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Embedded C Application Design Principles

2022-08-23 09:30 Jeddah 14 hours

Python and Spark for Big Data (PySpark)

2022-10-24 09:30 Jeddah 21 hours

Systems and Service Architecture - Microservices Architecture

2022-11-08 09:30 Jeddah 14 hours

Blockchain: Hyperledger Sawtooth for Enterprise Distributed Ledgers

2022-12-11 09:30 Dammam 14 hours

Cloud Security Seminar

2023-01-26 09:30 Al Khobar Gate Tower 7 hours See All

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is growing fast!

We are looking to expand our presence in Saudi Arabia!

As a Business Development Manager you will:

expand business in Saudi Arabiarecruit local talent (sales, agents, trainers, consultants)recruit local trainers and consultants

We offer:

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data systems to support your local operationhigh-tech automationcontinuously upgraded course catalogue and contentgood fun in international team

If you are interested in running a high-tech, high-quality training and consulting business.

Apply now!

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