug 2022

As part of the implementation of the Life VAIA international project "Valuing afforestation of damaged woods with innovative agroforestry", Vasyl Yukhnovskyi, professor of the Department of Forests Restoration and Melioration of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, held a series of seminars on the exchange of experience in the use of agroforestry in Ukraine.

News and Events

A farmer in Canada participating at WAC 2022 in Quebec 

02 Aug 2022

The World Agroforestry Congress raised many opportunities to interact with researchers and farmers from around the world.

News and Events

Organic Field Days in Germany: agroforestry in the spotligth

01 Aug 2022

The Organic Field Days 2022 in Germany, a meeting point for organic agriculture, took place this year from June 28 to 30 at the Gladbacherhof in Hessen.

News and Events

EU Policy Briefings #15, #16, #17, #18

01 Aug 2022

EURAF Produced four Policy Briefings between May and July.

News and Events

Final statement of the 6th European Agroforestry Conference

31 Jul 2022

This document has been read at the closing of the 6th European Agroforestry Conference, Nuoro 16th-20th May 2022This document has been read at the closing of the 6th European Agroforestry Conference, Nuoro 16th-20th May 2022.

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European Agroforestry Federation

Who we are

The European Agroforestry Federation (EURAF) aims at promoting the use of trees on farms as well as any kind of silvopastoralism throughout the different environmental regions of Europe. EURAF has more than 500 members from 20 different European countries.

What we do

EURAF’s aim to promote the adoption of agroforestry practices across Europe by:

Any communication means, including lobbying for agroforestry adapted policies at the European scale.Organizing a bi-annual conference.Sending an electronic newsletter to all members.Managing a dedicated website, with functionalities to share information, scientific results and policy issues on agroforestry.Achieving specific agreements with national and international agroforestry societies or other related societies for the exchange of information and the organization of joint congresses, symposiums and seminars.Meeting monthly to delineate actions to target awareness of agroforestry systems mainly at policy level.Promoting events and participate in research projects providing networking throughout Europe.

People and Agroforestry

Featured Farm

Rumi Wilco: a farm in Ecuador

03 Aug 2022 The house and the farm called Rumi Wilco is well hidden near Vilcabamba, in the hills of the Southern Loja region of Ecuador.

Master Thesis

Foliar phenology and radial growth of two poplar clones within an alley cropping system

01 Aug 2022 Simone Piotto has developed his master degree thesis at the University of Padova (Italy) in collaboration with some relevant institutions involved in the primary sector in the North of Italy: Veneto Agricoltura, CREA and Confagricoltura Rovigo.

Featured Farm

The “Sasse Rami “agroforestry farm of Veneto Agricoltura - Italy

01 Aug 2022 The “Sasse Rami “agroforestry farm of Veneto Agricoltura in NE of Italy: a pilot and demonstrative site for research and dissemination activities on alley-cropping practices with poplar

Master Thesis

Pannonian agroforestry systems – case study from Slovak Republic

27 Mar 2022 Anna Mária Mitrová defended her Master thesis on agroforestry in the Department of Silviculture of the Mendel University in Brno (Czechia). This diploma thesis deals with topic of agroforestry systems intemperate zone, specifically in Pannonian region.

PhD Thesis

Evaluating the effects of agroforestry versus arable systems on functional biodiversity and associated ecosystem services

27 Mar 2022 Tom Staton recently passed his PhD viva at the University of Reading (UK). The PhD investigated the implications of increased biodiversity in agroforestry systems - is this biodiversity beneficial (e.g. pollinators and predators) or problematic (e.g. pests and weeds)?


Feasibility of Blueberry production in agroforestry in South Bavaria

19 Dec 2021 Paul Killguss dove deep into the Bavarian forests to look for Blueberries. In his M.Sc. thesis at Technical University of Munich, Germany, he worked together with a blueberry-farmer to analyze this forest farming system from tip to toe. Some of his findings already helped to improve the system.
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Agroforestry Out There


Cooperation Project (CARTER) in Italy

29 Jul 2022

CARTER is funded by the Rural Development Program of the Veneto Region 2014-2020. The full project title is “Biochar and new forest plantation areas: a winning combination for the soil carbon conservation and sequestration”.


Innovation Group AUFWERTEN

05 Apr 2022

The holistic research approach of the Innovation Group AUFWERTEN – Agroforestry for Environmental Services, Energy Production and Added Value – covers the field of nature- and environmental protection, landscape design, engineering, logistics, marketing, economics, governance and participation to show how agroforestry practices could work in Germany.


Agroforestry in Austria

05 Apr 2022

In this project know-how is transferred to Austria and to six farms that implement silvoarable agroforestry systems, which also serve as demonstration sites after the end of the project. Further we want to promote a national agroforest network and develop Austrian specific information material for farmers, advisors and interested parties.

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Agroforestry in Europe

Agroforestry is the integration of woody vegetation, crops and/or livestock on the same area of land. Trees can be inside parcels or on the boundaries (hedges). Agroforestry can be applied to all agricultural systems, in all parts of Europe.

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