Gas Fireplace Repair in AZ

Gas Fireplace Repair in AZ

Tristar Gas Services was voted #1 for Gas Fireplace Repair in Arizona. Online appointments available now. Book now!

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Arizona’s #1 Gas Fireplace Contractor

Tristar Gas Services prides itself in your satisfaction. A “can do” attitude and approach to your Phoenix, AZ Fireplace Repair details is at the heart of our repair philosophy. We create EXCELLENCE with our customer service, quality components and the repair techniques we employ. Quality Fireplace Repair is not a function of price, it’s a function of safety, effort, & good communication is the key to a successful repair. Let Tristar help you make your home safe and warm again by servicing your fireplace.




Gas Piping in AZ

We approach every job with the considerations of the total BTU (British Thermal Load) requirements of the job. Every gas appliance has a total BTU rating plate. We add up all of the appliances ratings and come up with the total BTU load. We then determine which type of pipe is best suited for the job. Then we then use formulas to appropriately size the pipe. In some cases we will oversize the pipe for future use the customer has told us about. We use a variety of approved gas pipe.

About Tristar

For over two decades our gas technicians have been serving the greater Phoenix Metro Area. As former gas utility company employees, we have the training, experience, and knowledge to handle all your gas needs. We do everything from installing and repairing gas piping to installing and repairing gas appliances. As a family owned business we are here to help you on your next project. We can help you with gas piping, reparing gas appliances, and servicing your fireplace.

Great service. Trustworthy, reliable, and affordable. Tristar did a great job on my fireplace!

John Williams

Tristar Gas Goes Above and Beyond! We have them come out every year and service our fireplace.

Mark Swiss
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