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Featured Top Ten Yoga Retreats 2022 by Rave Reviews based on criteria such as location, quality of instructors, styles of yoga offered, cost, opportunities to interact with other attendees, lodging and catering options, and transportation requirements

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Welcome to Sewall House

Chosen #2 of top 10 Transformative Yoga Retreats by HGTV 2021

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Donna Amrita Davidge discovered yoga in college in the 1970’s. She has taught full time in NYC since mid 1980’s. Over the years she has produced various products, including her Chakra course on Daily Om. Her great grandfather shared the healing attributes of nature with a young Theodore Roosevelt. Donna offers her yoga retreat with the same spirit in his National Historic Registry homestead. In 2019 she released her memoir of her life/yoga journey.

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Heal Thru Painting and Move with Yoga With Ellen Spivak (One spot more)

JUNE 2022 taught primarily by Donna Amrita (June training is currently full. If interested in wait list please contact us.)




Exactly what I needed. I was in a major transition from a difficult 4 years into a new job and life chapter. Sewall House far
exceeded my expectations. The location was beautiful, especially in peak fall season. The house was peaceful and welcoming. Donna and Ajit catered to our every need and made me feel like I was part of their family. There was a good blend of meditation and yoga that worked for all levels. What I liked most was that this was not a trendy, “take photos of yourself in yoga poses for Instagram” type place. If fancy is what you’re seeking, this might not fit the bill. If good for the soul, mind, and body is what you need, I highly recommend it.

ColHeightsChic Washington, DC

Above and beyond. I am blown away. It was so relaxing. Everything was so easy. Kayaking was a short distance on a beautiful brilliant blue lake, under a big sky and surrounded by trees. I learned so much in yoga – totally individualized, fun from teachers with outstanding experience. I loved cuddling up with Beau (pooch) and Shoepee(sp?) kitty. My heart is full. Comfort food healthy yumm, yummm yummm meals. Very unusual. Offers so much. House is so cozy. Go do it.


Things were so good the first time (our first anniversary celebration!) we decided to drop in to get some more. And- as before- leaving much better than whence we came. Once again, great food and steps to greater physical and spiritual flexibility and a springboard towards greater tranquility. Looking forward to the cookbook! You’ve inspired us to healthier living!




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Sewall House Yoga Retreat
Thank you for another great season- We reopen on June 16 2023 for our 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training. And July 10 for retreat guests
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