Yellow Cargo 1936 Story, screenplay and direction by Crane Wilbur. It was rereleased as Sinful Cargo in 1947. It s the first of four films with Conrad Nagel as G-Man Alan O Connor. This time Alan gets transferred to the Immigration and Naturalization Service to investigate human trafficking. Someone is smuggling Chinese citizens into the US. Eleanor Hunt plays Bobbie Reynolds, a newspaper reporter and Alan s romantic interest.Vince Barnett plays the bumbling photographer that works with Bobbie. He s not that funny, I could use less of that guy. The Feds have a hunch that the smuggling is being done by a crooked film company but they got no proof. Alan tries to infiltrate the place and figures out the crook s scheme. There s plenty of running about, fights and some gun action. Nothing special, just average. I watched it on YouTube and you can too. Bank Alarm 1937 Story by Eleanor Hunt and Lawrence Meade, screenplay by Griffin Day and David S Levy, direction by Louis K Gasnier. The fourth of a series of 4 films about G-man Alan O Connor. Conrad Nagel played the G-man and Eleanor Hunt played his girlfriend newspaper reporter Bobbie Reynolds. Conrad was in oodles of films starting back in 1918, Eleanor was only in 16 films and a dozen shorts between 1930 and 1940. Alan returns from a job for the military and winds up in the middle of an investigation of a gang of bank robbers. Bobbie is also investigating the robbers. Alan s sister Kay, played by Wilma Francis, just by chance has attracted the romantic attention of a man she just met, turns out he s a newly hired member of the gang. He uses his knowledge to his advantage and that puts Kay in peril.It s about average, there s some investigating and some robbing, a bit of danger and bit of fighting and gun play. Nothing special but watchable. I found it on YouTube and have downloaded the first three in the series. Dead Of Night 1974 Screenplay by Alan Ormsby and direction by Bob Clark. Bob is the guy who directed A Christmas Story and Porky s. He made several horror films earlier in his career. It s was later retitled Deathdream.An odd horror film about a dead soldier returning home from Vietnam. Richard Backus plays the soldier, John Marley plays his father and Lynn Carlin plays the mom. The parents are surprised when Richard shows up in the middle of the night, they d recently had word from the government that he had died in Vietnam. Richard won t say much of anything and he acts oddly. What his parent don t know is that Richard s animated corpse has turned into a vicious killer, he killed the man who gave him a lift to town and he continues to kill while the police are investigating.It s bit above average. I d seen it a bunch of years ago and had forgotten most of the story. It s not a happy one and a few people die. Interesting sort of comment about PSTD at a time that many young men were coming home from the war all fucked up and no one much cared for them. It was an early film for make up artist Tom Savini. You can see it on YouTube in the link above. Sort of worth a look. The Astonished Heart 1950 Noel Coward wrote the play and screenplay, directed by Anthony Darnborough and Terence Fisher. Noel plays a psychiatrist who has an affair. It s all drama and sadness. It pokes along for me, other s might like it better than me. I was curious because of Terence Fisher but ultimately the film was just a sad story. Ambush On Leopard Street 1962 Written by Ahmed Faroughy and Bernard Spicer, directed by J Henry Piperno. Average heist gone wrong film set in London. I didn t recognize any of the cast but they were fairly good. The criminals weren t that good and that was a bad thing for a big jewelry robbery. It s a bit talky and pokey but it s a short film, 72 mins, so you don t have to watch it forever. I saw it on YouTube but it s disappeared already. Star Odyssey 1979 A messy Italian space opera with plenty of aliens, space ships and robots but not much by way of quality film making. Al Bradly is the director, he s really Alfonso Brescia trying to disguise that he s really Italian. He directed several movies and yet they keep hiring him. Earth is attacked by a superior alien force. A scientist gathers some other scientists together to build a weapon that would defeat them. It s a story told poorly in every possible way. I can t think of anything in the film that would make me think these are people with talent. Sometimes a poorly made film will elicit some laughs but here it s just awful to the point of embarrassment. There s a copy of the film you can avoid on YouTube.Vampire Vixens From Venus 1995 Here s a movie that s even worse than the previous one. Even a bevy of fake breasts can t make this film bearable. The gals are aliens who aren t really vampires. They re shape shifters and the shape they take are those of bimbos on the pull. They seduce men to get them aroused, they they plonk a machine on their heads and suck life out of them. The remains are a pod of twisted skin and goo. The extract is sold back home.Michelle Bauer and JJ North are two of the Venusian s, neither of them are good actors, and they re in good company with the rest of the cast. The script is poor, both in story idea and dialog. The main cop character is really annoying, at best. They ve got him acting all clumsy, inefficient, unobservant, clueless and gullible, it s so poorly done, it s just awful to watch. You can check it out on YouTube, link above, but why would you want to? Neither of today s are films I need to watch again. That s a good thing. Cowboys Vs Dinosaurs 2015 Anthony Fankhauser and Rafeal Jordan wrote the poor screenplay and Ari Noval did a so-so job directing. Together they manage to make a pot boiler with little nourishment. Looks like the movie appeared on SyFy at some point. It s kind of typical of what they feature.Rob Hills returns home after failing at the rodeo circuit, he s got some past history with the Sheriff, who s now living with Rob s old girlfriend. Eric Robert s plays Rob s father, they are reunited in a jail cell, one they should have stayed in. Vernon Wells plays the head of a mining company that has a mine in the area. The miners have opened a chamber and released some gas fueled dinosaurs. They get to chompin the locals and rampaging about the town. Just about everyone dies but I didn t care, most of them were jerks. It s a film that brings little joy, other than rooting for the dinos.Dispiser 20o3 Written and directed by Philip J Cook. Typical of Amazon Prime, they ve listed this as being made in 2018 when it s a film from 2003. It s a low budget green screen movie with amateur actors and a so-so script.The guy with the machine gun is an artist, he gets fired from his job and dumped by his girlfriend the same day he dies in a car wreck. He wakes up in Purgatory where he meets up with some demon fighters. That s them in the background. They battle monsters and try to keep the faith.It s a bit more interesting than the previous movie but still below average. Cook s a little more imaginative than the writers on the first movie tonight. Not something I needed to see or would bother with again. After Dark 1932 Based on the novel of the same name by Joseph Jefferson Farjeon, screenplay by John Barrow, directed by Albert Parker. It s a short, 45 mins, murder mystery that s pretty noisy. A guy on a train gets his emeralds stolen by an old man. The old man hides them in a clock in a shop when he figures out he s being followed by the man he robbed. The clock gets sold before the old man gets there to retrieve them. Now he has to go bother a different old man in his big old mansion. It s a place filled with excitable noisy people. It s kind of a blend of old dark house and screwball comedy without so many jokes, just noise. I thought it was barely average but I still got a laugh or two. A Man s Affair 1949 Written by Jay Lewis and Harold Stewart, directed by Jay Lewis. Jay started started directing documentary shorts in 1940, he started the Verity Film Company with Sidney Box. He only directed three other feature films, none of which I ve seen. Sadly, I could find no poster for this movie.A romantic comedy set in and around the seaside town of Ramsgate in Kent. Two gals on holiday meet a couple of coal miners and there s romance ahead. The picture on the left shows our coal miners, Hamish Menzies and Cliff Gordon, the picture of the right shows our visiting ladies, Diana Decker in the scarf and Joyce Linden on her left. They ll soon to be happy couples and other than for the usual movie pitfalls it s safe to say things will work out fine in the end. There s a few laughs but it isn t much better than average. You can check it out on YouTube, link in the usual place. The Black Abbott 1934 Story by Philip Godfrey, screenplay by Terence Egan, Direction by George A Cooper. Sadly no poster could I find. I didn t recognize anyone in the cast of this old dark house kind of film. Lord Pilkdown lives in a manor house in a small English country town. His house is next to an old monastery which is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of the long dead abbot. The viewer does see a hooded figure lurking in the back ground and so did the maid. She s the comic relief machine and a bit of a screamer. The Aunt gets a look at the Black Abbot and passes out. Shortly after his Lordship disappears. Soon a ransom demand is made. The local police are called. It s about average for that sort of thing. I got a couple of laughs out of it. It s quick and breezy, only 53 mins, and has a good ending. You can take a gawk at it on YouTube, link in the title above.


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