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Video Content For Your E-commerce Business.

A video production agency that delivers performance-based video advertisements.


Who Is It For?

Product-based business owners who want to grow their business and boost conversions with the help of engaging video content.

At Internet Media Co. we inspire to bring completely original 1 off custom video content tailored specifically for your product or business. No pre-shot footage, templates, or software generating videos. All videos are 100% unique to your project.


Why Your Business Needs It?

Viral Video Content

In todays world video content plays a HUGE role in your businesses marketing strategy and it is becoming more important than ever to utilize the effectiveness of video ads.

Video Is King

81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool — up from 63% over the last year and by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

Boost Conversions

Video content done the right way equals higher conversions, and coupled with a strategic approach brings bigger profits.START PROJECT

Previous Projects

Some of our previous clients we have created for. 


Video Production Can Be A Tedious Process

Our in-house structure allows us to simplify the process and drastically cut down production time and costs.

CREATIVE ASSESSMENT The beginning of the journey starts here. Our team of creative directors meet together regularly to layout a unique concept for your project. SALES COPY & SCRIPT We have assembled an all-star team of scriptwriters, sales copywriters, and digital marketers to formulate concepts that sell to your audience. TALENT Due to our established relationships in the entertainment industry, we can offer direct access to a deep portfolio of talented actors and actresses. PRE-PRODUCTION Hats off to our post-production team that organizes locations, props, equipment, product prep, etc. They make sure all the details are in place to have a smooth shoot. PRODUCTION We are blessed to have such a talented team of directors and directors of photography. They’re the ones that make the dream a reality. EDITING Post-production is one of, if not, the most important step in your project’s journey. We made sure to carefully scout some of the most skillful production editors in the entertainment industry.

Launch Your Video Project In 3 Simple Steps

We’ve made the process of getting your project off the ground as seamless as possible. 

Choose Your Video Package

Schedule Your On-Boarding Call

Ship Your Product To Us


Align Your Video Ads With Your Marketing  Funnel

Video solutions for every stage of your funnel. Each video plays a vital role in persuading your potential buyer to ultimately making a purchase.


Top of the funnel (TOFU) goals to generate interest in what you offer and bring awareness to your products.


Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) goals target people who want to learn more about your offerings and have started to consider purchasing your products.


This is where the magic happens. Bottom of the funnel (BOFU) goals for driving purchases. At this point you have systematically guided your potential buyer down the customer journey and persuaded them to purchase your products!

Our Mission

At IMC our mission has always been to help e-commerce store owners increase sales and maximize profits.

Our Goal

From day one our goal was to be 100% transparent with our clients, build trust and be a reliable source for kick ass video content at competitive pricing for all size/level businesses.

Our Promise

To be a reliable source of original 1 off video content and deliver the highest quality viral marketing content to help boost your conversions. Ultimately, your success is our success.

Our Essence

At our core IMCO operates on imagination and creativity. We never want to disappoint and always want to leave our clients satisfied with the final product.

Our Vibe

At IMCO we make magic happen. We live it, think it, dream it and make it happen. The do it together with our team every day and expanding the possibilities.

As fellow entrepreneurs and e-commerce store owners, we understand the grueling task of creating videos. Sourcing, organizing creatives, and producing a video can be a nuisance. There are so many other things a business owner needs to worry about. Don’t let this be one of them! Your trust in our team and our ability to create the best possible creatives for your business are extremely important to us. We’ve been in your shoes and we know what it’s like to get burned by the Freelancer you just found. That’s one of the reasons why we started our mission in the first place. We wanted to provide a trustworthy reliable source of high-quality engaging video content specifically for e-commerce based businesses.
200 Million Video Views Word Wide 100 Custom One Off Viral Video Content 15 Years Of Experience In Ecom & Video Production

What They've Said About Us

We take pride in delivering Intelligent Creatives and Engaging Experiences to clients all over the world.START PROJECT

“Working with Steve was so great! He was very communicative and executed on the concept we agreed upon perfectly. Even when we asked for some edits to clean things up he had no hesitations and made sure that his client was very happy. We are already working on a second project with him and highly recommend IMC to others out there looking for super creative talent!”


“Working with this team has been nothing short of fun and enlightening. Their creative department scripted, produced and created one of the best ad campaign we have ever launched on Youtube which was very exciting for our agency. Sometimes our in-house team gets too busy and IMC always steps up and delivers exactly what we need.”

Harlan PflugDigital product marketing manager

“Our company deals with Mobile App development. Recently we needed a 3D animation video that was user targeted to show them how to navigate around the new Application that we were launching and they did an awesome job. Everything was well animated and the message home. This is a great company and they strive to satisfy their client’s demands.”

Betsy HoerrMarketing communications manager

“They have helped us with commercial ad videos for our brand not once but for every product that we cover and they made sure to include effective UGC for all. We look forward to working with them as we grow and expand as the video performed more than we had anticipated.”

Maragaret FrumContent marketing manager

“Our brand was new in the market and since our field is concentrated with many different brands; ours needed to be better placed in the market. The Facebook ads and retargeting ads that they produced for us was OUTSTANDING as they made our brand stand out from the rest. And they always delivered the videos on time.”

Irvin ReinholdMarketing coordinator

“After many requests from our customers we needed an EBC video created for our Amazon product page to demonstrate to our buyers on how to use specific product. We made a decision to use IMC to come up with a ‘How To’ video and it has been much appreciated by the customer base. In fact, ever since we added the video to our page our sales has increased by 12%. Thanks Again!”

Salvador HassanDirector Of Marketing

Ready To Grow Your Business And Maximise Profits?



Increase conversions

Don’t waste money on ineffective ads

No prebuilt video templates

Avoid the endless journey of finding a unicorn freelancer

Build a genuine relationship with your target audience




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