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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Engineering AS-IS analysis of network structure Scenario calculation and interactive supply chain optimization Smart data: intelligent handling of large data volumes Holistic consideration of network and location Supply Network Planning Visibility Throughout the Supply Chain Optimized Material Flow Planning and Controlling Freight Cost Controlling Freight Optimization and Package / Load Builder

Digital Logistics Computational Optimization

Design, Planning, Simulation and Optimization Digital Twin for Warehouses and DCs Design by Efficiency Standard Times Video Process Study Layout Design Optimizer Tendering Calculation of Services Innovative Data Management Advanced Slotting Advanced Slotting Dynamic Putaway and Reorganization Storage in Automatic Storage Systems Operational Use Optimized Transport Orders and Order Sequence Optimized Tour Building Routing Optimized Order Sequence Intelligent Replenishment Case Pack and Case Portfolio Optimization Case Pack Optimization Pallet Building for Inbound and Outbound Case Portfolio Optimization Operational Usage Capacity and Workforce Planning Strategic Capacity Planning Mid-term Capacity Planning Operational Workforce Planning (Online-Productivity Control)

Deep Vision Robotics

Goods Recognition, Counting and Measurement Goods recognition Counting and QR-code identification Identification and Measurement Self-training AI-Packstation Real Time Location System (AI-RTLS) Background for a Technology Revolution Key Features How does AI-Based RTLS work Advantages of an AI-based RTLS Social distancing with artificial intelligence Automatic recording of goods movements Navigation Autonomous Mobile Robots AI-based Navigation Pallet transport robot in cooperation with Pixel Robotics W2MO Digital Twin supports the powerful operation of AMRs Modular concept for flexible adjustments Warehouse Execution System Scanner-free Recording with RTLRS Digital Twin provides optimization opportunities Fleet management Forklift navigation Battery management for autonomous robots Integration with SAP WM / SAP EWM Consulting Optimized concepts locations Digitalization of supply chain logistics Operational use of algorithms AI Virtual Projects Digitalization Opportunity Assessment News Events Free Webinars Fairs Events Press News Training Seminars Company Technologies Latest Technologies Deep Learning - Key Technology For AI Visualization in 2D, 3D VR Efficiency Increase for SAP EWM/WM/TM/ERP Overview SAP Application Development Partner Locations Partners Software W2MO ROI Check Warehouse / Distribution Center Calculator Usage of Optimization Algorithms Calculator Careers
Solutions for Supply Chain, Logistics and e-Commerce 1

Supply Chain Engineering


Supply Network Planning


Digital Logistic Planning


Advanced Slotting


Optimized Picking Tours


Case Pack and Case Portfolio Optimization


Capacity and Workforce Planning




Autonomous Mobile Robots


AI-based Identification


Pallet recognition from AMR


Recognition gates

1 Supply Chain Engineering

Gain agility, speed and efficiency through strategic planning

More Information
2 Supply Network Planning

Balance demand and capacity at all stages of the supply chain

More Information
3 Digital Logistic Planning

Digitalized holistic planning process

More Information
4 Advanced Slotting

Gain efficiency through the right product assignment

More Information
5 Optimized Picking Tours

Efficiency increase with optimized tour building and order sequence

More Information
6 Case Pack and Case Portfolio Optimization

Cost efficiency and sustainability through savings in transportation volume and packaging material

More Information
7 Capacity and Workforce Planning

From strategic and tactical planning to online productivity control

More Information
8 Tracking

The combination of AI-based object identification and the W2MO optimization suite makes transports most efficient

More Information
9 Autonomous Mobile Robots

New paradigm: Artificial intelligence navigates AMR

More Information
10 AI-based Identification

Scanner free logistics based on Artificial Intelligence saves significant work effort and adds intrinsic stability to the processes

More Information
11 Pallet recognition from AMR

Consistency is ensured by recognizing the pallets and the goods themselves first and cross-checking that each pallet has its right label. WMS may return the target locations for put-away.

More Information
12 Recognition gates

Recognition gates in combination with w2mo RTLS enables a completely scanner free warehouse.

More Information
W2MO digital twin driven by innovative optimization algorithms and artificial intelligence plans, simulates and optimizes processes in logistics and production.

With our web-based digital twin and the experience from over 500 consulting projects, we offer expertise in: Supply Chain Engineering, Supply Network Planning, AI-guided AMR Optimization" and "Supply Chain Engineering" View more

Consulting Services

Experienced consultants with high-level competence from more than 500 successful consulting and software projects

Logistics Networks

Supply Chain Engineering and Supply Network Planning interactive with Google Maps for transparency and optimization

Optimized Product Placement

Innovative mathematical algorithms for Advanced Slotting and sequencing, warehouse / space utilization strategies

Camera-Based Identification

Realtime object identification directly in the process flow with video documentation

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