We’ve taken the most amazing Sour Cherries and completely immersed them in 60% cocoa dark chocolate, to create a sweet and tart contrast that’s a full-on decadent delight. Shop now We oven roast our skin-on Almonds, then drench them in Belgian dark chocolate, add a sprinkling of salt and a dusting of cocoa. A rich, intense sweet-salty experience. Shop now Sourced solely from the Preda Fair Trade Organisation in the Philippines, our Carabao variety mango helps to guarantee a fair price and a better future for our growers and producers. Shop now We have selected Colossal Cashews and Jumbo Peanuts, glazed them with the unique golden nectar of Scottish Heather Honey and roasted them with hand-harvested Sea Salt. An all round favourite. Shop now

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Dark Chocolate Sour Cherries

6 x 120g Regular price £21.00 Regular price Sale price £21.00

Preda Fair Trade Mango

6 x 100g Regular price £21.00 Regular price Sale price £21.00

Share Bag – Salted Dark Chocolate Almonds

6 x 270g Regular price £36.00 Regular price Sale price £36.00

Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar Nut Mix

8 x 120g Regular price £25.60 Regular price Sale price £25.60

Heather Honey Peanuts & Cashews

8 x 120g Regular price £25.60 Regular price Sale price £25.60

Orchard Prunes

6 x 200g Regular price £19.20 Regular price Sale price £19.20

Sea Salt & Black Peppercorn Nut Mix

8 x 120g Regular price £25.60 Regular price Sale price £25.60

The Trailblazers of Treats

We don’t do ordinary. Our team of explorers, innovators, roasters and chocolatiers have years of experience in fruit, nut and chocolate know-how, creating a revolution in simply brilliant plant based snacks.

Come on in and please eat curious – our wonderful world awaits those who do.

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Our Craft

We are innovators and tastemakers. We don’t follow the rulebook, instead favouring ingredients and a craft that delivers the most incredible snacks. Our nuts are gently air roasted, not fried. We use a traditional artisan panning process for all of our chocolate range. We source from the best suppliers and use local ingredients where we can. And we still test every single batch before they hit the shelves, lucky us!

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Better business

Better snacking starts with better ingredients. We work with farmers, growers and suppliers who share our obsession for delivering the best. Our longstanding partnership with smallholder farms and organisations like PREDA Fairtrade ensures fair prices, sustainable environmental practices, local education and empowerment of indigenous farmers. We believe business should benefit people and communities, and in doing our bit for the environment.

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We are the biggest fans of your Preda Mango. Not only does it taste good but it does good too! Well done! - David, Guildford Please please please never stop making the Cookies & Cream Almonds, they are seriously addictive! - Debbie, Edinburgh I have never found a Forest Feast product that I don’t love yet, you guys make everything taste amazing. - Lily, Cork The Sea Salt Colossal Cashews are roasted to perfection and worth every penny. - Sam, Brighton I have to confess I’m addicted to your Milk Chocolate Brazils – even the giant packs aren’t big enough! - Lara, Cardiff Preda Mango is quite simply the best Mango ever, no other mango even comes close. - Michael, Cambridge I have just discovered your Dark Chocolate Sour Cherries. I’m speechless, they are outstanding! - Lydia, London I cannot walk past the Forest Feast display without grabbing at least 3 packs every time! - Daniel, Belfast I need help, cannot stop eating the Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts. - Samara, Manchester