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The Fathers' Rights Movement

The Fathers’ Rights Movement is a group of men and women who are committed to helping loving fathers enjoy their full rights and responsibilities, as well as helping children have their fathers in their lives. We strongly support and advocate the rebuttable presumption of 50/50 shared parenting. It is easy to blame ex-wives for the bias against fathers. The problems, however, run far deeper and are in many ways societal. Before the 1970’s, sole child custody was almost universally — and automatically —  granted to the mother, especially for young children still in what were called the “tender years.” A father’s contribution to his children’s lives was thought to be largely financial. In the United States, child custody battles were virtually unheard of. Mothers got the benefit of any doubt.

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Our Impact

The Fathers’ Rights Movement’s primary goal is to educate society on the importance of the rebuttable presumption of 50-50 Shared Parenting by raising awareness about the imbalances and injustices within the system of Family Law, which will empower fathers to exercise their full rights and responsibilities leading to the betterment of our childrens’ lives.

Our aim is, in a word, change. We want to change thinking. We want to change behavior. And we want to change the legal and societal assumptions about fathers that have been prevalent for more than half a century.

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News & Updates

TFRM Board of Directors Announcement

At The Fathers’ Rights Movement, our mission is to bring greater awareness to the injustices that many families face within the Family Court system, to empower these families to stand […]

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Judges Order Parents to Vaccinate or Vacate Visitation Rights – Where do we Draw the Line?

Tom Lemons, Legal Correspondent NATIONAL – The novel Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on the United States and just about every country around the world. Making matters worse, politicians, news […]

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Father Spends Over $1.3 Million Battling False Allegations, Hasn’t Seen Children in Three Years

Tom Lemons, Legal Correspondent CONNECTICUT – States have different laws regarding divorce, child custody, visitation, and financial support, but how cases play out in court often depends on the depth […]

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Children are victims too

After 2,329 — two thousand three hundred twenty nine days — the mask fell off. After 1,029 days my now 19 nineteen year old daughter slept under my roof again. […]

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 My Grandfather Realized The Power Of Forgiveness During His Last Hour. This Doesn’t Have To Be You.  By Mark Winkler Reprinted From Blavity News In the fall of 1992, I […]

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Powerful Documentary Exposes Domestic Violence Industry’s Criminal Enterprise – Filmmaker Arrested

FLORIDA – There are only a handful of honest and truly objective journalists left in this country who have the courage to shine light on corruption, demand transparency in government […]

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Could a Simple Domestic Battery Charge Have Saved Gabby Petito’s Life?

By Tom Lemons NATIONAL – Tragedy struck the Northport, Florida family of 22-year-old Gabby Petito, after a massive search led to the discovery of Petito’s body in northwest Wyoming. Gabby and […]

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Navigating the Teen Dating Milestone

By Mark Winkler One day soon my 13-year-old daughter will come to me and asked the big question, “Can I go out with my friend‘?” Let’s be clear, she will […]

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The color of law has been erased

By: Kenneth Rosa The USA is a constitutional republic and the rule of the majority never exceed the importance of the individual’s rights.  The executive, legislative, and judicial branch are […]

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The Day After

By: Kenneth Rosa We all know that day. The day after Father’s Day, your birthday, Christmas or Thanksgiving. The day after any significant event in your life your children don’t, […]

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There is a father-absence crisis in America. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 24 million children live in homes without a biological, step or adoptive father. This is a problem not only for those children, but also for society at large. Consider these eye-popping statistics — a child in a father-absent home is:

4x more likely to live in poverty
7x more likely to become pregnant as a teen
2x more likely to drop out of high school
More likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, commit crime, go to prison.

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The contribution of fathers to children’s lives is much, much more than financial.




The Fathers’ Rights Movement is about much more than ideas. We are about action. Every year we sponsor conventions, rallies and other events all around the country. Check out this schedule, find an event that appeals to you and come join us.

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