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description:Information server specialising in Asia-Pacific research and methods of high quality electronic publishing

WWW.CIOLEK.COM Asia Pacific Research Online

Edited by: Dr T. Matthew Ciolek tmciolek@ciolek.com

Web site established: 8 May 1997. Last updated: 8 May 2021
24 years online and counting


Online research and publications about Asia's traditional and modern communication networks, and religions. The site, with approx. 8,000 visitors and 12,000 page views each month,
is designed for swift access to data, and for good transmission speed and interoperability, not for fancy looks. Also, see the page about www.ciolek.com.

Trade Routes Glossary: Architectural, Geographical, and Historical Terms Relating to Long Distance Trade, Communication, and Pilgrimage Routes.
[English and foreign language terms dealing with concepts, units of measurements, architectural structures, and logistical arrangements related to long-distance trade, communication, and pilgrimage routes]From Afrosiab to Zucchabar: A Gazetteer of Georeferenced Nodes of Long-Distance Communication Routes
[coordinates and other details of 18,025 variant names for 4,265 unique places in Eurasia and Africa] Catalogue of Georeferenced Caravanserais/Khans
[details of 756 caravanserais/khans, funduks, inns, and other types of rest houses established in support of long-distance communication routes] Catalogue of Georeferenced Travel/Trade Structures
[details of 328 bedestans/qaysariyyas, bridges, forts, lighthouses/beacons, markets/bazaars, wells/sardobas, and other structures established in support of long-distance communication routes] WWW.CIOLEK.COM Special Projects T. Matthew Ciolek: The Historical Geography of the Ciolek clan AD 950-1950. T. Matthew Ciolek: Prof Dr Ciolek, Gerard (1909-1966): some biographical and other data. T. Matthew Ciolek: Iný. arch. Stanis¸aw Karpiel (1926-2019): zalˆýek has¸a z dn. 13-21 lutego 2019 "https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanis¸aw_Karpiel_(architekt)".
[A kernel of a 13-21 Feb 2019 Wikipedia entry "Stanis¸aw_Karpiel_(architekt)"]. T. Matthew Ciolek: 1000 Illuminating E-Quotes - The Folk Wisdom of Electronic Mail. Dymphna Clark: About Baron Charles von Hgel (1795-1870). Stewart GORDON, T. Matthew Ciolek, Lizbeth H. Piel Gita Gunatilleke: Mapping Buddhist Monasteries 200-1200 CE Project (monastic-asia.wikidot.com). David L. B. Jupp: "The Qinling Plank Roads to Shu" Project. Adam Kendon: Publications by Adam Kendon. Robert van Mulligen: Tibetan Architecture Documentation Centre (TADC). Krystyna Pawowska: WITRAE KRAKOWSKIEw kamienicach mieszkalnych i obiektach uytecznoci publicznej z przeomu wiekw XIX i XX
[Stained Glass Windows of the late 19th and early 20th c. Cracow tenement houses and public utility buildings. Full-text book in Polish. 2018. 230 pages, pdf, 11.4Mb]. Rudy J. Rummel: Reevaluated Democide Totals for 20th C. and China. Mondo Secter: A Sky Burial - The Sacred Solemn Funeral Rite of Tibet. Nathan Sivin: Index to Shaughnessy Translations in "I Ching. The Classic of Changes." WWW.CIOLEK.COM Online Affiliates Aboriginal Online Bookstore (www.amazon.com, US) GIS and Electronic Maps Online Bookstore (www.amazon.com, US) Tibet Online Bookstore (www.amazon.com, US) Zen Online Bookstore (www.amazon.com, US)
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Information server specialising in Asia-Pacific research and methods of high quality electronic publishing

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