Monitive: Detect downtime before your customers do

Web Name: Monitive: Detect downtime before your customers do






Monitor uptime and detect downtime...
before your customers do

Reduce embarrassing website error messages within 72 hours Slash the # of dissatisfied customer calls and support tickets Preserve your reputation with early warning of site problems 100%

21,230,344detectedoutages. 4398users. 10+years.

proudly monitoring 27 smart coffee machines — our small contribution to saving the world from tired workers

Averting website, server, router, IoT, SSL certificate + TCP port & ping disasters

It's 2022. Web downtime is uncool...

How many hours per day do you think your website, server or router is down?

(*hint: more than you think)

On a scale of 1 to 5, how embarrassed are you when customers, colleagues and friends call you to tell you your site is down AGAIN?

Are customers (and Google) going ice cold on you because they're tired of the user experience your site's giving them?

Failing to manage your site's downtime (on average, six hours per month*) may already be costing you and your reputation a great deal.

It's 2022.

People expect your website to be up and running no matter what time or where they visit from.

Your site’s health is as important as your product and design

Monitoring downtime...

Frees you up

from having to do it manually — as in looking at a screen several times a day while you try to run a business or enjoy your weekend.

Slashes the number of calls

/DMs/Tweets from unimpressed customers when they get an uninspiring 404 after they follow a link to read more about why your service is going to change their lives. Or not.

Reduces support requests

More happy customers leaving 5* reviews to be seen by other prospects.

Better response, faster*

Management’s happy. Your reputation’s intact.
(*annual performance review worthy brag!)

Positions you ahead

of major issues. No more all-weekend troubleshooting like a headless chicken because nobody noticed the entire site went down on Friday at 6 pm just as you left the building. No angry CTO on a Monday morning.


the risk of sending visitors to an error page.
Maximizes your marketing efforts — your balance $heet’s happy.

It's embarrassing when you have to...

Wake up to a dozen "404" and "site not responding" support tickets logged overnight
(*How did that even happen? You only went to sleep a few hours ago) People sending Tweets about your site being down before *you* know it Having zero processes for troubleshooting because you didn’t realize monitoring was a thing Wonder why your web host isn’t doing this already
(*not all do!) Explain yourself to your co-founder/ management/investor/spouse/neighbor why you spent all that money on the website and all they see is complaints and customers moving over to your competition

These smart folks joined the Monitive crowd and never looked back...

21,230,344detectedoutages. 4398users. 10+years.

“We truly appreciate their attention to detail when building out new features, and their commitment to incorporating insights from real users."

— Jenn Hess, Designer, Developer & CEO
Sofo Studios

"Over the last few years, Monitive has become a critical element in our stack, helping us get to the bottom of several service-affecting issues. We trust Monitive to always notify us about issues before our customers see them. Thanks, guys!”

— Gerald Curley

"Monitive is my all-in-one solution for monitoring site speed and outages. Their great alert system gives me the peace of mind that I'll be the first to know if our website isn't working.”

— Alin Tuhut, Co-founder

“I love the new interface and all the wonderful features Monitive has. You have truly created an amazing monitoring tool!”
— David Kelbley, Wieck

“Great portal... I now have a way to see night time and temporary downtimes which I missed before. The usability is excellent.”
— Gregor Huskens, Fileon

“Your service has been super helpful, actively developed and you are always on top of things.”
— Paul Gonzalez Piccolo, ShirtSpace

What IS Monitive?

Monitive is an external monitoring service.

It keeps an eye on your website or server’s uptime and detects downtime, so you don’t frustrate your customers with a 404 or site not available message and potentially lose out on their business.

Getting a 404 is like customers driving to your shop and finding the shutter down when you said you’d be open.

Bet you don’t want customers to find the shutter down during trading hours when, in fact, you’re open.

Monitive is NOT a magic tool that takes care of... everything, including the troubles in your life.

(Hint: You still need to put in the work. Plus, let me know which app does that because I need that, too)

Avoid disasters while you work or sleep...

Your site goes down Get an instant email alert If your site is down for more than 3* minutes; you get an SMS If your site is down for more than 10* minutes; you'll get a Phone Call

A minimalist’s dream... no-sweat monitoring.

Detect downtime before your customers do

Stay on the first page of the Google SERP

Please the bots with response time and page load monitoring

No complicated plugins to export your data

Your weekly and monthly historical data is saved in one place for up to 10 years

The end of multi-app monitoring and having to switch between a dozen Chrome tabs

Aggregated response time and availability for all your sites in one place

Easy monitoring from your smartphone wherever you are

Including extended lunches, walks, wine-o-clock, and exotic vacations

Intelligent alerting

Choose your alert process (email, SMS, Telegram, Slack, phone call etc.*) and specify the hours you want to be left alone (daytime, nighttime, lunchtime, weekends, during your fave TV show...)

Intuitive dashboard with zero learning curve

Made for humans by humans

23-location monitoring to make sure your pages load efficiently for the audience that matters the most to your business

Customize your experience & only display what's relevant to you...

But hold it.
Monitive is NOT for every business.
It’s for...

Small business owners

who need to hand over their hard-earned $ to Z&Co* the second their prospects click on a link/FB ad... but end up nowhere because the site is down
*joking... FB is the best

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