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Why Political Legacy and Civil Engagement is Important

Those who enter the political arena do so for different reasons. But, no matter what these may be, the majority want to build a political legacy for themselves. Throughout their careers, no matter what level of government they may be in, most will keep in mind how certain major actions they take could reflect on their legacy.

Hard Political Legacies

Hard political legacies are those that have been earned through actions, such as different forms of policy achievements. These are often at the forefront of interest among many politicians. Some believe that if they can be recognised for hard political legacies, then the soft legacies will automatically follow.

Soft Political Legacies

Soft political legacies are those where the politician is remembered by the public. For example, a policy enactment that was favourable to the majority of the public.

Civic Engagement

Building a legacy that makes a change doesn't always have to come from politicians. An average person can create a legacy through civic engagement. This is where someone will take up a cause within their community. For example, perhaps a region is in need of a Foodbank. An individual may devote themselves to this cause and work tirelessly to bring it to fruition. Then continues on with it to make sure that it is sustained and grows. This legacy may be restricted to the community that it affects, but it is no less important.

Political Finance

One of the biggest impacts on political finances are cryptocurrencies. It has become more common to donate money to politicians since it’s hard to trace the source. Cryptocurrencies are also big contributors to the forex market and trading. And let us not mention their ever increasing role within the online casino industry. Many are those platform accepting cryptocurrencies from players.

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