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Web Award Criteria

WebAwards.com is the platform to encourage all innovative works,
which by their creativity and excellence are pushing the boundaries.









Website Awards:

All the best things have to be awarded. Web Awards (dot com) is a gratification machine to award the teams behind the best websites, for motivating them to continue to make progress. Website awards are the appreciation for their courage, effort and talent. An acclamation for the sacrifices they have made. Because all the hard works, the intellectual endeavor and the sleepless nights spent for the value creation, have to be recognized & reimbursed. Again because this value belongs to the World Wide Web, and the WWW belongs to everybody.

Awarding Methodology:

Once it is agreed that All Best Websites Merit A Web Award, a sound methodology is designed and published. The unique process in WebAwards.com is a voting (grading) system by an Artificial Intelligence. His name is Paris of Troy and the details of this super robot are given in the awarding jury & about web awards sections. Website Awards are attributed and shared with the grand public after meticulously well quantified analysis, based on machine learning, thanks to Python language allowing it.

History and Technology:

Of course there would be no Web Awards -neither Website Awards nor CSS Awards- before the invention of the first web browser in 1990 by Timothy John Berners Lee. The domain WebAwards.com is registered just 8 years after, in February 1998. However Paris of Troy, the jury of Web Awards, is a bit older than the Internet. His name is coming from the mythic figure of the Trojan Wars in about 1.300 B.C. and is accepted as the first ever jury of the World.

Meet The Jury >>

Can A Robot Be A Jury?

When the automobile is invented, all the horses did not lost their job immediately, however it is quite understandable that the automation is gradually replacing hand-made processes. One of the most classical and traditionally human made jobs is “awarding”, or let’s now say “was” instead of “is” in order not to break the heart of Paris, coded to overcome this challenge. “Challenge” since deciding who will win the award for a human jury or an A.I. one, is not an easy work. Each component creating the aggregate value, has its unique characteristics and comparing apples & pears is not evident. So a sophisticated and well defined scoring methodology is developed as follows;

The value of a website can be calculated mathematically, basing on 7 factors; namely (1) Domain Name Value, (2) Creativity, Originality and Design, (3) Content Value, (4) Technology, (5) Speed, (6) Security, and (7) Traffic, if these 7 factors can be deducted into numbers. And the good news is “yes, they can be, if your favorite lesson is mathematics or if you are an Artificial Intelligence”.

What is the Value of a Website Award?

If a marketplace is crowded like Internet, an award is not only a decoration, but also a sign of differentiation for a domain from the other 350.000.000 domains, and for a website from the other 200.000.000 active websites. 250.000 new websites are created each and every day. 10.000 new websites are created each and every hour. So all the reputable websites as well as the new startups being candidates of new unicorns & decacorns, have to find a credible way to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Being an award-winning website is not the only solution, but can be counted among the most powerful & immediate ones, because a laureateship creates a story, a meaning, a prestige, a brand awareness and additional credibility to the winners.

How The System Works? >>

Reasons why you should participate in Web Awards digital contest:

1)- Awards increase the credibility of the award winners: Receiving a web award from WebAwards.com provides a credible third party endorsement for you, your team, your website, your product, your brand and your company. So, participating in The Web Awards, is the fastest possible and most cost-effective possibility for building a valuable and irrevocable reputation.

2)- The website submission fee is definitely symbolic, compared to the publicity boon the participants can reap when they become a Web Award Winner.

3)- Small organizations have just as much chance to win a WebAwards.com as big companies do. Every year, world-renowned large companies are joined in the winners’ circle, by small and medium-size organizations that are still building their brands.

4)- Although there is only one award in WebAwards.com (“The Web Award”), there are dozens of gates opening to the red carpet by covering every websites, from design to technology, from fashion to finance, from travel to art, from music to nft, from games & entertainment to shopping & affiliates, from photos to logos, from agencies to investors, from creativity to originality, from traffic to themes, from content to speed, and so on.

5)- If you are a web design agency, marketing consultant, advertising expert or media production company, your work will be exposed to potential clients and/or partners worldwide, without any frontiers.

6)- This is a unique platform to show your value, and many of the World’s top decision makers and business executives will assist your nomination and awarding process.

7)- Benchmarking possibility with others in your sector: This is why, while even being a nominee can bring a big value for your website, when you win a Web Award you obtain a priceless asset. WebAwards.com is one of the world’s most coveted prizes.

8)- Awards help with recruiting: A Web Award can help a business attract the best talent. Everyone wants to work with a winner.

9)- Your target audience is our captive audience: Because the notion of Web Awards, Website Awards, CSS Awards and Online Awards are searched by tens of thousands of persons (your target audience) each month, and almost the totality of this intended population is visiting WebAwards.com as well as our social media followed by thousands of persons.

10)- Winning an award opens doors to new business and new contacts: As a Web Award Winner, you will get an additional “material” to share with and to approach to everybody around you, and/or your company, and/or your brand.

Previous Winners >>

Briefly, The Web Awards presented by WebAwards.com is a comprehensive “award mechanism”, containing a wide range of award categories such as Design, Technology, Art, Music, Video, Movie, Game, Sports, Esports, Podcast, Travel, Social Media, Blog, Fintech, Martech, Adtech, New Product, Blockchain, NFT, Fashion, Beauty, Trend, Luxury, Agency, Innovation, Inspiration, Illustration, Entertainment, Quality, Business, Startup, Logo, Photo, Media, Website Awards (…and so on) which obviously make it: THE LARGEST, MOST POWERFUL, TECHNOLOGICAL & INDEPENDENT AWARD PLATFORM of the Internet.

So in WebAwards.com, THE MERIT IS AWARDED.

Submit Your Website Now >>


About WebAwards.com

WebAwards.com is founded to build the biggest collection of the human talent and its forward thinking projects, where history of humanity is written for the next generations.While being a source of inspiration to all the interested parties; creativity and achievements are awarded in this platform by just being published, and shared with the planet.FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestFlipboardEmailTerms & Conditions|Privacy Policy
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© Copyright 1998-2022 | Web Awards are distributed by a unique Artificial Intelligence, namely Paris.

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