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BIO – COMPATIBLE, DEGRADABLE, RESORBABLEOXIDIZED CELLULOSE has been used in the health sector for many years as a local haemostat. It is known as abiodegradable, bioresorbableandbiocompatible1 polymer with no adverse reaction to the body. Thanks to itsantimicrobial effectagainst a wide range of pathogenic microorganisms andhealing effects, oxidized cellulose brings significant benefits to many medical applications. WIDE RANGE OF USESOKCEL®is a non-regenerated oxidized cellulose haemostatdesigned to control internal capillary, venous and minor arteriolar bleedingduring a wide range of surgical procedures, including minimally invasive procedures, in which conventional measures such as sutures or ligatures are ineffective or unfeasible.2 FAST BIO-RESORBABILITYOKCEL®is perfectly accepted by organism and usuallyabsorbed within 14 days3, 4 with practically no tissue reaction, depending on the quantity of product used, the level of blood saturation and the character of tissue. EFFECTIVE HAEMOSTASISHaemostasis is achieved approximately within 1.5 minutes 3, 4. Fast bioresorbability / biodegradabilityandhigh haemostatic capacity of OKCEL®is supported with its outstanding absorbency and large surface area.5 BACTERICIDAL AND BACTERIOSTATIC PROPERTIESOKCEL®products show a clearantimicrobial effect on large spectrum of pathogens6(including antibiotic resistant bacteria MRSA, PRSP, VRE, MRSE) and thus help with the tissue regeneration. EASY HANDLING AND POSITIONINGOKCEL®is a haemostatic material withexcellent properties such as easy handling, possibility of (re)positioning and shape stability. 5 100% NATURAL RAW MATERIALOKCEL®is produced by selective oxidation ofextra-long staple cotton of the premium quality. TRADITIONAL EUROPEAN PRODUCEROKCEL®is manufactured by well-established European company with100 years of history. 1. For OKCEL ® products proven by biocompatibility testing in accordance with EN ISO 10993. Data on file: 18640-033.2. Based on OKCEL® instructions for use. Data on file: 18640-033.3.Jindřich Lahovský, MD. Evaluation of efficacy and safety of medical devices series OKCEL®. Study Report Ref. No AP-SY-1501. Data on file: 18640 – 033.4. Jindřich Lahovský, MD. Evaluation of efficacy and safety of the medical device OKCEL® S. Study Report Ref. No AP-SY-1701. Data on file: 18640 – 033.5. Jindřich Lahovský, MD. Závěrečná zpráva laboratorního vyhodnocení vlastností hemostatik na bázi oxidované regenerované a neregenerované celulózy. Study Report Ref. No. AP-SY-1901. Data on file: 18640 – 034.6. Ing. Iveta Brožková, Ph. D. Department of Biological and Biochemical Sciences at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice. Final report on testing the antimicrobial activity of the product OKCEL®. Data on file: 18640 - 034. The data provided on this website of the Synthesia Oxycellulose Product Division is not binding and is provided only as general information. It does not in any way substitute for individual consultations regarding the use of the products manufactured by Synthesia a.s. Unless indicated otherwise, all text, images, and other works published on this website are the copyrighted property of Synthesia, a.s. The copying, distribution, storage, transfer, transmission, and any other reproduction or sharing of the contents is strictly prohibited unless the prior written consent of Synthesia, a.s. is obtained.

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