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From hook to cookSeafood subscriptions for the passionate home cook.Sign up today! Choose from one of our convenient pickup locations in the SF Bay Area (or start your own!) “I've never had such great fish in my life and will never want to shop in a fish market again.”— Lori Ayers, Member the HIGHEST STANDARDS OF SUSTAINABILITYSince 2013, Sea Forager Seafood has been serving the Bay area with ourCommunity Supported Fisheries(CSF)membership program. We offer fresh, seasonal, locally and sustainably-sourced seafood that you can feel great about.Members getthe story behind the fish and what makes it sustainable, plus recipes, prep tips, fun events, and tour discounts so you can appreciate our local bounty and even catch some yourself. Plus, it’s fun! Join me and theFishwifeat regular fishyeventsaround town, grab a drink, sing a sea chantey with us and talk seafood with your friendly and loquacious fishmonger. Know your fishermanOne of the problems with the industrial commodification of our ocean resources is that we've lost track of the story behind the fish. I don't know about you, but a fish sure seems to taste a lot better when I know a few details about it. Like where it came from, how long it lived, how the stocks are doing, what was the gear type used to catch it, what were the ocean conditions when it was caught, and more. This is the kind of information you will get every week when yousign upfor Sea Forager Seafood CSF. Healthy oceans, Healthy humansSavor delicious dinners that are good for your body, and preserve healthy fisheries for future generations.Sustainably sourced, this weekly seafood package will rock your mouth, fill your belly and ease your mind.I’m Kirk Lombard. Fish nerd, angler, author, educator, forager, fisherman,entertainer. I also sing a skull-cracking baritone and play tuba for the SF-based bands Kirk’s Dik Dik, Rube Waddell, and The Fishwives.Many of youhave taken my Sea Forager tours, read my book, or heard me speak on the subject of local fishes, stewardship, feeding lower on the food chain, legality vs. ethics, and seen my dedication to sustainable seafood firsthand. The Fishwife (Camilla Lombard) and I foundedSea Forager in 2013 and run this mom and pop fish biz together. We are raising our wee ones, Django and Penelope, on sea shanties and herring. More about us here and here. Want more seafood intel? Get the Coastal Update! Sign up with your email address and we will keep you in the loop with all the important local fishy news!

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Since 2013, Sea Forager Seafood has been serving the Bay area with our Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) membership program. We offer fresh, seasonal, locally and sustainably-sourced seafood that you can feel great about.

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