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The Pre-Save Platform from Metablocks

Pre-Save for Spotify Campaigns that Drive Engagement, Increase Followers and Grow Streams

See Featured CampaignsAvailable now for Major and Indie Labels

Reward Fans for Pre-Saving

Energize your pre-save campaigns for Spotify by incentivizing fans with a sweepstakes, contest or prize drawing!

Grow Followers & Streams

When users connect to Spotify, they automatically follow the artist, get notifications and can opt-in to receive email updates.

Pre-Order for Streaming

Capture fan attention and engagement early by allowing them to pre-save your album on Spotify. Think of it as "Pre-Order" for streaming.

Pre-Save to Spotify

Pre-save to Spotify campaigns allow your fans to connect on Spotify and automatically add an upcoming album or single to their Spotify library when it is released. Additionally, fans can automatically follow the artist or a playlist and can have the album added to a new or existing playlist. In most campaigns, fans opt-in to receive email updates from the artist, and it is also possible to send out email notifications to fans when the album becomes available.

Users follow the artist and can also follow the label or a playlistUsers opt-in to receive email updates and album notificationsGet real-time analytics and reports on campaign performanceOffer incentives and encourage sharing to generate viral activity Capture and capitalize on fan interest sooner as opposed to later Our cost-effective platform works with music industry budgets

The Pre-Save Platform

Metablocks' industry leading platforms and applications have powered tens of thousands of music industry campaigns and digital activations for both large and small music labels around the world. We continue to drive and deliver interactive campaigns for SME, UMG, WBR and BMLG, as well as Indie labels globally.

Our Pre-Save for Spotify platform has successfully powered dozens of pre-save campaigns for artist that include The Chainsmokers, Depeche Mode, Zara Larsson, Yo Gotti, Nicky Jam, Brantley Gilbert and others. The same tried and tested platform is now also available to you!


Frequently asked question about the Pre-Save Platform and pre-save for Spotify campaigns in general.

What is a Pre-Save for Spotify?

Pre-save to Spotify is functionality that allows your fans to connect on Spotify and have an upcoming album, EP or single automatically added to their Spotify library and a playlist of their choosing on the day it is released.

How do Pre-Save for Spotify campaigns work?

Pre-save campaigns allow fans to add an album, EP or single to their Spotify library when it becomes available on Spotify. Think of it as 'Pre-order for Streaming'. This allows music labels and artist to start promoting an album and acquire future potential listens sooner as opposed to later. Additionally, our platform also allows you to incentivize fans who pre-save by allowing them to participate in a sweepstakes, contests or prize drawings. You can also choose to reward fans with exclusive content, discounts on tickets or merch, and even music downloads.

Can I do a pre-save campaign for a single or EP rather than an album?

Yes, it is possible to launch a pre-save for Spotify campaign for something other than an album. Our platform supports albums, EP, singles and evergreen campaigns ('Pre-access with Spotify').

Can I combine my pre-save campaign with a sweepstakes?

Combining a pre-save for Spotify campaign with a sweepstakes, contest, or prize draw is a great way to incentivize fans to connect and pre-save your album or EP. Our platform also provides you with the flexibility to launch both pre-save and sweepstakes campaigns. You can easily combine the two together or lead with a sweepstakes campaign that has a pre-save for Spotify component.

Is there more than one way to do a Pre-save? What are my options?

Yes, there are many different options and approaches to doing a pre-save. These options are discussed in more detail in this post on pre-save for Spotify campaign options and approaches! In reality there is no right or wrong way to do a Spotify pre-save campaign. It just really depends on your label's or artist's preference, your genre, and your fan base. Obviously we have some empirical data that suggests some approaches are better than others, so feel free to drop us a line if you're sure which approach is going to work best for our album, EP or single.

Where can I see examples of your Pre-save for Spotify campaigns

Visit the portfolio section below to see some of the Pre-save for Spotify campaigns we have powered. You can also view third party examples for ideas or inspiration.

What other activations are possible with a pre-save campaign?

Our Pre-save for Spotify platform, with its full support for the Spotify API, allows you to take advantage of a broad range of Spotify activations which include following the artist on Spotify (default), following the music label on Spotify (optional), following a Spotify playlist (optional) and capturing users email information if they opt-in.

Are pre-save campaigns available on other platforms?

Yes, we currently provide pre-save functionality for both the Spotify and Deezer platforms. If and when web-based APIs become available for other streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Pandora, we expect to support pre-save functionality on those platforms, as well.

How long does it take to setup a campaign?

We can typically setup a campaign in less than a day. More complicated campaigns that involve sweepstakes or contesting components, touring and event elements, or additional custom activations will generally take longer.

What differentiates your platform from competitive offerings?

In-house label tools generally lack the flexibility, customization and scalability that our platform provides. Most of these tools take a one-size fits them all approach. Basic website and Wordpress integration approaches are simplistic and do not provide you with branding tools and custom features necessary to launch successful marketing campaigns. Under-priced DIY services will not provide you with expert advice and the assurance most labels, marketers and artists need. Metablocks provides a full-service solution that let you control your branding, customize your approach and have complete control and ownership of your fan experience and data. Additionally, we support a broad range of pre-save options aimed at helping our clients better meet their individual needs!

Do you guys work with Indie labels or individual artists?

Although we work with major music labels, our fastest growing client segment includes Indie labels, management and music marketers. Streaming has become the music industries 'great equalizer'. Thanks to Spotify, many record labels, both large and small, have had their biggest revenue rise in more than a decade.

How do I go about setting up a Pre-Save to Spotify campaign?

Simply contact us when you have a release date for your album or single and we'll get you on the platform.

How much do pre-save campaigns typically cost?

Prices for pre-save for Spotify campaign vary based on the complexity of your campaign.

Our Clients and Partners

Metablocks is the leading provider of digital and social media campaigns and activations to the music and entertainment industry with hundreds of clients that span the globe.

Become a Client

The Power of the Pre-Save Platform

Here are some of the benefits of launching your Pre-Save to Spotify campaign on our platform.

Flexible Design Options

We do not believe in 'one size fits them all', that's why we provided branded and customized campaigns that look and feel like your artist's or label's brand!

Mobile First and Friendly

Our platform is optimized for a broad range of mobile devices including iPhone and Androids. Your fans are always on the mobile so your campaigns have to be responsive.

The Just in Time Platform

We built a platform that allows us to deploy campaigns in hours and not days! We understand time to market is of the essence and we'll with you to meet your targets or deadlines.

Globalized and Localized

Our pre-save for Spotify campaigns are available in English as well as in most Western European languages. Chinese and Japanese versions are also available.

Highly Customizable

Our platform supports custom features & functionality needed to deliver truly unique pre-save experiences. Bring us your ideas and we'll probably be able to implement them.

Music Industry Experience

We've powered campaigns for some of the largest artists on the planet. Our platform brings with it that wealth of experience and knowledge needed to make your campaign a success.

Pre-Save for Spotify Campaign Examples

Here are some of our recent Pre-Save for Spotify digital campaigns.

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