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Whilst our retail premises remains closed our website is now fully operational again so you can browse the stock and place orders but, due to the current restrictions, our staff levels are running at a bare minimum so there will be a delay in processing your order. Thank you for your understanding and patience.We areCoin Dealersbased in London UK, providing collectors withOld CoinsorAntique Coins,Banknotes,Medals,Tokens,andRare Coins. Coincraft is a family-run business established in 1955. We have one of the oldestcoin shops in the UK and we are the only coin specialist company still owned by the family who started the business. Visit our knowledgeable team of coin and banknote experts by the British Museum!As one of the oldest Numismatic Dealers in the UK, we possess a large stock quantity ofbanknotesandold coins for sale(some not so old). You can find our items in our shop, website, and in our FREE publication, the Phoenix.Would you like to receive updates from your favourite British Coin Dealers?If you wish to be one of the first collectors to know when new stock becomes available on our website, please sign up to receive our newsletter and tick the product categories you're interested in. Every three weeks we publish a free newspaper-style publication full of amazing items and offers. Alexander the Great (336-323 BC), Silver Drachm. Obverse: Head of Herakles wearing lion-skin head-dress. Reverse: Zeus enthroned holding eagle and sceptre. Good Very Fine Condition Actual size of coin varies between 15-17mm diameterPHOTOGRAPH IS REPRESENTATIVE OF COIN SUPPLIED We have just received our first allocation of the United States Silver Eagles for 2020. We understand that next year they are going to change the design they have used since 1986. So if you have been collecting this series you will definitely want to own one or more of this 2020 Silver Eagle. It is a beautiful coin, it comes in Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition and contains one ounce of pure silver. The silver price of late has been creeping up, so our next price just might have to be higher.Get what we believe will be the last year of this important design. If you have started this collection, it is time to add to it or complete it. Septimius Severus was Roman Emperor from AD 193-211. In AD 208 he travelled toBritain to strengthen Hadrian’s Wall and went on to invade Scotland that same year buthis plans were cut short when he became ill and died in York in AD 211.We have recently bought a nice group of his silver denarius in Very Fine Condition. Thereare different types but all have his portrait on the obverse and usually a standing or seated figureon the reverse. Constantine the Great 307-337 AD - treasure trove roman bronze coin with London Mint Mark. In 2017 the Royal Mint issued a £2 coin that contained one ounce of Pure Silver. We know because we sold the Uncirculated pieces. We thought that was all there was... But recently we bought from an overseas distributor, not one piece in Proof condition, but a pair of Proof pieces in their original Royal Mint case of issue. One coin is in Brilliant Proof and the other is in Reverse Proof condition. The mintage for the pair is only 800 pieces in each finish.We have never seen this set before and we're not even sure if it was ever even for sale in this country. Normally you would expect to pay £125-£150 for each of these two coins or £250-£300 for the pair. A fantastic chance to add this very low mintage pair of Silver Proofs to your collection at a much more interesting price.You get both silver Proof Big Ben £2 coins, one in Brilliant Proof, and the other in Reverse Proof. The pair is sold with its Royal Mint case for just £145.00 In the past we have offered these two British World War II War Medals. But as they usually comefrom overseas the quality was alright but not all that great. We were recently offered from one of ourcontacts in Scotland a group of these War Medals in Brilliant brand new condition. We couldn’t believeit when wesaw them, they were brand new condition and as bright as the day they were struck.Here we present ‘The War Medal’ with the crowned bust of King George VI and the red, white and blueribbon.We believe that they were bought directly from the Ministry of Defence and that is why they are inBrilliant Uncirculated condition. Obviously made for the War and just put away and forgotten.These are fantastic; the quality is the best that I have seen. You can have these Brilliant Uncirculated medals. We have never seen them so good and I might never see them this quality again. Simply Fantastic! In 1927 Australia issued its first commemorative Florin. It was for the opening of their new Parliament building in Canberra. They have a portrait of King George Von one side and the new Parliament building on the other side. They are struck in Sterling Silver and usually come in Very Fine condition. I managed to buy just 10 pieces in About Uncirculated condition. They are difficult to find in such a high grade. The Royal Mint issued a One Penny piece in 2019 struck in Sterling Silver. It was for the birth if the first child of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s First Child and comes in a special presentation package. This is something the Mint is unlikely to continue with.A Proof Sterling Silver Penny of 2019 in package. We have just 35 of them, so please get in quickly Zaire, officially the Republic of Zaire, was the name of a sovereign state between 1971 and 1997 in Central Africa that is now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 1997 they issued this bronze medal for Sporting Merit. It comes with the original ribbon in red, green and gold, the national colours of Zaire. The obverse features a male athlete holding a palm branch with the Arms of the country to his right and a diving board to the left. The reverse is inscribed MERITE SPORTIF and is surrounded by 12 small stars and the words REPUBLIQUE DU ZAIRE. This Pattern Aluminium Piedfort Crown was made for the Olympics held in Atlanta, United States in 1996. It depicts a rider on horseback, Equestrian, it is Rare and very low mintage, the mintage was just 125 pieces in each metal.They were struck by the Romanian Mint in Proof condition and are now becoming very difficult to find. They are Olympics, they are 24 years old, they are very low mintage and best of all they are currently very reasonable. These are the last ones we have and supplies are very low... Sierra Leone was a British colony from 1808 until 1961. In 2002 when H.M. Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Golden Jubilee they issued a handsome Crown or $1.00 to honour the event. It is housed in a large cover (25x18cms). The crown shows the Queen seated with Prince Philip standing at her side and on the reverse has a large crest with a shield between two lions and palm trees either side. The cover has a full colour photograph of the Queen wearing a tiara and insignia. There are also two $2 stamps issued by Grenada featuring scenes from the Queen’s life. This crown is struck in Cupro-Nickel and is quite scarce (KM# 285). The last Florin issued for circulation was in 1967, the first year of issue was only 1849, so it is a short lived denomination. Also as a denomination the Florin has always been the most difficult one to get. I have some nice Uncirculated Queen Elizabeth II 1966 Florins. This the penultimate year of the whole denomination.Not easy to get, yet it is not an expensive coin. This is a big and very difficult set to obtain, almost impossible to put together today. Eight coins some of them quite big and chunky. 5, 10, 20 & 50 Senti plus the 1, 5, 10 & 20 Shilingi. Wild animals and native symbols 1982-1993 all Brilliant Uncirculated. This Scarce Crown or One Peso was issued by the Dominican Republic for the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, and was struck by our own Royal Mint.It was issued in 1995 which is now some 25 years ago. You almost never see this crown, because the whole United Nations project was not a winner for the Mint.It has doves of peace above a globe of the world with the United Nations emblem. The obverse has the arms of the Dominican Republic.We could charge a lot of money for this Scarce Crown, but at Coincraft when we buy right, you buy right… Germany 5 marks 1917 P56 Blue. Woman with flowers in hair at top r/ Design with oak leaves at centre AUnc Before the Crisis of the Third Century, most cities in the Roman Empire did not have walls, dried fruit from Syria could be bought in Britain and copper from Cornwall was traded in Egypt! Sadly this did not last and continuing with our series we offer one of the harder major Emperors to get from the Crisis, Claudius II Gothicus.Born around A.D. 214 he had held several important military commands during the reigns of Valerian I and Gallienus. When Gallienus was murdered at the siege of Milan, Claudius was swiftly proclaimed emperor by the troops and approved by the Senate. He took the city of Milan and suppressed the rebellion. He quickly defeated the invading Alemanni tribe, then the invading Goths in A.D. 269, winning the title ‘Gothicus Maximus’. Next year the Goths attacked again in Thrace, but an outbreak of plague left them so weak they were again defeated by Claudius. But the plague spread from thecaptured Goths to the Roman army. Claudius himself fell victim and died of plague at Sirmium in August A.D. 269. He was the turning point in the fortunes of the Roman Empire, the beginning of a long struggle back to stability from The Crisis.We offer Billon Antoninianus with various reverses in an About Very Fine grade with various reverses. As is typical with these coins from The Crisis some will have weaker sections and the first to order will get the best! Claudius Gothicus is one of the hardest Crisis emperors to get so these will run out fast. Queen’s Golden Jubilee 2002, Crown of the Cook Islands, stamp of Gibraltar Couple standing by window. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn more

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