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About the Fund From the idea to its realisation Our online courses We invite for cooperation Our partners EnRu Creation and operation of online courses and educational programs for universities and technology companies, online program management E-Learning Development Fund APPLY Creation and operation of online courses and educational programs for universities and technology companies, online program management E-Learning Development Fund APPLY About the Fund
We build an ecosystem for learning for all stages of the lifecycle: from the idea and search of facilities for educational program production to its support, sales and marketing. The collaboration with the biggest educational platforms allows to launch online courses with the maximum effect for every party involved.
Mass online courses provide a learning format in the basis of which there are short webinars, automatically checked tasks and simulators, and educational community. Students learn at their own pace, paying not only for content, but also an educational service. The content volume for one course is 6 hours of video + 30 hours of homework. All courses are available on open educational online platforms with a multimillion audience - Coursera, edX, Udacity, Stepik, Open Education, where within one educational program from 10 to 100 000 people learn simultaneously. E-Learning Development Fund in Numbers and the examples of the launched online courses
— 780 000 active listeners12+specializations on Coursera100+unique courses30+partner companies Our Advantages
— Team We have practical leaders of the mass online education market in our team Experience Russian largest stream of online courses on acceleration Contacts Direct access to international and Russian educational platforms From the idea to it's realisation
— While choosing topics and creating courses we take into account the demand for the acquired skills: our graduators rapidly make their tasks and companies find new specialists or upgrade the skills of their employees. Relevant topics of online courses We undertake the search of industrial partners, thus solving the issue of investments and speeding up the process of entering the educational product to the market. Search of partners Our collaboration with the best specialists in their spheres guarantees a high quality level of education for our students and professional development of the employees for business. Engaging the best experts We strive to make the online course perfect not only externally, but also actively working on methodological content, which guarantees high quality education. Comprehensive work
on the product We constantly improve and keep our courses up to date.
Besides that our specialists perform regular cooperation with our students and perform technical support for company partners.
Product Support We maximize the profitability and audience reach of our products through the use of marketing tools, as well as highly skilled professionals engaged in direct sales. Sales and Marketing Our online courses
— Launched online courses and programs Machine Learning
and Data Analysis Yandex, MIPT
6 месяцев Python programming Mail.Ru Group, MIPT
1–4 недели Android developer e-Legion 9 месяцев SHOW MORE C++ developer Yandex 6 месяцев iOS developer e-Legion 1–4 недели VR developer
Contented, Mail.ru Group, RedKeds, OpenProfession
9 месяцев Go developer Mail.Ru Group 9 месяцев Interface Development: Layout and JavaScript Yandex Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Roman Dushkin course Machine Learning for executives The course of Sergey Lukashkin and Danil Lesovodsky Introduction to blockchain Blockchainhack Presentation Skills Course of Alexey Kapterev 9 месяцев Modern practices of teal management ВкусВилл (VkusVill) Basics of Personal Finance Management School of Family Finance Dengin's How to start business with your own money Mosigra, TSU Research Methodology and Cats Vladimir Savelyev course, author of the book "Statistics and Cats" The Lie theory. Profiling International Academy of Lie Research We invite for cooperation
— If your company is interested in the creation of online course or program, please, send the application and we will send you the presentation. Our partners
—The courses created and launched together with industrial partners Facebook VK © 2020 — ELDF About Us About the FundE-Learning Development Fund in NumbersOur Advantages Online courses From the idea to its realisationOur online coursesCourses under development ✆ +7 (495) 145-22-23
✆ +1 (628) 800-68-72
We invite for cooperationOur partners Made on Tilda

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