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Reddit /r/linuxlatestdayweekmonth2hMozilla reaffirms that Firefox will continue to support current content blockers3hNixOS for Apt/Yum Users: a Gift That Keeps on Giving7hAudacity alternatives?10htom scott13hLinux kernelspace driver for Apple M1 GPUs successfully renders a cube. (Written in Rust by a VTuber)19h#62 Forty-three! · This Week in GNOME20h[systemd-devel] Support for unmerged-usr systems will be REMOVED in the second half of 202322hWhat is the future of ray tracing technologies on Linux, as seen in the Morrowind remix? (video on description)1dGNOME OS & Atomic Upgrades on the PinePhone1dHelp people in Iran reconnect to Signal1dPython 2 is being removed from the official Arch Linux repositories2dWhy aren't there any torrent based package managers?2dI honestly do not get the gnome hate and the claims of high resource usage.2dGNOME Builder 43.0 — Happenings in GNOME2dCaddy 2.6 Released!Lobsters Tagged Linuxlatestdayweekmonth1dSchedule Cronjob for the First Monday of Every Month, the Funky Way2dRunning a Docker Host under OpenBSD using vmd(8)2dOur adventure taming the cloud clutter dragon2dKubernetes is a domain specific database3dAnalyzing BSD Kernels for Uninitialized Memory Disclosures using Binary Ninja3dA Web Server with io_uring3dComprehensive Guide to rc(8) - FreeBSD Services and Automation3dThelio 2022 Redesign Review3dA Comprehensive Guide to End-to-End-Declarative Deployment with Terraform and Nix4dCan I Use a System Call?4dNetBSD Blog: EuroBSDCon 20225dHow I manage my passwords5dWhy use docker for a home server?5dContent based change detection with Make5dAn X11 Apologist Tries WaylandStack Exchange Unixlatestdayweekmonth2dPipe stdout while script has read command3dWhy is the -e option not in the bash command manual?5dAdd an item to a list of piped items7dIs PS1 really an environment variable?1wWhat happened to llseek and e2fsck?1wIs it "safe" to replace each occurrence of (possibly overlapped) `/./` with `/` in a path?1whow to delete a div with a specific class from XHTML using xstarlet?2wHow to config bash history search to be interactive?2wANSI terminal color behaves strangely2whow to find a file that is NOT executable2wconvert file to utf-8 based on the file command2wIs it possible to run e2fsck in a way that'll give false results?2wHow to shutdown pc if no user is logged in?2wHow can I make time measurement DRY in my bash scripts?2wHow do I perform rm -v !(*.yaml) in a bash script?Slashdot Linuxlatestdayweekmonth5dLinus Torvalds: Rust Will Go Into Linux 6.17d'Linux IP Stacks Commentary' Book Tries Free Online Updates2wLinux Foundation Announces the OpenWallet Foundation To Develop Interoperable Digital Wallets2wRetbleed Fix Slugs Linux VM Performance By Up To 70 Percent2wExploring GNOME-Based UIs For Mobile Linux Devices2wPowerful New Linux Malware Shikitega Uses Unusual Multi-Stage Stealth3wAttacks on Linux Servers Rose 75% Over Last Year, Warn Security Researchers3w'What Happened with CentOS Will Not Happen with Rocky Linux'4wDebian Replaces Google with DuckDuckGo as Chromium's Default Search Engine4wDebian Considers Changing How It Handles Non-Free Firmware1moLinux 6.1 Will Make It A Bit Easier To Help Spot Faulty CPUs1moUbuntu Upgrades Now Arrive with a Simple Prompt (and Security Fixes)1moHow W4 Plans To Monetize the Godot Game Engine Using Red Hat's Open Source Playbook1moLinux 6.0 Arrives With Performance Improvements and More Rust Coming1moGoogle's New Bug Bounties Include Their Custom Linux Kernel's Experimental Security MitigationsLWNlatestdayweekmonth23hArch Linux drops Python 224hBPF as a safer kernel programming environment1dThree new stable kernels1dSecurity updates for Friday2dSafer flexible arrays for the kernel2dRust 1.64.0 released2dSecurity updates for Thursday3dLWN.net Weekly Edition for September 22, 20223dTwo visions for the future of sourceware.org3dGNOME 43 released3dRendered linux-next documentation on kernel.org3dSecurity updates for Wednesday4dDebian's firmware vote4dIntroducing io_uring_spawn4dAnother round of stable kernel updatesPhoronixlatestdayweekmonth4hRust-Written Apple DRM Linux Kernel Driver Renders First Cube5hAMDGPU Gang Submit Sent In For Linux 6.15hA Lot Of Bug Fixing - Including For Wayland - Heading Into KDE Plasma 5.2615hAMD RDNA3 GPUs Can Have A Lot More Vector Registers Than RDNA217hWine 7.18 Released With Unicode 15.0 Support, 20 Bug Fixes22hApple M2 Support Added To Upstream LLVM Along With The A15, A1623hLinux NTFS Driver Preparing "nocase" Case-Insensitive Mount Option1dSolidigm P41 Plus NVMe SSD1dRadeon R600 Gallium3D Switches To Modern NIR Backend By Default1dReminder: The Phoronix Premium Autumn Sale Is On1dLinux RSEQ Patches Updated For Allowing Faster getcpu() In C Libraries1dThe Smaller DRM Drivers See Last Minute Updates Ahead Of Linux 6.11dIntel's Vulkan Linux Driver Lands A "Bunch" Of Ray Query Fixes2dMesa 22.3 Merges The Big Draw Throughput Improvement For Intel's Vulkan Driver2dWayland's Weston 11.0 Released With HDR Display & Multi-GPU PreparationsLuke Smith YouTubelatestdayweekmonth5dYep. Imagination is Demonic. (Unironically)1wI Will Be Throwing Away My Computers.3wLuke Smith Livestream3wYes, Everyone on the Internet Is a Loser.3wHECKIN' PRIVATE CELL PHONE ROMs: Graphene, Lineage, Calyx, etc.2moMake-Fun-of-Millennials Saturday Stream2moSimple Hugo Shortcodes absolutely MOG pathetic obese Wordpress!2moLuke Smith Interviewed by Crypto Vigilante at Monerotopia 20222moHugo Actually Explained (Websites, Themes, Layouts, and Intro to Scripting)3moLeisurely Saturday Stream3moLeisurely Saturday Stream3moI AM A SOVEREIGN PROGRAMMER!3moPlease Consider Becoming Landed Gentry.3moAH JEEZ I LOST MY SHOE AND IT'S GITHUB'S FAULT (don't even watch)3moBased Cooking now using HUGO!DistroTube YouTubelatestdayweekmonth1hUpgrade Linux Mint From One Version To The Next1dChat With Patrons (Sep 25, 2022)2dShould You Run Anti-Virus On Linux?4dWant To Contribute To Linux? Here's Something Anyone Can Do!5dInstallation and First Look at Salix OS7d"If You Use My Distro, It Will Make You Smarter" (Myth Busted!)1wMaking Neovim Look More Like Doom Emacs2wLet's Talk About Linux And Stuff - DT LIVE!2wMy Tier List of Xfce Linux Distros2wThis Tool Converts Arch Linux Packages To AppImage2w"Hey, DT! Will Linux Die Without Linus Torvalds?" (And Other Questions)3wXMonad Can Force Your Terminal To Swallow3wLearn the Basics of the Dired File Manager (Doom Emacs)3wYouTube Burnout Is Real (And How To Prevent It!)3wInstall Third Party DEB Packages With 'deb get' (Reduces Need For Snaps!)Brodie Robertson YouTubelatestdayweekmonth2dWithout FreeDesktop There Is No Linux Desktop!3dPolKit Is Broken On Window Managers: How To Fix It!!4dWhy Are Linux Login Screens Called Display Managers??5dTiling Window Managers Are Just A Waste Of Time6dAI Image Upscaling Made Easy With Upscayl7dStable Linux Distros Aren't Interently Stable1wWas Grub On Arch Linux Really That Bad?1wLinux AppImages Have Annoying Usability Issues2wArch Linux Wiki Admins Trolled Every Arch User2wLinux Was Once A Terrible Operating System2wWayland Is Ending The Simple Linux Window Manager2wDebunking 7 Myths About Immutable Linux Distros2wOBS 28 Is Even Better Than I Hoped!2wUnity Is Becoming An Official Ubuntu Flavor!!3wDid 2 Billion TikTok Accounts Get Breached?!?Linux Todaylatestdayweekmonth9hHow To Enable RPM Fusion Repository In Fedora, RHEL, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux10hPeerTube 4.3 Free Video Platform Is Out with New Functionalities11hHow to Disable ‘su’ Access for Sudo Users in Linux12hCommon Linux Security Issues You Should Monitor13hHow to Install FileRun on Ubuntu 22.04 with Apache14hMost Common Network Port Numbers for Linux15hMesa 22.2 Graphics Stack Brings Improvements for Halo Infinite, Minecraft, and Other Games17hPython 2 Is No Longer Part of the Arch Linux Repositories18hDebian GNU/Linux 12 “Bookworm” Installer Adds Windows 11 Detection, New ARM Devices19hUbuntuDDE Remix 22.04 Brings the Deepin Desktop Environment to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS19hSoftware Supply Chain Security Guidance for Developers19hHow to Find User Accounts with Empty Password on Linux19hFwupd 1.8.5 Adds New Plugin to Display SMU Firmware Version on AMD APU/CPUs20hGNOME 43 Releases With Plenty of User Experience Enhancements21hStreaming with Linux: DeezerLinux.comlatestdayweekmonth22hFind text in files using the Linux grep command1dJoin the Race to Build Sustainable Software!2d19 AnsibleFest 2022 presentations for sysadmins2dParticipate in the first-ever survey to discover digital transformation readiness of energy stakeholders2dExplore OpenShift APIs from the command line2dPyTorch Contributor: Why And How To Become One2dNot found. Sign Up to RSS.app to use this feed.3dBackporting patches using git3dHow to configure your CA trust list in Linux4dWhat’s the state of open source in Europe? And why does it matter now?4dBlock Layer Observability with bcc-tools4dDeploy an ARM64 Fedora VM on your PC: 3 steps5dHow to encrypt etcd and use secrets in OpenShift1wManage containers at the edge with Linux1wKubernetes troubleshooting: 6 ways to find and fix issuesOMG! Ubuntu!latestdayweekmonth1dAudacity 3.2 Released with Realtime Effects, VST3 Support2dFirst Look: Ubuntu 22.10’s Default Wallpaper3dGNOME 43 Released, This is What’s New4dSuperTuxKart 1.4 Revs Up for Release with Visual Improvements1wThat ‘Unofficial’ Snap Store We Loved? It’s Becoming More Official1wKDE Plasma Comes to the Big Screen (Yes, Your TV)2wPapirus Icon Set’s September Update Adds 38 New Icons2wHow to Try Ubuntu’s Brand New Installer (Without Installing Ubuntu)2wOpen Source Qt ‘Notes’ App Adds Folders, Tags + More2wGTK MPD Client ‘Ymuse’ Adds Album Art & Seek Support2w4 New Effects Added to ‘Burn My Windows’ Extension3wFirefox 105 Includes Gesture Navigation, PDF Annotation + More3wEvolution Email Client Now Uses a Headerbar/CSD3wHow to Make Console Your Default Terminal App on Ubuntu3wUbuntu 20.04.5 LTS Released with Linux Kernel 5.15Michael Stapelberg Bloglatestdayweekmonth1moDIY out of band management: remote console server3morsync, article 3: How does rsync work?3morsync, article 2: Surroundings3morsync, article 1: Scenarios3morsync: Series Overview4mo25 Gbit/s HTTP and HTTPS download speeds5moMy upgrade to 25 Gbit/s Fiber To The Home6moSmart Home components

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