Frederick Law Olmsted:

Landscapes for the Public Good.

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Landscape architect. Journalist. Social reformer. Creative genius.

2022 marks the bicentennial of the birth of Frederick Law Olmsted. His democratic vision of public parks, and his insistence that human health and civic engagement depend on them, resonate more than ever today.

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The Oak Spring Garden Foundation, in partnership with the National Association for Olmsted Parks and Olmsted 200, is proud to celebrate Olmsted’s birth with this exhibition, which focuses on Olmsted’s life story, his major landscape commissions, and their relevance for contemporary society. Also highlighted is Olmsted’s trailblazing philosophy about the natural world and how to shape it for public benefit. A Spanish language version of the exhibit is now also available to download after registering.

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“What improvements have you here that tend to insure permanent healthfulness and permanent rural beauty?”

— Frederick Law Olmsted

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