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The First & Only Monetized Download Gate.

A completely free tool that makes it easy for artists, labels, & content creators to earn revenue by growing their fanbase.

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A Few Features

The Husk has a ton of features that make it one of the most powerful tools available to artists, labels, & various other content creators.

Multi - Platform

You can choose from a variety of platforms to build a fan-base on. We included Spotify, SoundCloud, & Youtube. Grow your fan-base easily across multiple important platforms.

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Monetize Your Growth

You are now able to monetize your growth. We use a profit share method and automatically payout via Pay-Pal on the first of every month. The Husk is the first & only download gate to offer monetization.

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Our tool allows you to fully customize your download gates. You decide the platforms to grow on, the content to give away, the artwork, name, and so much more. Make it the way you want to

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The only gate tool you will ever need.

Why use any other gate tool?

We are free to use & the only monetized download gate. No other gate tool does what we do. We have an easy to qualify monetization program based on profit share, access to valuable features that most competitors charge for, & have merged download gates with fan links making it incredibly easy to setup and for your fans to use. We have it all & this is the only gate tool you will ever need.

What are you waiting for?

Create & edit gates in seconds. Make the switch to The Husk with ease.

Get Started! 2M + Fans Through Gates 30k + Users 500k + USD earned collectively 50k + Gates Created Testimonials

20K + Happy Users!

"It's amazing the innovation you give us!" "You’ve created something pretty special." "This platform is genius" "Would highly recommend it to anyone" "The guys at TDC have once again delivered a game changer." "We will keep using this service for sure." "The Husk is the only platform that pays out. They deliver what they promise." "Working with the Husk has been a pleasure" Start using The Husk!

Detailed Features

Read more about what our tool offers!

Start For Free

Start with our free plan and gain access to tons of features that other platforms charge for such as: unlimited gates, streaming links, stats, multi-actions, & more.

Mobile Friendly

You can use The Husk on the go as well. Check your stats, edit & create gates, all from your phone or tablet.


Yes, your gates are monetized. Your Spotify & SoundCloud traffic can now earn you revenue with our profit share model. Automatic payouts on the first of every month.

Clean and Professional

Make the right impression on potential fans with an eye catching, yet simple, gate design. Our gates are easy and enjoyable to use, with minimal clicks, allowing you to convert more downloaders into fans.

Track Statistics

You can track your statistics for each of your gates at anytime. They are updated in real time.

Husk Pro

Our Pro plan allows advanced customization of your gates, in addition to key features such as Google Analytics, Custom QR Codes, share links & more. Start with a free 7 day trial today!


You are able to easily customize your gates with both our free & paid plans. Edit your artwork, title, content, actions, platforms, & more!

2-in-1 Gates

Save setup time and make it easier for your fans to connect with you by combining your download gates with your fan links. We are the first platform to allow you to have your fan links displayed directly on your download gates.

Great Support

Our team is always here to help if you need anything or have some questions. Don't hesitate to reach out.

What are you waiting for?Get started for free!

Freelance Artist Jobs

Our Amazing Team

We are looking forward to you joining our platform! We are here to help anytime. Don't hesitate to reach out!

Ryan Thompson
Owner Producer - Curator - Marketing - Lead Design
Ariel Carter
Owner Marketing - Sales - Revenue Analyst Get In Touch

The Husk

Succeed in building your brand and earn a passive income with ease.

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