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Is yourhotel management softwarehelping you move forward oris itholding you back?

Find out moreabouthowZauiStayall-in-one accommodations management solutionautomatesandsimplifiesyour hotel operations,increasesyour profitability–andelevatestheguest experience.

Improve your property profitabilityAutomated check in/out, payments, channel management, accounting integration, payment handling, automated guest communication, and much more.We provide everything you need to succeed with your hotel.Contact us

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Whether you’re managingten rooms orahundred–ZauiStay istheall-in-one Property Management System (PMS)for the future. It includesa suite of tools, fromaccess controlandbooking enginetodynamic pricing,channel manager and digital lock system. 

WithZauiStay all-in-one PMS, yourhotel staff andmanagerswillspend less time ontiringadmin tasks and more time onadding value to theguest experience.

ZauiStayPMS can be accessed via the back office and point of sales apps. The system is responsive and can beusedacross any device – whether it be tablet, desktop or mobile.

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We have automated the guest experience since august 2016.


Optimize your staff to reduce costs

Upgrade your hotel system today to reduce your salary costs.


Increase your visibility

Ensure you are visible with all rooms on all channels to ensure maximum occupancy.

Property Management System

How about operating your hotel without a front desk
andat times even without staffing?

ZauiStayPMSis a powerful cloud-based,flexibleand feature-rich PMS with all the tools you needto:

Automate check-in/out
Channel management
Integrate withaccounting software
Automate guest communication
Booking engine
…And much more

How about operating your hotel without a front desk andat times even without staffing?It can be done!

We aim to have the most competitivepricesandhave flexible plans to meet your business needs.

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Direct Bookings and Channel Manager

Sell your rooms directlyand commission-freeon your own website with our powerfulembeddedbooking engine.Thisallowsyour gueststobook roomsdirectlyand securely make online credit card payments.

Also, increaseand broaden your hotel distributionautomaticallyon popular OTAs like Booking.com, Airbnb,Expediaand othersdirectlyfromZauiStayPMS.

The channel managerinZauiStayis a two-way integration whichcovers everything from accepting bookings to inventory updates anddistribution on the selectedOTAs.

Dynamic Pricing

With the help ofdynamic pricing module inZauiStay PMS, youcancharge the right price at the right time, depending on occupancy and demand.

Setrules that automatically lowers rates and distributionwheninlow season andtimes ofless demand– andsetrulesthat increaseprices in high season and busy days.

The dynamic pricing module works silently in the backwhile youtake care of your guestsand watch your revenueincreases.

Access Control

A favourite feature amongst guests!Let your guests enter and leave their rooms without checking in and out at a front desk or a terminal, using thepincodereceived by email orSMS.

ZauiStayaccess control system isallcloud-based and easy to install.

Digital locks with long maintenance intervals and up to 25 guest codes are fully integrated withZauiStaycloud PMS, as well asintegrate with existing digital locks.

It’s all automated and seamless tomake the guests and the management happy.

Point of Sales

Our cloud-based POS Systemfor your hotel restaurantis easy to use,supported by top paymentterminals,andfully integrated with the rest of our product line.

Our customers

“Making the switch toZauiStay has changed my life. I can even sleep during the night!”

SarahBurrows– Lyngen Adventure

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