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Analytical Chemistry 2.1 e-book by David Harvey. Free Access
The Flipped Classroom. Temporary Free Access Quant curriculum (Videos),presented by Chris HarrisonInstrumental Analysis (Videos), created by Mary Kate Donais
GC Basics. Text and Video presentations by Harold McNair and Lee Polite GC Instrumentation. BasicsAdvanced: Injection techniques and principlesAdvanced: Column typesAdvanced: DetectorsAdvanced: Troubleshooting in GC2-D GCFast GCSample Treatment in GCGC animations
LC Basics. Text and Video presentations by Harold McNair and Lee PoliteLC Instrumentation. BasicsAdvanced: LC ColumnsAdvanced: LC DetectorsAdvanced: Troubleshooting in LCNPLC: Normal Phase LCRPLC: Reversed Phase LC. Theory. Advanced Advanced: Temperature Effects & ProgrammingAdvanced: Gradient ElutionAdvanced: RPLC Retention ModelsVery High Pressures in LCUHPLC. Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography2-Dimensional LCNano-LC and applicationsLC Animations
Mass Spectrometry Basics Advanced. Hyphenated techniques
Spectroscopy BasicsUV/VisFluorimetry & XRFRaman Infrared AAS & AESNMR
Sample Handling & Treatment. Basics Advanced. SPMEAdvanced. Passive SamplingAdvanced. Factorial DesignSample prep for bio-analytical LC-MSSample prep in modern bioanalysis
Method Development Basics Advanced: Method DevelopmentAdvanced: OptimizationThe Chromatogram Generator
Other separation techniques:
Ion Chromatography (IC)Capillary Electroforesis (CE)Super-critical Fluid Chromatography (SFC)Ion Suppression & Ion Pair ChromatographyChiral ChromatographySize Exclusion Chromatography (SEC)Field Flow Fractionation (FFF)
The Analytical lab in a broader perspective Quality
Application areas FoodPesticidesPharmaceutical AnalysisMetabolomicsProteomicsNew Workflows in ProteomicsWaterSynthetic PolymersPetrochemistryProcess Micro GC

You really understand separation?

Did you ever try to explain separation to your employees or students? Well, try no more: Lee Polite did it for you in a way which is hard to beat. We will open up one example of his whiteboard class. Click this link to watch the video. To see more, you can register here. Students and teachers can access free for one month.

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The links in the center column lead to hundreds of chapters with text, video presentations, visualisations and animations. The chapters on Analytical Chemistry 2.1 (David Harvey), as well as basics LC, GC (Harold McNair, Lee Polite and other experts) and spectroscopy chapters are on the level of colleges, laboratory schools and universities, all 'deeper' clicks lead you to more advanced knowledge on analytical techniques with all the details for in-depth understanding for professional users.
Chromedia is used globally by numerous colleges, universities and industries, our authors are ranked as the finest teachers in the world. So go ahead and discover Chromedia by getting a 30 days subscription, which is free for students and teachers. Chromedia functionalities work best on the Chrome browser.

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The Analytical Scientist

We’ve recently been publishing interviews with speakers from some of the analytical world’s biggest events reflecting on the impact of COVID-19. So, for our June cover feature, we collate and summarize their thoughts on what we’ve missed – and where we go from here. Continuing in a spirit of reflections and new beginnings, we catch up with previous winners of the 40 Under 40 Power List, while TV weatherman and EuroFAST speaker Peter Kuipers Munneke offers some advice for how we can make the most of our meetups. Elsewhere, we’re reconstructing the smells of the past, smelling whisky with an electronic GC-MS-based nose, Richard van Breemen tells us about his latest COVID-19 research, and Karen Esmonde-White and Rob Lascola reveal “the single-most exciting development in spectroscopy today.” Last but not least, we Sit Down With proteome pioneer Neil Kelleher. Some articles will be online before we send off the printed version. Stay tuned. -----

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