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The #1 on demand private security mobile applications for everyone to stay safe everywhere anytime

Never feel insecure again with 1EYEONU Technology ! All about private security in one revolutionary market place. For professionals and now for individuals. Physical protection, bodyguard drivers for your safety, alarms.....

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Protect your agents and provide them the tools they need to work safely !

Digitalise your daily operations using our Saas Software. No need payent its free for 3 months

Recruit security agents for one shot jobs or to cover extra jobs to fulffil your request

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The scourge of ransack in France

They are suspected of having thus robbed several Parisian stores: a Moncler boutique, in the Marais district on October 3, a Prada store on rue de Grenelle twice, on October 28 and November 18

The nightmare of home invaded by squatters

They discover their squatted holiday home by a family of strangers. A family had changed the locks and moved to Théoule-sur-Mer in the house of the couple in their seventies, who must have slept in his car

The rise of school bullying tragedy

Bullying, insults, sidelining, humiliations, from primary school, children are able to cruelty. According to the Ministry of Education, 700,000 children are victims of bullying at school every year, or one in ten children

Pandemic violence against women

More and more women are declaring themselves victims of theft or attempted theft with violence or threats. An increase of 35% in two years has indeed been observed.

Feelings of insecurity and fear of crime

The feeling of insecurity increased in 2019 in Ile-de-France and now affects 53.4% of Ile-de-France residents, against 50.6% in 2017, 22% of the 10,500 people surveyed in 2019 say they were victims assault or theft committed on their person

The unbearable violence towards women

Each year at least one woman under 35 out of 20 years are sexually assaulted. Knowing that these estimates are most likely below reality and that the assaults do not always get the same from year to year

Book your guards in couple of clicks

Why book a taxi or an Uber when you can to book your security driver for the same price? In a few clicks, choose the agent you like, you can save it in your favorites and call on him for new reservations

Event agencies let us secure your vip

For a special event, a private party, a shoot a marriage, an official organization. Take no more risks of letting your VIPs be victims of violence, thefts or assaults. France is a tourist country first class but insecurity is a real problem

The daily "bad" news

Des voyous encore, s’en prennent à des jeunes sans histoires, les poignardes après avoir tente de les racketter.

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Home Jacking South of France

Covid19 has accentuated burglaries throughout France and particularly in the south during the summer holidays. protect yourself at all time.

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In summer, tourists are the first victims of pick-pocketing or snatching … all major cities in France such as Nice, Marseille or Lyon. To thwart the tricks of the pickpockets, a word of advice: go out in peace with your agent LEON …

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Des voyous, adeptes de l’étranglement, écument la capitale et ses environs pour braquer des porteurs d’horlogerie haut de gamme.

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Serial assaults on female drivers. About ten women were violently attacked in the town of Riorges by the same individual. how to protect yourself? Have the LEON reflex application and geolocate the agent closest to your position.

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Over the whole of France, recent figures are not known but in 2015, nearly 1,000 home-jackings had taken place. Outside Île-de-France, the Bouches-du-Rhône department was particularly affected in 2016 (64 incidents) and French Riviera.

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In summer, tourists are the first victims of pick-pocketing or snatching … all major cities in France such as Nice, Marseille or Lyon. To thwart the tricks of the pickpockets, a word of advice: go out in peace with your agent LEON …

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