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AAACAssociation of the Accountants and the Accounting CompaniesHome About AAACMission Articles of association Managing Board Control Board MembersMembers Membership criteria Become a member Contacts FacebookРегистър на съставителите на финансови отчети
Home About AAACMission Articles of association Managing Board Control Board MembersMembers Membership criteria Become a member Contacts

10 Reasons to Become a Member of the AAAC

Better image

The image of an upright and devoted consultant, who is working in cooperation with the leading accounting companies and who is protecting the interests of his/her partners.

Better qualification

Opportunities for training and participation in seminars - regular and special ones, on general or on specific topics always applicable into practice, for consultants and operative specialists.

More information

AAAC offers information to its members on current issues, on the opinions of theoreticians and on the solutions of pragmatists; on the happy or unhappy by the changes consultants, on the business development opportunities.
AAAC provides statistical information, cooperation opportunities for the realization of various administrative procedures, opportunities for connections with administrative institutions.

More business

Opportunities for more business offers to potential clients - AAAC directs all received enquiries concerning accounting, taxation and consulting services to all its members, thus presenting opportunities for eventual business offer.
An opportunity for another professionalism and honesty guarantee before potential clients.
Provision of direct access for potential clients to the members of AAAC by means of the organizational web page.

More pleasure in business

AAAC is a community of people, who use all their potential to live and work in a better way - organizing their business by implementing modern ideas, organizing their pleasures as part of their business, sharing their experience openly with view for the future.

More cooperation opportunities

Partnership with colleagues and followers in the search of useful solutions.

Easier access to the best know-how

Opportunities for application of eligible international practices in business consulting management - answers to questions about good operational organization, staff training, finding new clients, creation of long-term business partnerships.

More advantageous offers

Opportunities for mutual cooperation with the best companies in the field of IT technologies, Human resources and management, Advertising and PR strategies development.

More friends

Successful people can be good friends. The AAAC members are not only successful entrepreneurs, they are also colleagues, sharing common principles about professionalism and ethics.

More opportunities for protection

One more opportunity for the accounting companies to be protected before the executive and legislative authorities.
One more opportunity for protection of the business interests of the business partners.
One more opportunity for protection from omissions or from redundant administrative bureaucracy.Become a member!

The Association of the Accountants and the Accounting Companies (AAAC) is a professional accounting organization, bringing together accounting firms, audit firms and individual preparers of financial statements.

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1000 Sofia, 45 Solunska str., fl. 1, ap. 6
Phone/Fax: +359 2 980 27 05

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Асоциация на счетоводителите и счетоводните предприятия. Всички права запазени.

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