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Book Dreams

A podcast for everyone who loves

books and misses English class.

New episodes every other Thursday.


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New Episodes

Book Dreams

America’s Fundamental Myths and Narratives

“I think the narratives about capital are an even more fundamental myth in America than those about the frontier.” Pulitzer...Book Dreams

Injured Innocence and Violent Nostalgia

“A monk asked, ‘What is meditation?’ The Master said, ‘It is not meditation.’ The monk said, ‘Why is it “not meditation”?’ The Master...Book Dreams

"We should pay more attention to perspectives."

“I get so upset during conversations about politics with certain family members, I feel like my body’s on the verge of explosion, with...Book Dreams

“How Will We Know…That the Baltimore Police Department Has Turned a Corner?”

We Own This City–written by Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist Justin Fenton and the basis for David Simon’s HBO miniseries–tells the...Book Dreams

[Re-Release] “Why are you talking about this essay that you never talk about?”

(RE-RELEASE) In this week’s episode, Eve and Julie speak with Jo Ann Beard about Festival Days, her extraordinary new collection of...Book Dreams

"I always knew I loved you, E. B. White."

Welcome back to another installment of our favorite bibliophilic game, You Want Me to Read WHAT? The rules are simple: Julie, Eve, and a...Book Dreams

The First Black Woman to Become a Federal Judge

Constance Baker Motley was a groundbreaking civil rights lawyer and the first Black woman to become a federal judge. Her “world-changing...Book Dreams

The Private Investigator Behind America’s First Title IX Case

One pivotal afternoon, Erika Krouse met an attorney in a bookstore when they both reached for the same Paul Auster novel. Much to his...

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Piranesi & Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Tensions are running high at Book Dreams! Why? The fantasy novels of author Susanna Clarke, that's why. After Julie--and multiple Book...

“For what, for what, for what?”

Fiction can invite the reader into unknown worlds and perspectives, or it can hold up a mirror so that we can see the familiar more...

What Neanderthals and Other Ancient Hominins Teach Us About Being Human

What makes us human? It’s a question we keep coming back to, in part because it's got no definitive answer. In this week’s episode we...

How do you write a trailblazing woman back into history after her iconic colleagues wrote her out?

(RE-RELEASE) How do you write a trailblazing woman back into history after her iconic colleagues wrote her out? Dr. Sally Roesch...

Why Is a Great Gray Owl like a Victorian Ear Trumpet?

Sometimes finding hope requires shifting our gaze from humanity. In this episode of Book Dreams, we take an up-close and uplifting look...

The “Bad and Putrid” Disneyfication of Bambi

Fairy tales. Why have they survived a thousand years of re-telling? How do they adapt to reflect changing times, places, and...

“A Burning Desire to Know What Happens Next”

"I always think of that moment in North by Northwest, the Hitchcock movie, when someone is falling off one of the mountains in Mount...

The Most Critically Acclaimed Cookbook of the Year

The best cookbooks are so much more than collections of recipes. They’re windows into a life or a place or a time or a way of thinking....

The “Morally Fraught Endeavor” of War

How should we, as a country, execute our military power, and what role should we, as citizens, play in military policy? In what ways does...

What Makes Us Human?

In this episode, Eve and Julie explore one of our favorite questions with James Suzman, PhD, in a wide-ranging conversation about his...

"It began to really feel like a haunting."

Ellen McGarrahan was a young reporter at the Miami Herald when she volunteered to witness the execution of Jesse Tafero, who’d been...

What do wild bears and libertarians have in common?

In 2004 a group of libertarians founded the Free Town Project, a movement to take over a town and turn it into a libertarian utopia....All Episodes 

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