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Waldorf Inspired Lakewood Childcare Daycare

Welcome to Sunflower Hill Child Care. We are a LifeWays daycare, inspired by Waldorf, with a healthy, holistic approach to childcare. We are growing and offer quality care at two locations in the metro area. We believe that the experiences of early childhood help lay the foundation for the child’s future learning and interest in the world. Young children love to play, explore, and discover new things. One has only to observe young children to realize that they are always moving. They also have very active imaginations, if given the chance to exercise them. Young children are taking their first steps in socializing with peers, learning how to share, and developing trust and respect for their caregivers. Our program is designed to encourage and support their healthy development.

For anyone looking for a wonderful daycare for children 2 and up, I heartily recommend Sunflower Hill Child Care. It’s a small Waldorf-inspired daycare with exceptional staff. Kathy cares deeply about each of her charges, and hires other caregivers who likewise seem to have infinite reserves of energy, patience, and good humor.
— J. J.
Kathy and her staff are so warm and wonderful. I can’t say enough about this place and how my daughter has grown so much in one short year! I love how they are always outside and coming up with stories. If you want your kids to learn how to be good, caring people, I can’t recommend this place enough!
— Jenny W.

Our two-year old daughter has been going to the Glencoe location now for two months and she LOVES it. Kathy and her staff have done an amazing job getting us adjusted (it took a lot for me, less for her) and we couldn’t be happier! Our daughter comes home every day talking about her friends, talking about all the cool stuff she saw outside (they have a very buzz-worthy pumpkin patch) and singing the songs she learned there.
— Anonymous
This daycare has a warm and caring staff with an inviting and comfortable environment. Our son was very happy there and although we’ve moved out of state, he still fondly reminisces about his teachers and friends there. We miss it very much.
— Sara C.

Sunflower Hill Child Care

At Sunflower Hill Child Care, we understand that early childhood is a time when learning, play, and socialization are all fundamental to healthy development.  Our holistic approach to child care begins with treating every child as a human in progress, made up of a body, soul, and spirit that all need to be nurtured.

Our inspiration is drawn from the Waldorf Daycare philosophy, by which a blend of science, artistry, history, and a love of the world and humanity combine to give children the freedom to grow and choose their individual path in life.  Providing balance in life can start at a young age.  When you place your child in our daycare program, we’ll encourage exploration, imagination, and healthy socialization and development.

Sunflower Hill Child Care is committed to providing the caring and attentive supervision you expect, paired with creative learning opportunities, energetic play, and patient guidance.  Every child deserves the chance to grow and develop in a safe and supportive environment, and that’s exactly what they’ll get at Sunflower Hill Child Care.

The Waldorf Daycare Philosophy

Our approach to child care is inspired by the Waldorf Daycare philosophy, which centers on developing the essence that makes each child unique and helping children to understand their place in the world.  We value the concept of humanity first, insomuch as we are all members of humanity, more alike than different, and we must all be responsible citizens of the world.

We want children to appreciate that they are part of a larger group that shares a long history.  We also want to nurture their trust by developing caring relationships.  Too many children are neglected in overcrowded daycare settings.  All of our caregivers understand the importance of providing children with ample attention and a patient and caring attitude.

In addition, young children inherently view the world as a good place and they harbor a deep sense of wonder and reverence for nature.  We encourage children to explore the world around them in a safe and supervised manner, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of their environment.

Self-expression through art is another important aspect of our philosophy, one that we observe through song, dance, and artistic pursuits.  From an early age, children exhibit active imaginations, and we want them to feel free to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas through art, as well as language.

What to Expect With Waldorf Inspired?

Sunflower Hill Child Care follows in the footsteps of the Waldorf Daycare philosophy by providing a nurturing and non-institutional setting in which your children can flourish, and part of that includes practical concerns, like providing a safe environment.  We’re pleased to provide an attractive, clutter-free environment for the health and safety of every child and we carefully choose safe and non-toxic toys, often made from natural materials, that are designed to stimulate the imagination and foster learning.

The formative years are so important in childhood development, laying the groundwork for a child’s approach to the world and to learning.  At Sunflower Hill Child Care, we encourage exploration and expression, and we let children learn at their own pace, ensuring independent development.  This, in turn, lays the foundation for healthy, happy, confident, and caring children.

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