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","toggleOpenedIcon":"","closeIcon":"","backIcon":"","dropdownIcon":"","dropdownOpenedIcon":"","useBreadcrumb":true,"breadcrumbIcon":"","toggleText":"Menu","toggleLoader":false,"backText":"","itemIconVisible":"true","itemBadgeVisible":"true","itemDescVisible":"false","subTrigger":"submarker","subOpenLayout":"slide-in","closeAfterNavigate":true}'> Research shows: Your students will perform better in a supportive online learning environment. That’s why we put a highly-qualified, Michigan-certified instructor in every virtual course we offer and provide the mentors of our online learners with free training in best practices. It’s that simple, yet many online learning providers do not offer these critical supports to students. Our research-based solutions leverage the latest data and proven methodologies to increase student success. What is your role?*We want to send you content relevant to your needs. Select all that apply! Student Other Form SecurityCommentsThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. We’re sorry to inform you that we have reached capacity for several of our Semester 1 and Trimester 1 courses. You ll notice when attempting to enroll students in our Student Learning Portal that some courses are unavailable. While we are no longer accepting new enrollments for these courses at this time, many courses continue to remain open for enrollment.With many students across the state 100% remote, demand for our online courses is greater than ever before. Because every course we offer is taught by a Michigan-certified teacher, this high volume of enrollments has created capacity issues for our teachers who provide each and every student with individual feedback.While the Michigan Virtual team anticipated and planned for significant increases in student enrollments this Fall, the increased demand we’ve experienced has been unprecedented. As a result, we are taking steps to hire even more part-and full-time teachers to support larger numbers of student enrollments for Semester 2 as well as for Trimester 2 and 3. For schools that still need online learning options this year, please fill out the form at the bottom of our virtual pathways page to meet with someone to discuss other solutions. While some of our teacher-led courses are full, we may still have the capacity to help you in upcoming terms or can discuss timing to implement a whole-school or collaborative program in which local teachers from your school/district use our online course content to teach students. We also have free course content and resources available for you to use.We know this is an incredibly stressful time for all, and we’re sorry if the courses you’re looking for are unavailable. We never want to turn away a student who wants to learn from us. Our top concern, however, is student success, and we have a policy to not take on additional enrollments if we cannot guarantee that all students will have a quality online learning experience. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate the unusually high volume of enrollments we are receiving.

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Michigan Virtual online high school and middle school courses are taught by highly-qualified, Michigan-certified teachers. Over 200 online courses. 23 Advanced Placement Courses. Credit Recovery options as well.

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