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Episode 167 – One D&D (a.k.a. There Can Be Only One)

The guys are keen for a deep dive into the latest D&Dizzle news, fresh playtest documents, talk of a new approach, a lengthy train in the run up to the most recent evolution of the world’s largest RPG, “One D&D”.

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Radiant Citadel with Ajit George

PodcastsD&D, Interviews, Special Guestevilgaz

Episode 166 – Radiant Citadel with Ajit George (a.k.a. A New Hope)

The guys are joined by lovely human and creator and project lead of Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel, Ajit George. Discover how the project came about, what to expect from the latest D&D offering, how it’s different from what’s gone before and much more!

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D&D in the 70s

PodcastsD&D, Interviews, Special Guevilgaz

Episode 165 – D&D in the 70s (a.k.a. A Gateway To Wider Experiences)

This time Gaz & Baz are reunited to talk about playing D&D back in the day. Joined by D&D designer and Good Friend of the Show, Jonathan Tweet, plus legendary DM Hollis Monroe, the guys talk through early experiences before Greyhawk existed and you had to make your own worlds of wondrous adventure.

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Escape Rooms with Rafael Chandler

PodcastsEscape Room, Interviews, Special Guestevilgaz

Episode 164 – Escape Rooms with Rafael Chandler

Another Stunt Baz in the shape of Mat from Steamforged Games, a returning special guest in the splendid form of Good Friend of the Show, Rafael Chandler; what more could you ask for? Rafael has a successful Escape Room business and is (at time of recording) launching a Kickstarter for a 100+ puzzle escape room in a box which becomes a roleplaying game. The guys chat about puzzles in your games, how to come up with them, what makes them interesting and much more in this episode.

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New Gaming Tech

PodcastsAdvice, Stunt Bazevilgaz

Episode 163 – New Gaming Tech (a.k.a. Is Verisimilitude a Word?)

There’s a foreword this time from Baz to let you know what’s going on in his life, thoughts are with him right now. The episode was recorded before his recent sad news, and after the into message regular Stunt Baz and author of the Burn After Running blog joins Gaz to talk about new gaming tech. What developments have their been in RPG techniques and how can they be leveraged for use in any game, including more traditional ones? Level up your RPG sessions with these top tips.

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Zombies with Dirk the Dice

PodcastsDirk the Dice, Stunt Baz, Zombiesevilgaz

Episode 162 – Zombies with Dirk the Dice (a.k.a. Goldeneye Caused It)

The Unknown Stunt Baz, Dirk the Dice off of The Grognard Files podcast joins Gaz this time to talk about zombies in popular media and in particular, games. From their origins to the hugely popular K-Zombie films and TV, how do we get more shambly bois in our games? You can chat to Dirk on the Twitters here.

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Justin Alexander Interview

PodcastsInterview, Interviews, Special Guestevilgaz

Episode 161 – Justin Alexander Interview (a.k.a. Was Dragonlance Railroady?)

Armed with “Stunt Baz” Guy Milner off of the Burn After Running blog, this time Gaz interviews RPG producer and designer at Atlas Games, Justin Alexander. The chat covers the excellent RPG resource The Alexandrian, as well as what’s hot at Atlas Games and some great game design discussion.

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Blade Runner

PodcastsBlade Runner, Interviews, Special Guestevilgaz

Episode 160 – Blade Runner (a.k.a. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?)

One of the most universally recognised IPs in geekdom, Blade Runner is a staple of the lad’s early film experiences. Now Free League are bringing the films (and other media) to life with a new RPG set in futuristic LA. Designer Tomas Härenstam guests to explain more about this highly anticipated game!

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Episode 159 – Superheroes (a.k.a. Not All Heroes Wear Capes)

With great podcasting, comes great responsibility to listen. Or something. This time the lads go through some Supers RPGs. What are they about? Do they match the genre? Are they any good? All this and more awaits.

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Dark Souls

PodcastsD&D, Interview, Interviews, Special Guestevilgaz

Episode 158 – Dark Souls (a.k.a. You Wake Up By A Bonfire)

So it is, ash seeketh embers… this time the lads are joined by Mat Hart and Rich August from Steamforged Games to talk about the Dark Souls RPG, and go deep diving into game design theory.

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