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If there's two things I'd call staples in my autumn wardrobe it would be: pinafores and foxy things. If I added a third non-clothing item it would also be pumpkins! I love when my house is overflowing with pumpkins. But when it comes to clothing I'm pretty addicted to pinafores and all the fox-themed pieces, so I was very excited to see this new dress from Nour the Merchant which combines my two loves! Pinafores are great because you can wear them so many ways and layer them too; I'll even wear a pinafore dress layered on top of a dress for extra coziness and an apron-like look. And who doesn't like foxes?! This pinafore really couldn't be more my style since it is such a classic pinafore and features the sweetest sleeping fox embroidery. I'm even in love with the length and little ruffle details. I like it so much I'm tempted to get the green version too...but I'm trying to resist! As soon as this dress arrived in the mail I threw it on and headed straight to my local pumpkin patch. It hasn't opened yet to the public but we're friends with the farmer and he allowed us a good wander around at sunset. I'm a day early for October, but I'm definitely ready for spooky season...Nour the Merchant "Bailey" pinafore(also comes in dark green), old blouse flatsA bit more about the brand: Nour and the Merchant is an ethical fashion brand with a focus on slow fashion, sustainable materials, and donates a percentage of every sale to non-profit organizations that support survivors of war. This season's collection is truly slow fashion; each piece is made when you order to ensure there is no over-production of dresses or waste of materials. This also means you can get things custom made to your measurements when you order for a perfect fit. It also means you should buy something you love now before the design is retired because there's a limit to how much material is available for each piece. Another reason I really love this brand is how the designer, Cristina, is inspired by fairytales. So often when I used to think of ethical fashion I thought of minimal, functional designs that didn't really inspire me, but I'm learning each year that there are ethical and whimsical clothes to be found. Nour the Merchant is a perfect example of that with her beautiful autumn collection of capes fit for elves, stylish pinafores, and quirky printed pieces. Everything fit for your autumnal adventures!Nour the Merchant "Bailey" pinafore(also comes in dark green), old blouse flats*pictures edited with Tweedy preset from my Cozy Preset Pack*My senior prom dress was nothing special. I attended an all girls school my senior year and as such, almost none of my friends had dates and a big group of us agreed to go together. My mother wasn't super keen on shopping so my sister took me to the mall to find a prom dress. I ended up in a simple black halter dress that seemed like a "smart" purchase as I could wear it on other occasions outside of prom. In retrospect I wish I had gone for a more high fantasy and fun dress. That dress didn't really reflect my style or my interests; it was a practical purchase partially motivated by the fact it was on sale and we had a gift card to the store! Now I think if I went back to prom, even in a group date setting, I'd love a dramatic, high-fantasy, slightly ridiculous ball gown. I mean, how often do you have an excuse to dress up in an enormous tulle confection and dance wildly with your friends? Not often enough! Of course as a photographer you do occasionally get to invent excuses for dress up--hence today's photographs in this gorgeous Chotronette gown. I've never considered myself much of a "photoshoot photographer" so much as a blogger/self portrait photographer. I don't often go for fancy dresses and dramatic makeup because I tend to feel silly in the former and am rubbish at applying the latter, but it's good to shoot something fairytale inspired just for fun every once in awhile. Life is short, why not buy yourself a sword and run around your local castle?I'm still not a model and I could use some help with elaborate makeup, but I had a lot of fun creating these dramatic photographs in this dream Chotronette dress. I last wore one of their dresses back in the early spring in my "romance book cover" shoot (another wee dream brought to life through photographs). That dress was soft and pink and this time I was excited to create something a bit stronger and more regal with their Armour dress. It's so dramatic and beautifully detailed and perfect for every woman who wants something feminine, but bold. There's many legends of strong women in Celtic folklore and history from Boudicca who led an uprising against the Romans to Grace O'Malley the Pirate Queen of Clare Island. Even the stories of mermaids and sirens center on dangerous women who led sailors to their deaths with their pretty faces and powerful voices. We tend to think of fairytales as a whole in terms of knights or damsels in distress, but when you read the old tales there's many legends about powerful women who forged their own paths and needed no knight to save them.Chotronette "Armour" dress, Celtic swordWhat s your favorite fairytale creature? I have a soft spot for swan maidens and selkies, but I also really like the classic unicorn myth. It s interesting that we often think of unicorns in relation to European myths and legends, but there were depictions of unicorns in ancient Mesopotamian artworks and they appear in myths in India and China as well. I always like adding folklore inspired pieces into my wardrobe so I was quite excited to get this lovely unicorn sculpture necklace from Silver Lucy London. One of the easiest ways to add personality to your outfits or bring inspiration from a favorite myth or period of art is through jewellery. I m always on the lookout for jewellery that reminds me of fairytales and the Pre-Raphaelites, so this necklace is just my cup of tea! If you re a fan as well use my code aclotheshorse to get 20% off sculpture jewellery at Silver Lucy London.Silver Lucy London specializes in sculpture jewellery that is incredibly realistic. One of the things I love about little sculptured pieces like this is that as I move and my necklace shifts throughout the day it doesn t matter what side is facing forward; it looks stunning from all angles. Each piece is so detailed that months and months of work goes into every pendant to make them as realistic as possible. They have a wide variety of dog sculpture pendants and I have my fingers crossed that an Irish wolfhound will be on their list to design next! And their pieces are handmade in the United Kingdom!As much as I m not a minimalist when it comes to collecting clothing, most of my outfits are fairly minimal. I like rather simple dresses in natural colors and smaller jewelry, so what gives each look personality is all in the details. It s choosing dresses with puffed sleeves and bits of insert lace, jewellery that mimics fairytales and my favorite elements from nature, and a flower crown or oversize hair bow never goes amiss either. I don t think you need to wear a giant statement dress or the flashiest accessories to channel your interests, sometimes it s a small piece that makes all the difference. It s nice finding ways to bring your passions into your outfits because when you can wear something you love it means you get to carry that passion with you throughout your day wherever you go bringing fairytales and unicorns wherever life takes you. P.S. Don t forget to use my code aclotheshorse to get 20% off your order at Silver Lucy London.old Free People dress Silver Lucy London unicorn necklace*pictures edited with presets Cloud Warmth from my Summer Preset pack*September has been off to a busy, but lovely start. The days are starting to get shorter and there's a scattering of golden leaves on the ground outside our home even though most of the trees are still green and lush-looking. On rainy days the village smells like peat from the fires burning in my neighbors' hearths and on the farm the scent of apples is thick and sweet in the air. One of my favorite fruits of this early autumn season isn't the apples though, it's the Victoria plums they grow on the farm. Thomas prefers the wild damsons you find in hedgerows, but I love the Victoria plums and like to steal a handful whenever I get a chance. I like them plain as a late night snack or baked into a puff pastry shell and served with a scoop of ice cream after supper. They're only in season for a brief period and have a short shelf life so I only get to enjoy them for a few weeks every September and then it's another year before I eat my plum pastries again. I like that they're seasonal and fleeting because it gives me something to look forward to and I appreciate them so much when they are in season because I know they won't last.Little Women Atelier dress, linen apron, old flats, vintage basket, hair bowI try to apply the same seasonality to my wardrobe as well. There are summer dresses I could continue to wear into autumn and fall, but I prefer to pack them away for several months so that I appreciate them more when it's their time again. Right now I'm happily discovering old autumn and winter favorites; sweaters and dresses I've owned for many years but feel new because I haven't seen them in six months. I also wear more dark colors in the autumn, so I'm excited to change my typical "palette" for some richer hues. Usually I'm not a big fan of purple, but this year I've changed my mind about the color. Between the lovely lilac of spring and the heather blooming in late August and then these lovely rich-hued plums, I've been won over by the color. I have a nice little collection of Little Women Atelier dresses now in a few different colors and I love this dress in plum for these early autumn months.Little Women Atelier dress, linen apron, old flats, vintage basket, hair bowI've always liked vintage inspired dresses although I didn't start dressing in vintage inspired looks until I was in college. I think it started with all of the old films I grew up watching; I used to sit in front of the television with a sketchpad and try to draw out my favorite dresses from the films but change the colors to suit my preferences. It took me awhile to realize that I could dress that way in real life. Fashion, theatrical outfits, vintage inspired looks all seemed like things that belonged in movies and magazines and doodles--I didn't really know anyone who dressed that way in "real life" or how to make that style happen for myself. In college something finally clicked in my brain and I realized that I didn't have to be in a movie or posing for a magazine to dress creatively, I could wear those clothes going about my very ordinary life! In the last few years I feel as if my style has become even more classic and almost theatrical in a minimalist way as well--loads of long linen dresses in a variety of colors. They're easy pieces to wear, it's just one garment and you're out the door but they're also slightly statement making with the volume of the sleeves, length of the skirts, overall silhouette, etc. So some days I do opt for more simple vintage inspired looks: timeless polka dots and a silhouette that feels retro rather than antique! I feel like this outfit is so similar to those styles I first started to wear when I began dressing vintage. It's retro without being too dramatic.wearing Gaala Paris "Belle" dress, vintage basket, old socks broguesPutting on this outfit felt familiar and fresh all at once. It took me back to my early days of thrift shopping and learning to recognize different decades and details--although this is from a thoroughly modern brand that uses deadstock fabric to make their clothes--but it's been awhile since I wore something that looked more 1940s/50s inspired instead of 1800s! I mean, when was the last time you saw my knees in a photograph?! I actually felt a bit odd in a shorter dress every time the wind blew, although this is hardly a mini! But it also felt good to be in something more modern and simple too. I feel like I'm always drawn back to shorter skirts as I head towards autumn because they pair so well with cozy socks and tights and brogues. I wanted to pair this outfit with a beret too, but I haven't brought all of my old autumn accessories out of storage yet.wearing Gaala Paris "Belle" dress, vintage basket, old socks brogues*pictures edited with Shade preset from my Summer Preset Pack*Hi! Welcome to my dusty, wee corner of the Internet. Dedicated to sharing quiet in the wild and helping you express your creative voice.

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