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Mit den Waffen eines Baums Sybille Unsicker erforscht, wie sich Schwarzpappeln gegen gefräßige Insekten verteidigen (Max-Planck-Forschung, 3/2020) (pdf)Surplus sugar helps whiteflies detoxify plant defensesThis pest insect uses sugar from its food to prevent the activation of the mustard oil bomb in cruciferous plants (Nature Chemical Biology, September 2020) more » September 18, 2020Ancient human footprints in Saudi Arabia provide snapshot of Arabian ecology 120,000 years ago New archaeological research presents the oldest securely dated evidence for humans in Arabia (Science Advances, September 2020) more » September 10, 2020Diamondback moth uses plant defense substances as oviposition cues A Chinese-German research team identifies the olfactory receptors of a pest insect that control its preference for cabbage, rapeseed and related species (Current Biology, September 2020) more» 2010-2016, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology Layout by pigurdesign. This page was last updated on 2020-11-09.


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