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Products Access Points Wi-Fi 6E - High Performance AP4000 AP5010 Wi-Fi 6 - High Performance AP302W Wi-Fi 6 - Performance Indoor APs AP305C/CX AP310i AP310e AP410C AP410i/e AP505i AP510C/CX AP510i/e AP650/650X Outdoor APs AP460i/e AP560i AP560h Wi-Fi 6 - Entry AP360i AP360e AP460C Wi-Fi 5 Indoor APs AP30 AP122X AP150W AP250 WiNG AP8432 WiNG AP8533 Outdoor APs WiNG AP7562 Other Access Points Indoor APs AP130 AP245X AP3912i AP3915i AP3915e AP3916ic AP3935i AP3935e WiNG AP7502 WiNG AP7522 WiNG AP7532 WiNG AP7612 WiNG AP7622 WiNG AP7632i WiNG AP7632e Outdoor APs AP1130 AP3917i AP3917e AP3965i AP3965e WiNG AP7662i WiNG AP7662e WiNG AP8163 View All Access Points Routers/Access Branch Routers XA 1400 Series Branch Platform XR600 SD-WAN Router XR600P SD-WAN Router Switch RoutersSLX 9540 Switch RouterSLX 9640 Switch RouterSLX 9740-40C Switch RouterSLX 9740-80C Switch RouterSLX 9850-4 Switch RouterSLX 9850-8 Switch Router MLXe-4 Switch Router MLXe-8 Switch Router MLXe-16 Switch Router MLXe-32 Switch Router Virtual AppliancesVPN Gateway Virtual Appliance View All Routers Software/Applications Management & Automation Extreme Management Center ExtremeCloud IQ Analytics & Visibility ExtremeAnalytics ExtremeLocation Extreme Physical Packet Brokers Extreme Session Director Extreme Visibility Manager Extreme Virtual Packet Brokers Security & Access Control Extreme AirDefense ExtremeCompliance ExtremeControl Extreme Defender for IoT ExtremeGuest View All Software/ Applications Switches Universal Edge Switch Platform 5720 Series 5720 24port MR (10G) 90W PoE Switch5720 24port MR (5G) 90W PoE Switch5720 48port MR (10G) 90W PoE Switch5720 48port MR (5G) 90W PoE Switch 5320 Series 5320 48-port Switch 5320 24-port Switch 5320 24-port PoE+ Switch 5320 48-port PoE+ Switch 5320 16-port PoE+ Switch 5320 16-port PoE+ Switch DC Power 5420 Series 5420F 24-port Switch 5420F 24-port SFP Switch 5420F 48-port Switch 5420M 24-port Switch 5420M 48-port Switch 5520 Series 5520 24-port Switch 5520 24-port SFP Switch 5520 48-port Switch 5520 48-port SFP Switch 8520 Series 8520-48XT-6C Switch 8520-48Y-8C Switch 8720 Series 8720-32C Switch X Series X435 Series X435 8-port Switch X435 24-port Switch X440-G2 Series X440-G2 Switch X450-G2 Series X450-G2 24-port Switch X450-G2 48-port Switch X460-G2 Series X460-G2 Switch X465 Series X465 24-port Switch X465 48-port Switch X480 Series X480 24-port Switch X480 48-port Switch X590 Series X590 24-port Switch X590 24-port QSFP+ Switch X620 Series X620 8-port Switch with 2-port SFP+ X620 10-port SFP+ Switch X620 16-port PoE+ Switch X620 16-port Switch X620 16-port SFP+ Switch X670-G2 Series X670-G2 Switch X690 Series X690 48-port Switch X690 48-port SFP+ Switch X695 Series X695 56-port Switch X770 Series X770 32-port QSFP+ Switch X870 Series X870-32c Spine Switch X870-96x-8c Spine Switch Virtual Services Platform Series VSP 4000 Series VSP 4450GSX 50-port Switch VSP 4450GTX 50-port Switch VSP 4850GTS 50-port Switch VSP 4900 Series VSP 4900 24-port Switch VSP 4900 48-port Switch VSP 7200 Series VSP 7254XTQ 52-port Switch VSP 7400 Series VSP 7400 32-port 100 Gbps QSFP Switch VSP 7400 48-port 1/10/25Gbps SFP & 8-port 100 Gbps QSFP Switch VSP 8400 Series VSP 8284XSQ 84-port Ethernet Switch VSP 8404C 4-slot Ethernet Switch VSP 8608 Chassis with 8 IOC Module Slots Ethernet Routing Switch Series ERS 3600 Series ERS 3626GTS 26-port Switch ERS 3650GTS 50-port Switch ERS 4900 Series ERS 4926GTS 26-port Switch ERS 4950GTS 50-port Switch ERS 5900 Series ERS 5928GTS 28-port Switch ERS 5952GTS 52-port Switch ERS 59100GTS 100-port Switch V Series V300 Series V300-8T-2X 8-port Edge Switch V300-8P-2T-W 8-port PoE+ Edge Switch V300-8P-2X 8-port PoE+ Edge Switch V300HT-8P-2X High-Temperature 8-port PoE+ Edge Switch V300HT-8T-2X High-Temperature 8-port Edge Switch V400 Series V400-24t 24-port Edge Switch V400-24p 24-port PoE+ Edge Switch V400-48t 48-port Edge Switch V400-48p 48-port PoE+ Edge Switch SLX Series SLX 9030 Series SLX 9030-48T 48-port Switch SLX 9030-48S 48-port SFP+ Switch SLX 9140 Series SLX 9140-48V 48-port Switch SLX 9150 Series SLX 9150-48XT 48-port Switch SLX 9150-48Y 48-port Switch SLX 9240 Series SLX 9240-32C 32-port Switch SLX 9250 Series SLX 9250-32C 32-port Switch VDX Series VDX 6940 Series VDX 6940-36Q Switch VDX 6940-144S Switch VDX 8770 Series VDX 8770-4 4-slot Chassis Switch VDX 8770-8 8-slot Chassis Switch Other Switches ExtremeAccess XA1400 Switch 210 12-port Switch 210 24-port Switch 210 48-port Switch 220 12-port Switch 220 24-port Switch 220 48-port Switch View All Switches Controllers WiNG Appliances WiNG NX 5500 WiNG NX 7500 WiNG NX 9600 WiNG RFS 4000 ExtremeWireless Appliances C35 C5210 C5215 Software/Virtual Appliances V2110 WiNG VX 9000 View All Controllers Network Access Control View All Products Solutions Remote Access Powering Remote Work Healthcare Solutions Remote Education Solutions Wi-Fi 6 Other Solutions By Technology By Industry Resources End of Life Products Leasing 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Extreme Networks Products and Solutions
Storage. Networking. Accelerated.

Extreme Networks AP410C

Cloud-managed Wi-Fi 6 access point with OFDMA technology and tri-radios for dedicated security scanning in dual bands eliminating the risks of radio time-sharing between clients and WIPS

Extreme Networks AP305C/CX

Cloud-managed Wi-Fi 6 access point based with new SoC (System on a Chip) architecture that is ideal for budget-conscious enterprises who do not want to sacrifice performance

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Combine industry-leading edge to core switches with powerful cloud management.

High Performance Routing for Campus, Data Center and Service Provider Networks.

Extreme Networks selection of APs that provide incredible speed and efficiency to your network.

What we do

With a culture of agility and innovation, we anticipate the needs of our clients and their end-users as they develop – from building the very first Gigabit Ethernet switch to the industry’s only 4th generation cloud architecture. Over 50,000 customers globally trust our end-to-end, cloud-driven networking solutions, and rely on our top-rated services and support to accelerate digital transformation efforts and deliver progress like never before.

What we offer

Open Eco-system

Extreme Networks believes that no one vendor can solve security on its own. That’s why Extreme provides validated integration with best of breed security vendors through APIs. This holistic approach to security enables you to automate workflows based on alerts received from third party security solutions for a coordinated response to any anomalies or threats.

Unbreakable in Hack-a-thon Events

Extreme Fabric Connect with its hyper-segmentation and stealth (or dark) networking features combined with policy-based control provide an inherently secure network environment that has been proven impenetrable in numerous hack-a-thon events in top US universities, government agencies and in public events.

Security Automation

Extreme Networks security solutions can be automated so that as users and devices connect to the network their assigned policy authorizes them and triggers the creation of an end to end secure network segment dynamically. This level of automation enables you to empower non-technical staff to connect and move their IoT devices securely without assistance.

Extreme Products

Access Points

Extreme Networks selection of APs that provide incredible speed and efficiency to your network.


Combine industry-leading edge to core switches with powerful cloud management.

Routers / Access

High Performance Routing for Campus, Data Center and Service Provider Networks.

Management Applications

Streamline operations and unlock new IT and business insights powered by machine learning.

Wireless Controllers

Simple to deploy and manage, yet provide advanced functionality to allow organizations to define how wireless data traffic is processed.

Network Access Control

Complete standards-based, multi-vendor interoperable connect Network Access Control solution for wired and wireless LAN and VPN users.

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