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description:www.fieggen.com is the website of Ian Fieggen (also known as 'Professor Shoelace').
www.fieggen.com – Shoelaces, software, graphicsmore fromIanFieggenWebsite MenuHomeIan's Shoelace SiteIan's Software SiteIan's Graphics SiteIan Fieggen's SiteFieggen Family TreeOther Info MenuAbout This SiteSearch This SiteSite MapAbout IanContact IanSearch This Site Welcome To My Website!

You've arrived at www.fieggen.com, the hobby website of Ian Fieggen (also known as “Professor Shoelace”). The site has now been on the Internet for 21 years, and Aug-2020 saw the site's 50millionth visit.

You can find out more about this website, or you can dive right in below:

Table of Contents Ian's Shoelace Site

Fun, fashion science in the Internet's #1 website about shoelaces – and home of the IanKnot, the world's fastest shoelace knot. If you want to lace shoes, tie shoes or learn about shoelaces, “Ian's Shoelace Site” is the place!

Ian's Software Site

This section contains various minimalist software programs that are tiny yet very powerful, in particular, the world's smallest, fastest and most efficient image optimization programs, JPGExtra and PNGExtra.

Ian's Graphics Site

Having experimented with computer graphics since the very earliest days (40+ years ago), I consider myself a "Pixeltech". This section gives some information and advice about computer graphics.

Ian Fieggen's Site

This is my own small part of the Internet, where I tell a little about myself and share some of my thoughts and ideas with the world. Don't mistake this for a “blog” – I rarely update this section.

Fieggen Family Tree

This Internet-viewable genealogical tree of the Fieggen Family contains information on my Dutch, German and French ancestry back to the 1600's. For privacy reasons, this section requires authorization (username and password) and is restricted to known family members only.

Related Links About This Site

Background and other information about www.fieggen.com.

Site Map

Maps the layout of the whole of www.fieggen.com.

“Must See” Links Ian Knot

Tie your shoes in a split second with my “Ian Knot”, the World's Fastest Shoelace Knot.

Granny Knot

Check that you're not tying a “Granny Knot”, which sits crooked and comes undone.

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This page last updated: 30-Oct-2020. Copyright1999-2020 by IanW.Fieggen. Allrightsreserved.

Website created by IanFieggen (aka."ProfessorShoelace"), inventoroftheIanKnot.

Ian's Other Websites:
Shoelace Software Graphics Ian Tree

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www.fieggen.com is the website of Ian Fieggen (also known as 'Professor Shoelace').

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