Premium colognes to unlock your inner gentleman.



Citrus, birch and ambergris.



Anise, spice and tonka bean.



Grapefruit, incense and sandalwood.

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Feel fresh and confident, whenever and wherever.
Our cologne is presented in a small, ergonomic tin, perfect for fitting snugly
in your fob pocket or for throwing in your gym bag without breakage.

Slide open the tin and apply a mood-lifting
swipe of cologne to any, or all, of your major pulse points (sides of the neck,
inside the wrist and behind the ears).

Choose all day confidence, or the occasional
burst of masculine energy when needed. By providing you with greater control
with the amount of cologne you apply, our products last longer.

Our products are made in Australia with 100%
biodegradable, recyclable and natural ingredients like shea butter and beeswax,
providing a guilt-free, fresh and great-smelling confidence boost

Our colognes are made to the highest standards and are subjected to extensive quality control processes. However, if any of our products don’t meet your expectations, just let us know and we’ll refund the full purchase price.

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Now available in Myer

 Currently available in Myer Sydney and Melbourne, as well as online nationally.

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