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START NOW Try it for free, then $19.95/month. Cancel anytime. Yumpu offers a digital platform for publishing your magazines, brochures or catalogs.Communicate your message and grab the attention of new readers.It’s time to harness the power of digital publishing. I never realized just how essential grandparents are until becoming a parent. Growing up, both sets of mine lived a long car ride away, so visits were reserved for holidays or summer vacations. Even still, my grandma (who turned 100 last month!) taught me valuable life lessons, like the importance of travel, letter writing, and doing something active every day. She’s also the reason I indulge in dessert daily (after finishing my dinner, of course). I can only imagine how much more wisdom I would’ve gained had we resided closer.Luckily, my daughter has four grandparents she gets to see—and be spoiled by—on a weekly basis. But besides buying her cute clothes and giving her sweet treats, they provide a love that goes deeper than any daycares ever could. Her relationships with “Oma,” “Papa,” “Amah,” and “Kong Kong”—though all vastly different—are uniquely special. In honor of National Grandparents’ Day on September 13, we decided to shine the spotlight on a handful of our area’s finest gramps and grannies. Turn to page 16 to read about why they love the role, how the pandemic has changed things, and the lessons they hope to pass on to their littles. It’s a feel-good story that tugs at all the heartstrings. What else do we (literally) have cooking this month? Our feature story, “Veggie Delights” (page 71), highlights 33 plant-based plates that are so good even meat-eaters might find their mouths watering. From dishes that are packed with produce to others that boast mock meat, it’s a colorful introduction to just how delicious and nutritious a vegetarian diet can be. We also share our favorite farms that offer u-pick produce, online ordering, or weekly veg boxes; meat-free alternatives that go beyond beans; and easy ways vegetarians can still get their vitamins. With the onset of autumn (September 22), we figured it would be a prime time to toast to the season with refreshing hard ciders that are made, and loved, locally. Flip to “An Apple a Day…” (page 88) to read about five of our favorites and learn some fun facts about the places where they’re produced. Enjoy the issue, and—as grandmother Ramona Nelson from Placerville says on page 16—may you “know that family and friends are more important than money; always be true to yourself; and never judge yourself by how others see you but only by how you see yourself.” Cheers! — Megan // megan@stylemg.com@meggoeggowaffle CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia. In this issue:- Wanderlust - How to Create the Ultimate Staycation- Ready. Set. Selfie. Cosmetic Surgery in the Instagram Age- 300+ Skincare Makeup Products You Need now- Why It's Time To Take Stock of Your Skincare Routine- Everything you need to know about Rhinoplasty Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at www.esteticanetwork.com As we went to print with our last issue never could we have imagined a world in which travel would be completely stopped in its tracks. Never again will we take for granted our freedom to visit our magnificent cityscapes, captivating coastlines and peaceful countryside. It has been a difficult year for the hospitality and travel sector, but as this issue of British Travel Journal shows many are beginning to reopen, delighted to welcome back visitors and guests once more. We speak to these resilient hoteliers, destination managers, and others in the UK tourism industry about how they have responded to COVID-19. Our Cultural Agenda takes on a new direction, exchanging theatre performances for outdoor art, sculptures and natural wonders. And, in a time when remote locations are being sought after, all you need to know about wild (and nearly wild) camping is covered in our Sustainable Travel series. If camping isn’t for you, help is at hand to find the perfect holiday home in our 10 of the Best Self-Catering Properties. If you’re dreaming of strolls along the shore, fresh sea air and gently lapping waves, then you will love our coastal specials; Revival of the Beach Hut, England’s Coast, Wild Swimming and Secret Islands. Enjoy a taste of Cornwall in our Interview with Rick Stein before heading to the beach workshop of wooden bellyboards in our Meet the Maker: Wave Rider article with Dick Pearce. Finally, thank you to all our subscribers for your support, keeping our spirits high with words of encouragement and understanding the unusual delay in receiving this issue. Together we continued to dream of the extraordinary places we can explore, staying inspired with online and digital features, and hopefully by the time of reading this issue our next great adventures will have become reality.Travel safely, and together we will continue to support our wonderful tourism industry. Natural Awakenings Magazine is the Coastal Carolinas healthy living magazine. We're your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. Our mission is to provide insights and information to improve the quality of life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Choral Scene: Uncharted territory: three choirs finding paths forward; Music Theatre: Loose Tea on the boil with Alaina Viau’s Dead Reckoning; In with the New: what happens to soundart when climate change meets COVID-19; Call to action: diversity, accountability, and reform in post-secondary jazz studies; 9th Annual TIFF Tips: a filmfest like no other; Remembering: Leon Fleisher; DISCoveries: a NY state of mind; 25th anniversary stroll-through; and more.Online in flip through here, and on stands commencing Tues SEP 1. Presents the soul of the Turks Caicos Islands with in-depth features about local people, culture, history, environment, businesses, resorts, restaurants and activities. STATIC LIVE Magazine is Central Florida’s premier publication dedicated to celebrating music and culture. STATIC LIVE provides extensive, detailed community information from fashion to art, entertainment to events through noteworthy interviews, sensational photography and in-depth editorial coverage. STATIC LIVE is the only publication of its kind in Central Florida and reaches all target markets through wide distribution channels. Our staff includes highly accomplished contributors with award-winning backgrounds in music and entertainment; we know how much business is captured from the entertainment market. Our free full color publication can be found throughout Central Florida at key retailers, hotels and restaurants in high traffic areas. Our mission is to highlight the incredible talent, culture and lifestyle in Central Florida. With eye-opening profiles and coverage of the music and art community, STATIC LIVE readers will be positively influenced by our topical content and trending advertisers. STATIC LIVE Magazine is the most effective tool for branding connectivity with consumers in our area. 24 Seven is a monthly, free magazine for personal growth, professional development, and self-empowerment. The approach is holistic, incorporating mind, body, soul, and spirit. As philosopher Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is power.” Use this information to live your best life now.

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