The application platform for next generation enterprise software.

Starcounter combines an ACID in-memory database and application server into a single platform unmatched in performance, simplicity
and price.
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Unrivalled performance.

The foundation of Starcounter is the patented Virtual Machine Database Management System, VMDBMS thatkeeps data in one place instead of moving it between application and database.

This revolutionary solution integrates the execution logic into RAM with the database, allowing data to be immobilized. With Starcounter, bottlenecks like messaging between the database and app server, inter-process communication and data redundancy are eliminated.

Real-world benchmarks confirm extremely high transaction rates compared to all other commercial platforms.

Simplified development.

Starcounter’s simplified stack (see illustration) solves several complexity issues with today’s enterprise software development. Stacks have simply grown too complex, voluminous and fragmented.

Unlike competing platforms, where you need unconventional query and programming languages along with defensively complex software design concepts to leverage underlying technology, Starcounter uses established languages (such as standard SQL) and frameworks (such as regular .NET and .NET Core).

This approach lowers the entry barrier for programmers and enables a faster, more cost effective building of software. It also results in an improved time-to-market with kept levels of performance.

Significant cost reduction.

Starcounter’s application platform and simplified stack addresses the rapidly increasing complexity of today’s software world.

The simplified stack also eliminates connectivity layers and speeds up development, circumventing the scaling issues that traditional stacks face.

In the end, total cost of ownership (TCO) is dramatically reduced. Now a single commodity server can replace a whole server fleet. A single room can replace a large hall. A couple of developers can replace a full team. With that, costs of everything from hardware to software licenses and energy bills are cut.

Business value from day one.

Starcounter technology adds immediate business value. We leverage on technology that’s already developed and in production, processing millions of business transactions for our high demand customers.

We are also extremely proud to be awarded and validated for our technical innovation through “Horizon 2020”, the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever.

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