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Basking in the golden sun, ’The Tree of Life' is a manifestation of nature’s abundance. At the break of the
dawn, when sun shines from the horizon, how every leaf transmutes to gold for a moment. It is that moment
and the more vivid ones after that, that we articulate in this collection. Fields of poppies, and a diverse
wilderness taking over ancient architecture is rendered intricately in hand embroidered surfaces.

‘The Tree of Life’ renders our gratitude for nature’s wisdom.

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Hand Embroidered Navbhumi Lehenga Set ₹ 878,000.00 3D Hand Embroidered Tree of Life Lehenga Set ₹ 578,500.00 Hand Embroidered Noor Lehenga Set ₹ 568,500.00 Hand Embroidered Noor Lehenga Set ₹ 568,500.00 Hand Embroidered Navbhumi Bandi Set ₹ 178,500.00 Hand Embroidered Navbhumi Lehenga Set ₹ 698,500.00 Hand Embroidered Gulab Bel Saree Set ₹ 239,000.00 3D Hand Embroidered Shirley Poppy Bandi Set ₹ 157,500.00 View all WOMENSWEAR shop now MENSWEAR shop now

couture fall 2022

3D Hand Embroidered Medinilla Halter Dress Request Price 3D Hand Embroidered Botanical Long Dress Request Price 3D Hand Embroidered Botanical Dress Request Price Hand Embroidered Cumulus Cloud Jacket Set Request Price 3D Hand Embroidered Botanical Concentric Cape Set Request Price 3D Hand Embroidered Tree of Life Gown Request Price 3D Hand Embroidered Cocoon Short Cape Set Request Price 3D Hand Embroidered Medinilla Leaves Dress Request Price View all

Rahul Mishra

In an interview with vogue

“Today, if I feel there is no dream too big to dream, it is because of the knowledge that our craftsmen can bring it to life. It is the artisan that allows me the confidence to see the world as I do, to dream, to create”

The Genesis of 3d embroidery

"We have pushed to discover new frontiers in our exploration of three dimensional embroidery that lends a distinct shape shifting essence to the silhouette. The entire ecosystem comes alive through intricately hand-embroidered flora and fauna that strike a balance between realism and imagination."

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Despite his explicit intention to not create art for art’s sake, acquiring Mishra couture is comparable to acquiring art. To see more in nature than already exists, to credit it as more than just trees or butterflies, is in fact the purpose of a creator, and the answer to his deliberations that he perhaps doesn't see yet.

In a world of memes, the anti-memesic position of “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life,” comes true here.

Rujuta Vaidya / VOGUE India

Rahul Mishra based his collection on the art of embroidery, which is typical of his culture, blending it with a modern and accurate technique, thus successfully highlighting the best and most peculiar features of his homeland. 

Late Franca Sozzani / Ex-Editor-in-chief, VOGUE Italia

Rahul Mishra, the Indian designer who goes far beyond his country’s fashion clichés of vivid colours and sari prints, sent out one of those rare collections of quiet beauty . . . The delicacy of the knits, which were so fine that they could barely be identified as wool on the runway, was breathtaking.

Suzy Menkes / International Editor, VOGUE Worldwide



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