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She Cuckolds MeI am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp HubbyAmateursMy GF at the time was very sexual and older which made 18y/ naive me very happy and she would of done just about anything I wanted but unfortunately I was too inexperienced to know her full potential.She'd often talk about having a threesome and little did I know she was about to change me forever.One day we finished a day in the park with my gf and best friend, beers, cocktails and music in the sun. My gf was starting to show an interest in my friend who we'll call Joe. Joe is 6ft 3 and well built, asking if I'd have a threesome with him and how she was horny. 18 y/o me had never thought of a threesome never mind have a gf that wants one. We head into town and find a nice vibe club and the more and more we drink at the club on the evening the more she pushes it.So I ask my friend what he thinks and he's unsure but we all keep drinking, eventually it's time for a cab home so we flag one down and jump in, Me GF and Joe. My gf says she's going to tease Joe and runs her hand over his cock and makes him hard, he's enjoying it but unsure.Eventually we get back to my bosses apartment who kindly let us use it for the night and Joe is staying for more drinks before home but GF decides it's best for him to stay and she said we should do the threesome so I'm very uneasy, not sure what to think but I was like okay? She's went off and got changed into what is basically a see thru nighty and asked if I'm ready, I said soon but not yet, let me have another drink.When my ex and I were first journeying down this path, she was afraid to do much. We started out with both of us going to night clubs where we'd both get drunk and then I'd tell her to go dance and flirt with some guys to get free drinks. Opening her mind up to having fun with somebody else. Eventually this led on to us getting kinkier in bed. I'm super into the humiliation part of cuckolding and I knew she enjoys playing with toys so I bought a cock sleeve off of amazon. Whenever we'd start having sex I would put the sleeve over my cock (which basically tripled my size). She absolutely loved it. I was getting off so much on her body and screams when the sleeve was on while fucking her, it was crazy. The best part, after she had cummed a few times, I would take it off and fuck her normally. She literally couldn't feel me at all. This was the sexiest fucking thing at the time (we're still pre-bull at this time.) I'dd pound her pussy and she would lay there looking me in the eyes laughing and saying things such as "are you seriously in me?", "I can't feel a fucking thing hahahaha". After a month or so of playing with our sleeve and talking about cuckolding during sex, she finally agreed to giving head to someone that night. We drank all day long while she looked online through her dating profile looking for the right guy. She was looking for a good looking guy with a bigger cock than mine (perfect for me to get off to). After about 2 hours of scrolling, she found him, exchanged photo's and she told him she did have a boyfriend but that I was into it and wouldn't be in the room during the time she would suck him off. He came over that night and I just hid in the closetLast night my wonderful wife out did herself. At around 9 pm we were having a Netflix and chill evening. That was until I heard some noise in our garage. As I got up to take a look 2 men in full latex including hoods came thru the door. They immediately tell me to get down on my knees. They announce that they are from the people's sexual liberation army and are going door to door on a reprogramming mission.It was then I realized they were 2 of my wife's friends and I catch my breathe as I orient myself. They proceed to drag me into the living room. My wife acts all horrified like she doesn't know what is going on and tells them to take anything they want but not to hurt us.They order her to sit down and not move. They take rope out of their bag and tie me down to a chair. Once I'm tied down one immediately goes over to my wife and grabs her hands behind her back. The soldier holding the bag pulls out what I recognize as her black latex catsuit and says we are here to free your mind and have you join us.At this point I'm sure this is all her doing so I play along and protest while struggling to free myself. My wife protests as well saying they will never take her and she could never be broken. They drag her upstairs and leave me tied to the chair.My GF and I are both 24, and have been together for the last 5 years. We grew up together, went to the same college, and officially started dating our freshman year. We have an absolutely amazing relationship, and she is the best GF I could ask for. I've had cuckold fantasies for as long as I can remember, but they really started to intensify when she joined a sorority. I can remember waiting in bed for her to get home from fraternity parties or being out, and fantasizing about how many guys she was flirting with. There were many times she came back soaking wet, and all I could think about was how badly she wanted another guy. During my senior year, I confessed my cuckolding desires to my GF. She was very supportive of them, and said while she never wanted to do it in real life, she thought it would be a lot of fun to roleplay them in the bedroom. This was perfectly fine with me as I didn't know if I would be able to handle them in real life. So for the last year, we have been roleplaying cuckolding with toys. It's been absolutely amazing. I love when she tells me about guys she's really attracted to, and how badly she wants them, and how much they turn her on. She is also really good at humiliating and emasculating me. It drives me absolutely wild. We graduated college in May, and have been living in NYC since. She's met a lot of guys that have fueled our cuckold roleplay, and she has slowly been taking it outside of the roleplay by flirting and meeting other guys when she goes out.I'm 40 now, and my wife and I have good sex. Married my high school sweetheart, around the age of 27 we started pillow-talk fantasizing about having a threesome with another man, about swinging, and about her stepping out and playing hotwife; basically exploring the casual sex she never had since we were so young when we got together. We were both nerds.This sort of talk became part of our regular bedroom routine, and we started using a dildo while she'd blow me to simulate her being spit roasted, and she started sex chatting online with other men before we'd have sex.One August night we went to a house party in the next city, about a two hour drive (We were thirty so this had been an ongoing fantasy for three or four years at this point). I can't say exactly what it was for anonymity sake but I was trying to get involved professionally in something cool, edgy and nerdy, and this party was a social function for the people I needed to make friends with to get into the circle. We'd had months of promising conversation online and this was my big face-to-face icebreaker.We arrived, the party was happening in two distinct circles; the seven or eight people I needed to meet were outside around a firepit and there was a general party of about twenty people in the kitchen-dining room. After about fifteen minutes at the fire my wife went off to find a bathroom and disappeared.Well, I'll share my first time cucking. I started as a young man, I always knew that I was a cuck. I got my first girlfriend to give some kisses with some guys. But the really interesting thing was at her birthday party. We were both virgins. There was this guy, several years older than us, we were both 19 and feeling young. The guy had been invited to the party by my girlfriend's best friend at the time.The girl (the best friend) introduced this guy to my girlfriend, and I immediately felt the sexual tension between them 2 and that put me to the limit. The guy seemed very interested, the friend obviously had mentioned something before to the guy about my gf, and to my girlfriend too, "this is the guy I told you about" she said it in front of me without shame.The guy was a total stallion, of those who "fill" the room with his physique and attitude. Tall, somewhat worked out body, strong arms, somewhat long hair caught with a ponytail, white, handsome and a great attitude, somewhat carefree but dominant, his clothes were casual but cool, jeans, an open shirt with a rock shirt below. Even better he was several years older than us.The party was progressing, there were no parents in the house so the alcohol flowed a lot. My girlfriend got drunk. The guy flirted with her in front of me without any shame. She was delighted and didn't care to hide it. We start to play truth or dare. Hi, So over the past few years, I (33M) had been trying to get my wife (31F) to go out and sleep with another guy. At first I was trying to talk her into fucking someone in front of me so I could record, and we found a pretty well hung guy in our area to do it last year, but he flaked at the last second, and it didn't happen. Well finally, because I want her to fuck someone else, I said she can go online and find herself a date to go on.I tell her that I want her to find someone to cheat on me with, and that I really want her to revenge cheat (I cheated on her 5 years ago) on me to get me back for my slip up. So she says she's down for it, but she's a little apprehensive, so I say that she doensn't need to even record it. So I'm pushing her to do it, and she says that she's going to go meet her friend for drinks this past Saturday.She gets dolled up a lot more than ususal (she looked drop dead gorgeous), and she leaves around 8. Now, keep in mind, I've been trying to get her to do this for a long time, so I honestly didn't expect anything to happen.... but 9:30 hits, she texts me to check in... she seems off some how, but can't put my finger on it. 10:30 she checks in again... at 11:30 she says "going good." So now I'm a little worried, because I just have this feeling something is off. Hi, My wife is amazing! She has explored my fantasies and has allowed them to become her own.She has gone through a complete physical transformation over the past year and now has the body and confidence she has always wanted. This has made things amazing for both of us. The events that are about to unfold occur over 3 separate nights over a span of a month.Night 1: We had a fun night out and ended it at a local upscale bar in our area. As the drinks added up she got more and more flirtatious with the older guy sitting next to her and the two younger bartenders. She was showing off her legs and being provocative. Once there were only a few people left in the bar I got up to relieve myself and came back to her having unzipped the front of her dress. She had just flashed the guys. They were worried I'd be mad but I laughed it off and just made sure we weren't going to get thrown out of the bar. The bartenders made it known that we were fine and that they both liked what they saw. Next thing I know she has them back out on full display while we finished our drinks.That was pretty much the end of the evening other than us going home and having amazing sex. She was truly invigorated by the experience of having men ogle over her body. Hi, Good! I'll tell you my story in August 2020. My friend Mary and I met at work. She's a nice, vulgar and playful girl. She's 23 years old and she's very good at sex. Our adventure began one Saturday night with Albert, our work colleague who was with us while we had finished work. Then we decided together to go home in my car. In the car Mary started singing and playing with us... You could see she wanted some dick and to get fucked hard. We decided to stay at Albert's for a while at the house, me and Mary. I felt like he'd like it and that's what he wanted. We arrived at night at Albert's house to have a drink and relax, it being a Saturday night. Mary was sitting on the couch alone and I decided to get close to her and warm her up a little. Turn her on. Then Albert our dark-haired colleague turned on the TV and we listened to music. I started kissing her and she gently undressed on the couch with the lights off. Then I put my finger in Mary's super juicy, wet vagina. I kept going until I decided to make the plan, I went to the kitchen and told them I was going to prepare something to drink. Then Albert stayed with my friend Mary, being a little shy. Albert stayed alone, I felt he was shy too. I suggested he talk to Mary, so I whispered to continue with Mary that I don't mind. So he started making sexual advances on her. Mary broke down so I was watching her take the dick in her mouth to suck it on my colleague. Hi, When I first got married (been divorced now for many years), I remember my older brother and I worked nights at the same company. He was a major woman's man. He could literally fuck any woman he ran game on. I always told him he had a revolving door at his place because he had so many women coming and going.Of course I didn't know any of this until the wife and I started talking about her fucking other men. She confessed to me about a year after it happened that she had fucked my older brother twice in one night.From what she told me, it happened one night he came to pick me up for work. She had just gotten out of the shower and didn't realize he was going to pick me up for work. So not knowing he was there, she went downstairs in just a t-shirt. No bra. No panties. I had jumped in the shower at that time, so I didn't know.The shirt was not long, so you could see half of her plump ass cheeks. She told me that when she got downstairs that she got startled when she saw him and said, "Shit, I didn't know you were here. Let me go put some shorts on." He said, "Wait, wait, wait. You don't need to put shorts on. This is your house. You could walk around naked if you wanted to. It's ok. I don't mind seeing you like that." Hi, So my wife has always been curious about being with other man. So one day as we were in the jacuzzi with my friend and she happened to see how big he was as his shorts were wet and tight on him. I caught her staring and it really got me jealous but turned on.Later that night, I told my friend how my wife was surprised to see how big he was. My friend and I laugh and I commented to him that I wish I could pleasure her with something that big. He said, actually I can help come with me and I walked him home and he gave me a box from his bedroom. He then said use it at your own risk.So after speaking with my friend, I went straight home to see what was inside the box he gave me. Once I got home I was able to open it and fuck..... It was a mold of his cock. Just looking at it gave me the the same stomach feeling I got when I was in the jacuzzi.Part of me was feeling weird but I could not avoid feeling so damn fucking horny thinking of what that could do to my wife. After looking at it, I pulled out my cock to compare it with his likeness and he was bigger than me.I could see how his cock was longer than mine by at least 2 to 3 inches. I thought that being thicker would give me an advantage but his length could clearly reach places that I could not.My wife and I are both 34 and have been into cuckolding for about 3 years now. I love it. I'm a shy guy and my dick is about 4.5" when hard. She's beautiful by comparison and out of my league. A few years into our cuckolding phase we decided to experiment with this new idea I thought would be hot, where she fucks guys (without me there) who don't know about our "arrangement" but tells them about me anyways, leading them to think she's just cheating. She will suck their cocks and fuck them and scream about how they're so much bigger and better than her husband. It turns me on so much.It started with her just fucking strangers in our house while I wasn't home. Usually guys she met in bars or online. I'd just get a hotel. She made sure to prominently have pics of me hanging up in the house. I never got to watch but she'd always tell me about how big some of them were and how she moaned for them and told them they fucked her way better than me.This escalated to her sometimes openly flirting with guys while out in public with me. My favorites were when we'd go to bars and I'd excuse myself to the bathroom or to take a call and she'd get very flirty or touchy with the guys, then stop as I came back. It was just a thrill. Hi, This is a typical Sunday morning for me:Usually Saturday night, we all sleep in our king size bed together, as my fiance likes to be cuddled with a man on either side of her. Sometimes we fool around before bed, others we spend the night watching TV and simply fall asleep. This past weekend was the latter, and we stayed up late watching a movie.Saturday morning comes along, and I wake up to the sounds of kissing. I turn over in bed and watch as they make out and run their hands all over each other. I take the opportunity to run my hand over her ass and back, while I watch as his hand works down between her legs, and her knee comes up giving him full access. My fiance is not quiet in bed, and moans a lot. I could hear how wet she was, as he slid his fingers in and out of her.He then grabbed her by the hair, and pushed her head down to his cock, which she took in her mouth right away. He was no longer being gentle, and was giving her a good face fucking. I could hear her choking and gagging while he pushed her head down over and over. He told me to finger her, and keep her nice and wet, for when he is ready to fuck her. I slide a finger into her from behind, and she is soaking wet. I slide it in and out of her body, feeling her pussy grip down every time she gags and coughs on his dick. ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, My wife Ember and I had been fantasizing about her and my friend Brian having sex for some time, and part of me really wanted her to just cheat on me with him.After seeing Brian walking around our apartment shirtless for the hundredth time (I admit, he's even made me a tad bicurious, I would suck him off in a heartbeat), I got rock hard thinking about Ember kissing his tanned, defined pecs and abs. I went to my room and jacked off several times in a row, and still couldn't shake the fantasy. I grabbed my phone and texted Ember as I described previously. We both like letting things happen organically, so we settled on hanging out in our living room more often, with her wearing more revealing clothes than usual that could be passed off as just comfortable, around the house clothes (i.e. tight yoga pants, booty shorts, and low cut tank tops without a bra), and that she would reciprocate any flirtatious behavior from him. That led to a lot of the flirtatious behavior.The tension built over the course of a few weeks, until one Friday when the typical flirting was combined with alcohol. We were watching TV and drinking in, myself in the recliner and the two of them on the couch, Brian's lean, muscles bursting from his wifebeater and Ember's cleavage popping out of her tight black tank top, her yoga pants showing off her ass. They kept finding reasons to sit closer and closer as the night went on, Brian putting his arm around Ember with each joke he made, pulling her in close in a good-natured, "friendly" way ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, I have been sharing my gf Nicole (who had been sexually reserved and inexperienced prior to all this) with my friend because he's hung and fucks like a porn star and they have explosive sex together. He's been coming over more but what I'm writing about here is one of my favorite nights we had in the past couple months. I didn't mean for this to be so long, but when I wrote everything that happened, I didn't want to edit out any of the details so here's my write-up of the night he dominated her in front of me.I enjoy "contests" where he "wins" her and gets to fuck her as his prize. We recently had one of those, but it wasn't really planned. One night when he was sleeping over, he and I were laying in my and Nicole's bed and she was sitting in between us, facing us. She started to give us a dual handjob, and we both got hard quickly because she was wearing this amazing lingerie and looked so incredibly beautiful. I noticed that she was looking at his big dick more than she was looking at my dick, which isn't uncommon when the three of us are together, but I still always find hot. He and I were telling her how hot she is and how good it feels and she asked who we think is going to cum first. She didn't say it to tease me, she was just embarrassed from getting compliments and wanted to change the subject but Rick took the bait and asked me if we wanted to make a contest out of it.I joked that I think I know who's going to win, but I'm down anyway. He said that whoever holds out the longest gets to be with Nicole for the rest of the night, and the loser only gets to watch. My heart started pounding with excitement and nerves. I knew I was going to lose ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, My buddy had a girlfriend who was a horny little slut with such an amazing ass. They were at my house and we were all partying and having a good time. When we were all about to go to bed he whispered to me that he would talk to his girlfriend about a threesome.I thought to myself yeah right and I headed to bed. I was just laying in bed watching adult swim when he came into my bedroom and told me to come to the guest bedroom with him. Then he told me to chekc my phone and he showed me these pictures of her. I thought he was fucking with me until I got in there and saw his girlfriend laying over the covers naked, flaunting her sexy lil body.I asked him if he was truly alright with this and he said that he didn't mind sharing. We both got into bed with her and I watched them makeout for a bit as I caressed and felt up her body. My buddy then told me that she loves to be bossed around and dominated so, me being the dom that I am, I grabbed her by the throat and choked her and told her to take off our pants. She pulled his and my pants down at the same tine and I saw my buddies dick for the first time.Such a small and pathetic thing. ... READ THE REST HEREThis is 100% real and just happened, husband left for the weekend and told me to have fun however I'd like. Met up with my young single friends and went to a local dance club, I dressed super slutty.I've been dancing all night with a couple guys but mainly this big older Irish guy cause I've never been with one but my younger friend Linda wants to bring this firefighter home but he was with a friend and didn't want to go alone to their place, she wanted me to be wing-women for her, I mean they were both cute, the one she likes was I think Irish and something had red hair and the other guy was Hispanic or mixed. Both of them were way taller than us of course, were well...really fit they prob worked out every day and drank protein with there meat everyday, not really the type of guys I go for but Linda really wanted the red head, and what can go wrong with that.I stayed semi sober because I was driving but the other three were drunk and drinking more. When the bar closed we all went to the car and I drove them to their home Linda and red head were in the back making out and the mixed guy was sitting passenger giving drunken directions and grabbing my tits through my shirt, when we get there they two jump from the back rush ... READ THE REST HEREMy wife was loud and I could definitely hear it haha, since they were in the next room. I got to stay in our bedroom instead of going downstairs as usual. This time though she never returned to bed. They woke me up again this morning and I could hear her screaming. I'm pretty instilled in the cuck duty of cooking breakfast when he fucks, so I got up to do so. After a while, I got a text from Hattie and opened it to a picture of her laying naked on her side in the bed, well-fucked.Obviously taken by him. After a while I heard them get up and the shower start running, then he came out into the kitchen and I knew it was her in the shower.To his credit, he did tell me right away haha. It was a bit awkward right away, and he pushed through it and asked, "So, you know about your wife right?" I felt my face immediately go hot and I told him I did. He did honestly seem like he was looking down on me right away, but he just said, "hey man, she's fucking hot."I couldn't tell if he was telling me that that's why he understood why I let her fuck other guys, why he had fucked her, or both. It got really quiet haha so I decided to go out on a limb and ask him about it, just to let him know I really was cool with it if nothing else. ... READ THE REST HEREMy girlfriend and I have a very strong relationship built on strong communication and trust. We started talking in 2016, and now we've been dating for about a year and a half, which is her longest relationship. Over the course of this time, we naturally started creating our own inside jokes. One of them was, as an example: "Where did this come from?" "Oh, it was my other boyfriend." These jokes were harmless and we'd both laugh, but I started thinking more into it... what if she did have a "other boyfriend"? I knew that I always had kind of a Cuckold fetish, but never thought it would come to fruition. The harmless jokes continued.In February, when I was out of town for a conference, we were texting each other about how our days were going. I asked her what she did last night and a joke about an adult online profile was made. Then I straight up told her, "You know, if you were to want to fuck somebody else, I wouldn't have a problem with it. My only two stipulations are to use condoms, and give no names." She was shocked. She kept asking "Really?" and I kept reassuring her that it was okay.Fast-forward a bit:As time goes on, the jokes get more raunchier and start to develop a serious tone. She says "You know there's like a slim chance this'll happen, right?" I tell her "I know! But just know that I'm okay with it." Hell, I even tell her that if she's uncomfortable doing it at the house (we have a roommate), I'll pay for a hotel room for her. She always just said "We'll see." ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, I stood in the hotel hallway as my wife just literally closed the door in my face so that she could continue to fuck her bull. I should have been enraged. I should have been pounding on that door, demanding for her to let me in. But instead I walk away, get in our car, and head home. I relieve the babysitter, take a shower, and get into our marital bed, alone. Inevitably, my mind wanders back to what happened just a few hours early, and soon I am back in the hotel bar with my wife and the bull.My wife and I arrived first, and she is wearing a sexy dress, which makes her breasts look fantastic. She spent a long time getting ready, and her hair, makeup, and nails are done perfectly. She hasn't look this good in a long, long time.The bull arrives a little late, and she stands to give him a chaste hug. I know that they flirted a bit online, and she has seen multiple pictures of him naked, but even still I am surprised at how comfortable she is around him right away. He sits next to her, and it isn't long before his hand is on her knee, and even less time before her hand is over his. Their chemistry was instantly recognizable, and a bit distressing. ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, As a cuckolds we are always looking for bulls for our beautiful women. I have a friend who is a complete stud. Tall, very exercised, huge arms, handsome, with a lot of alpha personality, dominant and funny.For me it was a dream that he fucked my cute wife. How he would tear her little pussy! and she would enjoy it! However, from the beginning she had said that my friends were forbidden territories. So I had never done anything about it. My wife and I went to a party 2 weeks ago and he was there without his wife (he is married). I noticed that he sometimes (he drunk) looked at my wife's ass and that made me very horny. They even talked a bit about each other and she laughed. They were pleased. She did not say anything after that and when I asked her she just said that he seemed nice. Talking with him, I quietly took the subject from her afloat. He just said that she seemed nice. It did not seem that there was much more there but I pressed. I told him that I discovered him looking at my wife's ass and he reacted with embarrassment and apologized ("it was alcohol I'm sorry") but later he admitted that I was lucky to have a wife with a nice ass. I pressed her a little and she admitted that he had an incredible body, but that she would NEVER sleep with him. ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, Recently I managed to tell the wife that I had a sudden urge that I've never had before. Until very recently I had always seen the cuckold lifestyle as a bit too extreme and not for me. The cock cage and the idea of being submissive and letting the wife do as she pleased to me while fucking who she wants was all too much and too out of my character.I have always been into the hotwife scenario, her being sneaky and arranging to be fucked by exes or work colleagues is something she teases me with. I've always loved the idea of it feeling like a cheating sensation to me, it being a secret and having the option to tell me or not if she wanted to get away with it and potential to never tell me or if she wanted to tell me even the same day while I'm eating her soaking wet cum filled pussy or arse knowing I'm eating their cum out of her.Recently she started holding off on sex and making me watch her play with herself. She would make me eat my own cum by spitting it back into my mouth and telling me my cock wasn't big enough to deserve to be inside her. The thing that I put my sudden change of heart into cuckolding is recently she denied me sex for a whole 10 days, one night she slapped my balls and made me admit that I would do anything she said even suck someone's dick. ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, My boyfriend is my main BF but I have others. My main one is Butch which is my pet name for him as he is, well ... butch! He's buff and strong and everything and this is about how I first met him last year online when we first started all this.I was getting ready in front of my bf and it was weird because he was watching me get ready for another man… Awks lol. Butch told me what he wanted me to wear and I settled on a red dress with a deep-V and a slit down the side with black 5-inch heels and also sporting my anklet. It took me a really long time to pick my outfit and I was late to our meeting point but he was too so it's fine. I got dropped off by my bf and he waited until I gave him an okay.I sat at the bar and waited for Butch and finished my first drink before he even got there. I paid for my drink and went to the restroom and then to the patio to get some air lol. Right when I was walking out to the front all I heard was "Oh, hey!" I looked up and I immediately recognized his eyes and thought "Oh, shit. It's him." I went to the patio while he used the restroom and I gave my bf the okay to leave to go home and wait for me in his cage. ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, I have to share this because I can't get over how hot this is!This is going back to 4 years ago. We were each other's first and only relationship and had been dating for 3 years before graduating. She left for school in ND right after graduation while I stayed in our home town working (Canadian Prairies). It was very tough at the time, being that we had never spent any time apart and were now a few hours drive with a border crossing in between to be able to see each other. That, and I was an insecure little shit.The first year wasn't too terrible. She had never been particularly outgoing and both of us were kind of on the nerdy side. School had always been her priority, so college was no different. The second year, however, she seemed to become a little more distant. She had made friends by then, changed the way she dressed, started going out more, and being an insecure little shit...I whined about it rather than accepting and embracing it. So I probably pushed her away more than anything.A few months into her first semester 2nd year, I really noticed things were going downhill. She would go out with friends and not call me when she got home, leaving me up all night worrying. She was increasingly short with me on the phone. When I'd visit, she'd seem short tempered and would often make excuses why she didn't have time to visit. The sex started being different as well...I had a harder time making her cum and she'd seem really frustrated by it the entire time. ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, This happened a few years ago with a girl (let's call her Livia). We met at a wedding and got along well. She was gorgeous and fun to talk to. I didn't know if she was into me or just a naturally friendly and flirty person and I didn't have the nerve to ask.We exchanged numbers and started hanging out afterwards. I didn't ask her on a date but we became good friends. At some point, the topic of relationships came up and I told her I was a virgin (despite being 26 at the time). She thought it was hilarious, teased me a bit about it (nothing too mean).She told me a bit about her dating life. Started off vague, told me she had a couple of BFs back in college but since graduating (she was 23), she had started seeing people casually on dating sites.I should say at this point, we lived in a very conservative culture where people rarely talk about sex and relationships. So, it was exciting to talk about it, even if vaguely.We started talking more freely since then. She told me she regretted not sleeping around much in college, so was making up for it now. I actually enjoyed hearing about her flings but tried not to seem too excited because didn't want to be seen as a perv. ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, This happened while I was traveling through Asia for a couple months. Two weeks before I was scheduled to fly home I met this beautiful German girl, her name was Anna and she was perfect.I met her at a party in a hostel and we connected pretty well there. So we decided to hangout together the next couple of days. We had a good time and were flirting a bit here and there. After a few days we decided to travel to another place together.When we arrived at the Hostel I decided to get a Singleroom for myself just in case I get lucky with Anna and she took a bed in the girls-dorm room.After we arrived we decided to go out to celebrate a bit. When we arrived at the club we started to dance together and it got hot pretty quick. She was rubbing on me, I got to feel her perfect ass grinding on me as she moved to sound of the music. After dancing we played truth or dare with other people from the hostel. I got the dare to take a body shot of off her. which I gladly did. we also had to make out for a minute. Her lips felt amazing on mine and she was a great kisser. ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, So my gf and I have this couple friends of ours. Bryn and Amanda just started dating after being on and off friends with benefits for a while and we all thought it'd be a good idea to go on a couples retreat, so we decided to go camping. The trip itself was pretty fun, cooking, kayaking, swimming, hiking, etc.At night we were all drinking and suggested we go into his tent. I was sure Bryn was possibly hinting on an orgy. We've never experienced anything like this so we weren't sure whether it'll happen. So we just kinda went along with it, played drinking games, and talked.Bryn started to play around with soft belts by casually slapping them at his gf's thighs and eventually tying her hands. My gf Em and I just kept talking for the sake of avoiding an awkward situation. I remember Em asked him how he learned how do bondage. He told her that its pretty easy and that he could show her how by helping her tie me up. He told me to get on my stomach and put my hands behind my back. When I did they both started tying my hands behind my back and I instantly got super turned on. I never pictured Bryn as someone I'd like to have sex with my gf since hes pretty goofy. Yet knowing he's pretty confident and has Jock type body I instantly urged the idea. ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, My (31F) partner (29M) and I started hotwifing a year ago and we've really been enjoying the lifestyle. We thought we'd share the story of our first encounter.We met our bull at a hotel, we all sat together chatting and had a glass of wine to take the edge off - we were excited, but nervous. I was sitting on the couch with the bull and my partner was sitting in the chair across from us. Sensing the our reservations, my partner gave the go ahead. This was enough to spur the bull and to lean in to kiss me, which got it all started.He pulled me toward him as we made out. I couldn't contain my excitement so I wrapped my leg around his hips to get on top of him and straddle him. As soon as I was on top of him he started running his hands all over my body.He pulled my tank top down and ran his hands over my body, caressing my tits over my lacy bra. With his arms wrapped around me he pulled me closer. I could feel myself getting wet. He reached around and unhooked my bra, release I my perky tits. Once they were out, he kissed them and licked my nipples. ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, After many months of fantasizing about fucking another guy, my wife finally did it a few months ago. She's been with three guys since then, but her most recent bull is the one she enjoys fucking the most. He's white, our age (we're in our mid-30s) and he's hung. He's got an 8-inch dick, and it's thick too. My wife isn't a size queen, but she's definitely been enjoying their meetups. The only thing she doesn't like is that he's so big and the condom makes it uncomfortable. She had told me she wished he could fuck her raw, which would be hot, but we have a rule. A bull needs to show proof that they're clean before they can fuck raw.They have a lot in common, and they sext often, which I pretend I don't notice as we're watching TV. I do get a bit jealous at times when she's messaging him, but she's always wet because of it, so I guess it works out for me in the end. He also records the best videos out of the guys she's hooked up with, so that's always a plus.They made plans to meet two weeks ago after they both got out of work because we had family coming over. We didn't want her to leave unexplained for a few hours while we had company. She went over, texted me she was there, and then I didn't hear back for two hours. ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, My boyfriend and I have been hanging out with his best friend, and his best friend's girlfriend, for quite a few years. Things were just like any friendship, until one day we all got a little too drunk, and decided to play a strip card game. The girl and I ended up fooling around quite a few times, but never fully going all the way. Slowly, things stopped happening between us. Then one night, we finally fucked.Naked and giggling on the floor, we played with each other for quite some time. I remember looking up to our boyfriends and telling them they were free to join. The girl was laying on her back on the floor and I was on my knees in front of her, with my face tucked between her thighs, when I felt a hand start along my ass. I assumed it was my boyfriend's until I heard his friend's voice. "Is this okay?" The realization that it was another man with his hand on my ass made my heart beat even faster.Eventually, he and I ended up across the room from my boyfriend and friend's girlfriend. I knelt in front of him and wrapped my lips around his cock, slowly taking all of it in my mouth. It fit perfectly, just big enough to make me choke and gag, but not too big to fit it all. I hadn't thought much about fucking my boyfriend's friend before, just his the girlfriend, but I couldn't deny just how excited and wet I was to have his cock in my mouth. ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, My bf (32) and I (32) finally did a cuckold/hotwife/threesome/voyeur night! I know I know, sounds like a lot. Let me explain...For some time now, my bf has wanted to watch me have sex with another guy. I was very hesitant at first but started to open up. We would describe scenarios during sex. We would sext during the day with me using a toy of mine. I'd text him dirty thoughts. I was still nervous though. I asked him if he would be willing to start small at first. He graciously said he was fine going at my pace! So, we both discussed having sex with a guy watching. We discussed me making out with a guy I found online or somewhere other than our hometown. We discussed having sex at a swingers club with no swapping. Many things were talked about, both while horny and with level heads.After some time, I began to get more turned on by the thought of another guy. I started to flirt while out with my girlfriends. I even danced one night with a guy when I was out with them! I wanted to try the next step. My bf and I sat down and discussed opening up options in case an opportunity ever presented itself. He told me that he was fine with anything as long as I told him the truth and didn't bring home STDs.I had a work event in Connecticut. It was a conference for continuing education. I didn't need the continuing education myself, but I had other reasons to be there for work. Can't give everything away! I had two coworkers join me, both men. The three of us had most of our meals together. Two nights in, they invited a few other men and women to join us from another state. I became engaged with "Rich" (not his real name). Rich was quiet but stoic. He was funny but didn't need to be the center of attention. He was confident yet easy going. After dinner, we all grabbed drinks. Rich and I chatted about life, our jobs and personal things, even. ... READ THE REST HERESo, my ex and I had a pretty open relationship. We shared everything. From who we want to fuck, to watching porn videos of her with her ex boyfriends. We were doing a lot of nasty things but we were always honest with each other. She was living in another city where she was studying. I would go to her every 2 or 3 weeks on a few days, and we would mostly spend them fucking, eating and sleeping. She had a horny neighbour who was always hitting on her. She was kinda lonely when I wasn't there, and she really liked him. On one occasion he picked her up when she was coming back from a night out. After they both went to their apartments she got a message from him. It was a dick pic, and it made her really horny. She forwarded me a pic of his dick (it was pretty much bigger than mine, around 8", cleanly shaved and circumsized) and asked me what to do. I gave her a pass since she really fancied him, and told her to call him over to her apartment. He came few minutes after, and she sucked his dick. He came in her mouth in a minute or two, and nervously left. Few days after I arrived, and we agreed to call him over, since both of us wanted to have a threesome. He came one evening after a little bit of persuading. We had a few drinks, and got to know each other a little bit. My ex was sitting in his lap all the time while he was caressing her thighs. Every now and then his hand would wonder a little bit further and he would touch her pussy over her tights. You could see her enjoy his touch on her body, and especially her pussy. ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, Long time lurker here at the blog but I've decided to come out of my shell and join to share with you my story! So, my wife (gf at the time this story happened) is a very independent woman, successful, gorgeous, sexy and a highly sexual person. When we started dating I was a bit intimidated by her strong character but somehow it made her much more attractive to me. She dated a few guys before me, never got the exact number as she genuinely doesn't remember everyone she ever slept with. Initially I was getting jealous and insecure when she keeps in touch with any of her her ex's but this only added stress to our relationship and we almost ended breaking up, we actually did breakup for a couple of month before I managed to get her to forgive my insecurity and take me back. During those 2 months of breakup, her last ex hooked up with her again and they had a FWB thing going. She told me later when we came back together and for my surprise this turned me on so bad and I couldn't get it out of my mind. We've always been open minded as well, we tried risky public sex, we'd read erotic literature and play out some hot scenarios ... READ THE REST HEREThis happened about a year back but just discovered this blog, and haven't really known where else I could share. Like everyone here, I love the idea of sharing my girl. Been together since 18 and we had only been with each other and nobody else. For me I started to get into the kink when she started dressing very liberally in college, and I realized I got turned on seeing other guys checking her out. I started gifting her more revealing and daring outfits and it didn't take her long to figure out I was into this (I guess the thong bikini was a giveaway). Well I then had the conversation with her that I imagined would be impossible. I told her I often fantasized sharing her with my friends, not just showing her off. She didn't believe it at first, but then got surprisingly excited over the concept. This resulted in several months of better sex life and dirty talk, which is where I figured this would probably be all it lead to. Fast forward those few months. One night me, my fiance and my roommate are getting drunk in the house. I'm noticing my fiance is being super flirty. I run to the bathroom and start texting her. I make it clear I'm into it and encourage her (without being pushy) that she can do what she wants and no matter how far it goes, I think it's hot. ... READ THE REST HEREI just told my wife my fantasy. She came so hard but told me she hates the idea. I've never seen her respond that way though. The sheets were soaked, her pussy loose and very hot temperature-wise. This is what my fantasy would be. Not necessarily how I would want it to pan out in real life because of possible ramifications, but in a perfect world this is how I would want it to be:How it would start is a week out. My girl would have the bull all picked out. It would be her ideal man. Someone who has a very athletic build. He has short blonde hair in a messy style and a descent short beard. He's about 6'2'' with a cock that is between 7 and 8". It would be significantly more than my 5 3/4" pecker. So after she has her bull picked out she would put me in chastity so I'm not touching myself out of excitement. She would wear the key around her neck as a reminder of how she owns me. She would have me buy her hot red lingerie, a full body corset. I'd get her some red nylons which she never wears for me. I would buy her massages and pedicures. Anything she wants.As the night comes for the bull to come, my dick is throbbing in my chastity. I cannot contain my excitement. My girl is all decked out in make up wearing a short, tight black dress. She has high heels on so she towers over me. These are all things she would never do for me but she wants to impress the bull. ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, Well, why not start out with my first experience. I will also tell of my later of experiences I had early on, that in hindsight were cuck experiences but I didn't know. This is my first that led me down the actual path.About 8 years ago my wife and I met a man at a party. He was a very good looking guy, toned and took care of his image. We both took a liking to this guy as a friend. We kept in contact for a year over e-mails and facebook but without seeing each other.A little pre-story, we had a threesome with a female 2 years prior to this and it was good. We now wanted a threesome with a guy.Back to the story. While on vacation with my wife we got hot over the idea of having a threesome with this guy. My wife knows me well enough to know I'm not really into bi, but was willing to try anything out at least once. And we both found the idea of her with another guy really hot. I was her first and only guy at this point.We lived out of the big city at this point in our lives. We invited this friend up to our northern retreat for a weekend visit. Looking back, I'm surprised how forward all this was - I mean a sleepover on a first date? But yes, it's 3 hours out of town and that's the only way one could visit. ... READ THE REST HERE Hi, It started out just being a fantasy of mine. Me wanting to watch my wife be with someone else. It started to turn into reality when she asked me if it was a serious thought or just a fantasy. I felt I was ready to make it a reality and not just a fantasy. We had talked and talked and talked about who we might invite. I actually dropped a hint to one of her former boyfriends that was still a close friend of ours. Jay and I kind of just chatted about a little bit I asked if he would just keep the conversation between him and I private. About a month or two after him and I started talking about it we were invited to a party at his uncle's house where he was staying. Once we got there and met him I had bumped into some other friends that had happened to be there while he and my wife made their way to the bar for drinks. After about 15 or 20 minutes I noticed they weren't out on the floor or by the bar anymore. I wasn't exactly sure where they went but I had an idea in my mind. As I walked through the crowd I kind of looked for them nonchalantly while chatting with everyone. It wasn't very much longer after that that Jay showed up and said he had something to show me. As we walk through the house I can only think of one thing. He led me to his room where as we stepped inside I noticed my wife on the bed with her skirt pulled up around her waist and her shirt pulled down around her waist. ... READ THE REST HEREHotWife JaniceI spend alot of time online chatting with and then meeting other men

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