Wood Creek Homeowners - Pittsford NY -Wood Creek is a Desirable and Welcoming Residential Community

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Wood Creek is a Desirable and Welcoming Residential Community of Townhomes Located in Pittsford, NY Board Meetings are scheduled on the third Thursday of each month at 4:00 pm at the Spiegel Center, Room 207 unless otherwise specified.“Due to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, Board meetings will be held virtually for now. If you have a question or comment, please contact a Board member to have them bring it up at the next meeting.” COMMUNITY NEWS and UPDATES Directions Click on any+ sign to read anarticle. WHERE CAN I FIND HOA DOCUMENTS Wood Creek Homeowner documents are not available on the public website.Residents may obtain documents online in 2 ways.1. Log into the Resident Only page using the link on the upper menu of the home page. If you need a login setup, contact a board member to get you started.2. Our managment company, Kenrick, provides current documents to our homeowners. To find the documents: 1. Go to the Kenrick webpage via the upper menu bar of this homepage or click on this link:  https://kenrickfirst.com/ 2. Click on the OUR COMMUNITIES menu above the red bar or go there directly from this link:  (https://kenrickfirst.com/wood-creek-hoa/) 3. Scroll down to the DOCUMENT RESOURCES section and click on the document you want to download. Below is an image of what the section looks like. Financial information shared by the boardThe residents directory (updated periodically)Full board meeting minutes with all attached informationOur site is password protected. However, it is always best to limit the amount of personal information you list on the web to what is necessary, such your first name and either telephone number or email address. WHO TO CALL WITH A PROPERTY UPDATE OR PROBLEM Property Manager at Kenrick Corporation first.  Eileen Broderick, Property Manager, is your point of contact.  She may be reached at:  585-424-1540. The address is:  3495 Winton Place, Building D, Suite 4, Rochester, NY  14623.Changes to resident s name and email should be sent to Shoshana Dietrich at sdietrich@kenrickfirst.com TO ACCESS TROUBLESHOOT THE RESIDENTS ONLY WEBSITE Our Wood Creek website (www.woodcreekhoa.org) has a tab titled Residents Login. This password protected part of the site contains important information for our residents about our homeowners association. If you would like to register for access to the Residents Login section of the web site, you may do so by contacting a board member with your name, address and phone number for verification purposes. Only Wood Creek HOA residents may apply. DIRECTIONS and INFORMATION for Residents to create a login for WordPress If you are new to WordPress and don t have an ID and password yet: directions to set up a wordpress ID and password If you already have a WordPress account set up but can t remember your password-You will need to know which email address you used to set the account up. To reset your WordPress password  FYI: WordPress Privacy Policy About Wood Creek HOA Wood Creek is located in the Town of Pittsford, NY and is within walking distance to the village of Pittsford as well as the trails of the Erie Canal. Local Area Links Pittsford Central School District Pittsford Public Library Pittsford Senior Center Monroe County Emergency Contacts Wood Creek Property Contact: Kenrick3495 Winton Place, D-4Rochester, NY 14623(585) 424-1540 For: Fire, Ambulance, Police, Call 911

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Wood Creek HOA is a Desirable and Welcoming Residential Community of Townhomes Located in Pittsford, NY

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