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FUE Hair Transplantation Permanent solution for effective, natural, lifelong resulst

FUE Hair Transplant

1-2 days surgery type, based on Norwood-Hamilton scale

Our certificated doctors and skilled assistants are the guarantee for successful FUE Hair Transplantation

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Personal and Online Consultation Personalized and problem-solving solutions for the best results

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Doctor Hair Clinicis a private clinic specializing in Hair Transplant and Dermatology!
Our specialists have a high degree of professional experience in FUE Hair transplanting. During the last few years, we've been working on more than thousands of patients with a variety of balding types and problems.

Why choose Doctor Hair Clinic?

INTERNATIONAL PATIENTSPatientsfrom all overthe worldSeveralinterpreters(English, Spanish, German, Serbian, Romanian, Croatian)Strict medical rules and standards.The surgery is done only by DOCTORS - Not NursesQuality, Expertise, ExperienceGuarantee for effective FUE Hair Transplantation

POSTOPERATIVEThe patient receives a written Medical Report, and written Post Operation Care instructionsThe clinic has astrictfollow-up - program(controlafter 10 days, and then every 3 months)


Our Returning Patient? Did you recommend our clinic? Have you had a hair transplant before?

Take advantage of our clinic'sDHC LOYALTY Programto qualify for our exclusive discounted rates!

Returning Patients:Need a second or third hair transplant? Get the surgery at a discounted price!

Did you recommend our clinic?Do you come to the clinics on the recommendation of your friends, friends, co-workers, or family members? If you designate the person whose recommendation you came, you can use our discounted packages.

Have you had a hair transplant before?If you have had hair transplantation before (even at other clinics / clinics) and following our medical consultation you are siutable to further intervention, you can benefit from our exclusive rates within theDHC LOYALTY Program.DHC Loyalty Program

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Professional FUE Hair Transplantation

Permanent solution for effective, natural, lifelong resulst


FUE hair transplantation technology is the only way to solve the balding problem with aesthetic results!
Real results, natural effect
Internationally proven procedure


Quality, Expertise, ExperienceGuarantee for effective FUE Hair Transplantation!Our experienced doctors and skilled assistants are the guarantees for successful FUE Hair Transplantation!
International Certificate from ISHRS / FUE Europe


1-2 DAYS surgeryMaximal number of hairsGuarantee for the FIX PACKET PRICES,
No extra and hidden costAirport Transfer - Accommodation - Full Board - Translator service


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The essence of FUE hair transplantation is in the hair on the back of the head. For all patients who have enough quantity and quality of donor area in the back of the head, in that case the hair transplantation procedure is absolutely applicable


Before the hair transplantation process, a consultation with the operating agency is always necessary. This consultation can be done personally and by email, by sending pictures. On this consultation we will inspect and determine, the intervention can be performed for the patient or not, the possibilities and what kind of results can be expected.

What is the FUT and FUE implantation?FUT (strip)FUE (extraction and implantation are done with special FUE needles, there is no scratch, no cut, the result is natural) The FUE technique has two versions of MANUAL and MACHINE (micro motor).

Whichever method is used, clinics and doctors are dependent, there are patients with whom manual and machine methods are both used. No better or worse method, both have advantages. The doctor will decide which procedure, depending on the patient's individual facilities, is preferable to achieving the right result.


There are only 2 official methods, FUT and FUE. The different names and designs are only marketing and advertising.

Why is the FUE implantation successful?

real results, natural effect

internationally proven procedure

newly developed special tools

fast regeneration

FUE hair transplantation technology is the only way to solve the balding problem with aesthetic results!

The procedure requires minimal invasive intervention, only with special needles, so after surgery, there will be scars or cuts.HOW CAN I CONSULT ?

At our clinic, 2 forms of consultation are officially accepted on the basis of the professional protocol. Personal and Email Consultation.

For those patients who have been e-mailed for consultation, we do not have to make a personal consultation, and we can not expect from anyone to travel hundreds or thousands of kilometers for the personal consultation.

In case of the foreign patients, the e-mail consultation form is the accepted and possible solution.

In the case of the personal consultation, it is always necessary to reserve an appointment.


The hair implantation is not a cosmetic treatment, but a serious medical operation, it always requiresthe pre-surgery planning and consultation with the clinic.


We are talking about a specific and unique problem for every patient, there are not two identical cases, so in each case, the amount of required hair for each patient is individually determined, depending on the donor area’s condition, and the patient's personal facilities.

The hair implantation planning is based on strict international rules and professional protocols. These rules accurately determine what is the minimum for a given cm2 area, the amount of hair required and implanted, which is absolutely necessary in order to be effective in hair implanting.

The professional minimum hair /cm2 must always be implanted!

Precise assessment of the problem and the amount of hair required for results can only be determined through a medical consultation!

What does the amount of hair extraction depend on?

In all cases, the amount of extractable hairs is determined by the patient's donor's properties (quantity, quality, condition). Each patient has a donor area, which is completely different for each person, so it is always necessary for the personalized consultation.

What is the optimal donor area?

For patients with an optimal donor area, the donor area contains enough hair to allow the problem area to be implanted. In this case, there is no professional handicap for surgery.

What does the LIMITED donor area mean?

When just a part of the donor area can be used. It means that the amount of extractable hair is less than the optimal. In this cases, the professional planning must be very precise.


What is FUE hair transplantation?

Hair restoration as an aesthetic surgery has two known types.1

FUT method

the so called "strip method" during which scalpel is used2

FUE method

(in this method hairs (follicular units) are transplanted individually. Follicles are extracted with a special needle (so called "punching device") and other special instruments. There is no incision, thus no scar tissue formation, the results look natural. There are two subtypes of the FUE hair transplantation method: manual and motorized.


according to official professional standpoints, THERE ARE NO FURTHER TYPES!

At our clinic we only use the F.U.E. method. We extract the grafts manually, one by one from the donor area (the back of your head) with a fine (0.75-1.00 mm) punch device. No cutting, no stitches (no F.U.T, no strip). F.U.E. only!


At our Clinic both personal and e-mail consultation is available, accepted and provided free of charge!

Personal consultation is only available on previously scheduled appointments at our Clinic in Szeged.Scheduling an appointment for consultation is possible by phone, via e-mail or by filling out the form on our websites. Booking an appointment in advance is mandatory, without it our Clinic refuses to do the consultation. During planning, lack of experience and practice might lead to severe underestimation of the amount of hairs necessary to achieve the desired aesthetic results! In such cases patients might need further minor surgeries in the future in order to achieve the desired aesthetic results. In experienced hands hair transplantation can often be done in a day!

FUE hair transplantation is not a "beauty treatment" but a cosmetic SURGERY that requires significant professional background and professional work!



Medical consultation prior to surgery is mandatory! Hair restoration surgeries at our Clinic are available only after the professional medical opinion of our Clinic. Both personal and e-mail consultation is possible.


Our Clinic performs 1 and 2-day surgeries only. The operation is performed under local anesthesia that promotes rapid post-operative regeneration.


For the postoperative period, our patients receive detailed and accurate verbal and written instructions at our Clinic.


Hair growth following hair restoration surgery begins intensively in the 4th-5th-6th month. Final results are visible after 12 months.


I thought when I came here that they will transplant my hair they did, but they also cured me of the syndrome of white coat ( i was afraid of doctors)

Anyhow, this was a very good experience for me, the staff was 110% professional caring, polite… I could write good things about this clinic all day long. I am sure I will back if necessary.

Thank you HairClinic! Can’t wait for the resultsMiha S.

With great pleasure, I have accepted this challenge and this highly professional and experienced team DHC Clinic. Convinced me that the perfect choice has been made. The hair transplantation was smooth and painless and the results are magnificent! Personally speaking, I have to admit that this DHC Clinic is one of the best and professional for solving the problems with hair to all patients who are suffering from this symptoms. My warm recommendations to people who need these interventions who want to solve their problem with hair loss.

B. J.

I am happy because I choose the good place. For the FUE Hair Transplantation and for the good service. I am waiting for the results after some months.

Thank you for the operation first of all Dr. Major Laslo and Tibor are exceptional guys and they can help with any kind of question. I am very excited about the end of the operation. And I'm waiting for the results. Highly recommend this clinic!


DHC staff was very professional and very hard-working. I am glad I made the decision to come here during the end of my vacation in Europe. Waiting results but the hairline reconstruction looks great now! Special thanks to Tibor!


I had a great experience. I am satisfied with the results and this ist the most important aspect. The doctor Mate and the nurses worked together and did a great job. They were calm and precise. If I need to come back I definitely choose DHC!

With all respect!

AlexGuest book

All Inclusive package


FUE Transplant with PRP Plasma Therapy

Professional FUE surgeons and medical team

Translater / Guide Service


Professional surgery room


Airport pick up Service

Following-Controlls during 12 months

High quality equipment and higienic care

All Inclusive pansion

Medication and Post operation care package

Medication and Post operation care package

FUE Hair Transplantation in pictures

FUE Hair Transplant step by step


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